A new JavaChampion

Charles Nutter has been given the title of Java Champion. Congrats!


Work those cores!

A brand new feature to find it into the 3.0 branch these past few days is our new generator parallelization system. That's right; all the code generating magic of Errai can now be split across those idle cores of your computer to greatly increase compile and development mode speed.


Rule Design Patterns in Production Systems

Many thanks to Wolfgang Laun for making his extensive work available for all of us to benefit from.


Supercharge Your Web Applications Using JBoss Data Grid

A few weeks ago, on January 16, Divya Mehra and I have delivered a webinar on using the JBoss Data Grid for improving the scalability and performance of web applications. As expected, the webinar has elicited a lot of questions, not all of which could be answered in the allotted time. As they were really interesting though we are trying to answer them here, also for the benefit of a larger audience.


JavaScript with JBoss Portal Platform 6 – Avoid Conflicts, Promote Re-usability

One of the first issues and most difficult issue we face in any portal implementation is – what are the best practices to use JavaScripts in a portal platform?


ModeShape Tools for Eclipse

ModeShape Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins for working with ModeShape and JCR repositories. The plugins have been available for a little while, but we wanted to make sure you knew about them.


Bean Validation: Java Spotlight Podcast on Bean Validation 1.1

Roger Brinkle from Java Spotlight Podcast has interviewed Emanuel on the status of Bean Validation 1.1