splash_wildflylogo.pngThis weeks weekly JBoss Editorial comes to you at this late hour due to some very special news, the new name you as a community have voted for has been announced live in Sao Paulo, Brazil just before this posting in the JUDCon:2013 Brazil keynote speech. We are happy to introduce WildFly as the winning name and successor to the JBoss AS project.


WildFly is the upstream project that supports Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and we welcome it to our JBoss family of projects. This project will be active on Twitter as @WildFlyAS, be sure to follow it!




In other news, JUDCon 2013 Brazil is in full samba swing with Infinispan providing another round of great sessions and JUDCon 2013 United States has posted the agenda for Boston on June 9-11th. It should be noted that CamelOne 2013 will be co-hosted with JUCCon 2013 United States in Boston, so it is a great time to be in Boston this summer!


JBoss was also at GartnerBPM, with a full report posted online to give you an impression of the event.


Blogs / Articles

The series of Rules and BPM demos that Eric has been maintaining now have support for Windows installations. Now that last group of users has no excuse not to be spinning up these environments in a flash.


We get another look at how we are ramping up our SwitchYard knowledge, with Keith Babo giving a workshop in DC last week.


The JBoss TS team blog takes us on a tour of how they have Simplified XST Context Propagation.


Here is a great article on how the Eclipse tooling has been simplifed for working on Hibernate ORM projects.


Marek Goldmann walks us through JMX connections to JBoss AS, a gold mine for the options you have.


Over on the very informative site http://howtojboss.com, an article was posted on Data Grid Performance Factors, a must read for all you cache-heads out there. There is also some tips on how to go To the Moon there.


A short article introducing BPSim standard and jBPM's adoption was published this week.


The JBoss WS team posted a Feature Preview article on the coming 4.2 release.





That is it for this week, be sure to tune in next week as we bring you the latest, greatest news coming at you from the wonderful world of JBoss!