We are now a month into the New Year and it is amazing to see the amount of development that is occurring within the JBoss Community.  It would be fair to say that we are no longer ramping back up from a long vacation but are now going full steam ahead.  Sit back and let us take you through all the developments of the last week.


AeroGear Next Steps


The AeroGear team have been very busy preparing for the next milestone release of the AeroGear project by releasing milestones of their JavaScript, Android and iOS libraries.  Kris Borchers has recently written an article discussing the major changes that are coming in the JavaScript library, including how paged resources can be handled by the pipeline and how you can tailor the version of AeroGear.js being used by your application.  Summers Pittman has written an article on the changes coming to the Android lib, including an API on handling paged data from REST endpoints and the new persistent SQL Store.  Finally Christos Vasilakis has written an article covering the iOS lib changes, including support for pagination and property list based storage.


Bean Validation Specification reaches 1.1 Beta 3


With less than three weeks to go before the proposed final draft of the specification is released, the JSR 349 Expert Group have released the third beta of their specification.  If you have any interest in this specification then now is the ideal time to provide feedback to the group.  You can find details of the specification, reference implementation, API and TCK on the beanvalidation site.

Thoughts on Big Data


Shane Johnson has recently written a couple of articles describing his thoughts on Big Data.  In his first article, Big Data and the Flying V, Shane discusses Doug Laney's "3V's" framework for understanding Big Data and how this is reflected in practice.  In his second article, The Structure of Big Data, Shane discusses how the structure of data can be classified, a topic which prompted a response from the ModeShape team, Structured, unstructured and everything between.

Message Batching in JGroups


Bela Ban has been doing some very interesting work to enable message batching within JGroups 3.3.  In his article, Buy one, get many for free, Bela covers the changes that have been introduced, how they will change the behaviour and what can be enabled through this change.  It will be very interesting to see the impact this will have on performance.

WS-BA Participant Completion Race Condition


Paul Robinson has recently posted his second article discussing a race condition which exists within the WS-BA protocol.  His first article concentrated on a high level description of the events and how it affects an application and he now delves into the technical details to show that the outcome of the completion will always be consistent.  This is a must-read if you are using, or considering, WS-BA within an application.

OpenShift Enterprise Reference Architecture for High Availability


If you are interested in running OpenShift Enterprise on premise, or as part of a hybrid PaaS solution, then you should take a look at Eric Schabell's introduction for a high availability architecture.  If this whets your appetite then be sure to read through the complete reference architecture.

Enabling HTTPOnly in JAX-RS


Have you ever wanted to enable support for HTTPOnly in your JAX-RS application?  Do you need this behaviour before it is officially supported in the JAX-RS specification?  If so then Anil Saldhana has a solution to your problem.

Dynamic Panels and Custom Error Pages in JSF


Brian Leathem has a great article discussing how to dynamically create togglePanels, accordions and tabPanels using the RichFaces <a4j:repeat> tag.  While it has always been possible to handle this using JSTL, this addition allows these components to be created during the render phase of the JSF lifecycle.


Jaikiran Pai was recently following an interesting topic on the coderanch forums, involving JBoss, customer error pages, CDI and JSF.  Intrigued by this topic he began investigating the problem under discussion and came up with an elegant solution to the issue of creating a custom error page for expired conversations involving CDI and JSF.

JAX-WS tools and the Java Compiler API


Apache CXF has been, for the most part, well integrated into JBoss AS 7.  One integration problem that remained to be solved was the issue of executing the wsdl-to-java and java-to-wsdl tooling without having to use the endorsed feature of Java to override the version of the JAX-WS api.  Alessio Soldano recently tackled this issue head-on and, through collaboration with the Apache CXF community, has proposed a solution which will allow the JBossWS integration to rely on the modularity of JBoss Modules in order to specify the correct API version.

Annotation Processors Failing Silently


Have you ever had a problem whereby and annotation processor you have written has mysteriously stopped working?  Heiko Rupp recently came across that exact problem and, through some interesting detective work, managed to discover what was occurring and how it could be fixed.

Projects Requiring Help


The Hibernate team have started discussing requirements for using Hibernate ORM within an OSGi environment.  Do you use ORM?  Are you interested in having it work within an OSGi environment?  If so take a look at their proposal and make sure that your use cases are covered.


The Errai team are also asking for your help with the development of Errai 3.0.  Do you have any features that you would like to have considered for this release?  If so head over to their forum and let them know the details.


News from Recent Events


Heiko Rupp recently attended the London Java Community's first "Meet a project" event.  The event involved representatives from six projects, each of which were given 15 minutes to introduce their project to the attendees, explain about open source and discuss how the attendees could get involved and help out.  It sounds like a very interesting format.


Sanne Grinovero was recently in India giving five presentations during JUDCon India 2013.  Read his thoughts on the conference and his amusing description of an unlikely conversation he had with an expert Hibernate Search user.


New Releases for the Week


In keeping with the subject, Full Steam Ahead, we have lots of new releases to share with you this week.



Thanks very much for reading this far, I hope you have enjoyed this week's Editorial.  Drop back next week for more updates from the JBoss Community.