Summit may be over for another year, but everyone is still recovering in one way or another. But despite this, we've had a busy week so here are the highlights!


The Arquillian team and community have been extra busy over the past few days, what with releases of TestRunner Spock (got to love the name!), Warp, the Guice extension, and the Spring extension! Well done to everyone involved. If you're interested in testing, then you really should check these out. Never one to be outdone, the Errai team have pushed out a lot of their own releases too over the last couple of weeks and Christian explains why in a separate posting. But these include JPA Data Sync, which is a great addition to the project!


Of course with Summit last week we've seen a lot of postings on the event and how it went, including the obligatory Asylum podcast, one from myself (I'm not usually into self-publicity, but there are some good photos) and another from Eric. And speaking of Eric, he's given us a sneak peek at a new BAM component coming your way very soon!


Shane talks about a new project (Windup) and how it can be used to assist in migrations from other application servers to JBoss implementations. The end goal is to try to automate as much of this as possible as well as assit in JBoss-to-JBoss migrations. Since it's all open source, if you have a need for this kind of tool then you should definitely check it out and get involved.


Finally of course we've had our usual flurry of other project releases, including 1.3.1 Final of Forge, PicketBox XACML version 2.0.9, and the second candidate release of Infinispan 5.2.0.


OK, until next time, happy reading! I'll leave you with a reminder of where Summit will be next year too!