now, the annual Red Hat Summit in Boston should aproach its end, after a week of great announcements, talks and live code demos that wrapped up very nicely a year of continuous innovation and hard work, in particular in the world of JBoss.

Boston wasn't only the host of the Red Hat summit too, though, but also of other JBoss events, that preceded it: as usually, developers were given a chance to enjoy the highly technical sessions of the JUDCon and CamelOne. While having JUDCon Boston lead to the Summit has become a tradition in the last years, it was a premiere for CamelOne this year.


The JBoss keynote, videos and presentations from the Red Hat Summit


Those of you who were fortunate to attend are invited to share their thoughts and impressions. Meanwhile, the rest of us who did not, can still experience some of the goodness, as recordings of the event start to emerge. So, as every year, the most important innovations ihave been highlighted by the JBoss keynote, which this year focused on cloud, big data and enterprise integration, and, as ususal, covered a wide area of interest, from the overall middleware strategy to the actual, hands-on, demonstrations of the state-of-the-art JBoss technology. In fact an impressive demo has quite a tradition at the start of the conference.  You can watch the entire keynote here, as well as other other interesting videos from the Summit on its dedicated YouTube channel.


In addition to that, the presentations from the summit have been posted as well, so you can get a glimpse of the excellent content from the conference. 


And of course, watch the weekly editorial for news, as attendees and presenters start sharing their impressions, as they return home. But the train of innovation runs fast even during the conference, so we have other interesting developments to talk about.


OpenShift Premium Plan == production-level JBoss EAP in the cloud


$title says it all. Announced during the Summit, OpenShift has exited the "developer preview" phase and now the first production-level commercial offering is available, making JBoss EAP (along with a few other components) available as a supported, commercial-grade runtime in the cloud.


Bringing your applications to JBoss is even easier now


Innovation doesn't only mean powerful runtimes and clever frameworks, but tools and expertise as well. To that end, Red Hat has launched the "JBoss Migration Center" initiative, based on the open-source Windup migration tool, which analyzes Java applications, reporting the changes required in various migration scenarios, like for example for migrating from other application servers such as IBM Websphere and Oracle Weblogic. Read more details in Frederic Hobain's post.


Technical tips

  • Ray Tsang has provided an overview of the newly added LevebDB Cache Store in Infinispan
  • Ramesh Reddy describes how to expose Excel files as an OData feed using Teiid


New Releases



With that being said, enjoy your weekend and join us next week with more news about JBoss!