Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where you will find this last weeks activities and events around the JBoss Community. We are all in the middle of our Summer Vacations, right? Enjoying the summer fun wherever you happen to be.


Well the JBoss projects and core developers have still been hard at work and we even have had sightings of JBoss high in the French Alps, more on that later as we have to share the news first.



Mark Proctor posted a paper and presentations from RuleML 2013.


Blogs / Articles

Heiko Rupp talks about the RHQ plugin generator this week.


Brian Leathem from the RichFaces team walks us through a security advisory fix they implemented.


Ken Finnigan enlightens us about the new CDI scopes that have been added to the GateIn project.


Shane Johnson continues his expose on Java EE or Spring Framework with installment #6.


Stéphane Épardaud talks about the Ceylon IDE improvements that were pushed out this week. 


Galder Zamarreño expounds on the faster file cache store in the latest Infinispan release.




A list of new project releases, enjoy!


Finally, just to share some Summer Fun, in the French Alps this mysterious JBossian was found cycling up the famous Tour de France mountains. Nice to encounter JBoss at 1700m!