Summer vacation is well underway, but innovation and creativity never take a break. So, while this period is surely much more quiet than the rest of the year, we can still enjoy delivering you great news about the latest developments in the world of JBoss. So, what happened in the last week?


JBoss Community Recognition Awards


The developer community is at the heart of every project in the JBoss portfolio, and it is the time now for it to award some of its members for the contributions in the past year. While voting has closed this week, stay in touch with us for the results of the vote and join us in congratulating the winners.


Progress on Ceylon M6


Gavin King has posted an update on the status of Ceylon M6, highligting a few of the upcoming features - while the milestone release may arrive later than initially expected, the extra time spent refinining the functionalities of the language is worth it!


The convergence of data stores


Shane Johnson writes about a new trend in the world of Big Data: it is harder to draw a line between different data stores, and group them in the traditional categories of data stores, NoSQL databases, etc., the new generation of data stores are more integrated, borrowing characteristics and features from each other.


The rules of Fight Club, Java Edition


You've read them as they were published, but now Shane Johnson has summarized his not-quite-a-comparison-of-Spring-and-Java-EE series of posts here. While the debate, as old as enterprise Java, rages on, it is important to remember that there's a deeper meaning behind labels and oversimplification does a great disservice to the correct understanding of the technology landscape. Shane's post helps a lot in clarifying that.


LESS is more (for Errai)


Often overquoted, "less is more" is very true with respect to the latest developments of Errai. In his blog, Erik-Jan de Wit describes the newly added support for LESS in Errai, which will be part of the upcoming 2.4 and 3.0 releases, adding better support for modern UI design in Java EE-powered applications.


EJB invocation over HTTP in WildFly 8.0.0.Alpha3


Jaikiran Pai has posted a detailed account of the "single open port" feature of WildFly, which builds upon Undertow's HTTP Upgrade support. A single port of communication eases the operations part of runing an application server a great deal, as it greatly simplifies the setup of administration (think firewalls, vertical clustering and so on). A direct application of this principle is the newly added support for EJB invocations over HTTP.


Support for aborting slow consumers in ActiveMQ 5.9


Tim Bish has blogged about a new feature of the upcoming ActiveMQ 5.9 release - based on last acknowledgement time.


GateIn new features and enhancements


Stian Thorgersen has published a post that contains a brief description and a number of reference points for getting more information about GateIn's Java API. Another important recent enhancement to GateIn was the addition of new CDI scopes, reflecting portlet-specific actons. Ken Finnigan writes in more detail about it here.




Sightings and upcoming events

  • Meet an Open Project Day, on July 24 - organized by the London Java Community, this week's event featured Hibernate Search, represented by Sanne Grinovero
  • JBug Scotland - on August 28, focusing on the JBoss Way
  • JBoss One Day Talk - on October 23rd in Munich (yes, we know there's a lot of time until then, but - get your agenda ready)