Welcome to this weeks JBoss Editorial, where you will find this last weeks activities and events around the JBoss Community. This week has produced a few project releases, but more interesting is the trend of introducing us to new topics, projects, and products that came out this week.



Shane Johnson over on is on a webinar today covering The Art of JBoss EAP Deployments, don't worry, you can catch a recording on the same link if you miss the live event. He also put together a recording to show you how fast JBoss EAP is, why, and how. It gives you all the details in the recording, slideshow, and accompanying article.

Blogs / Articles

Brian Che continues his tour of the Tenet of Hybrid Clouds with the fourth in the series.


We get introduced to Mobile Design with Errai by Erik-Jan de Wit.


Salaboy from the Drools team introduces us to Knowledge Is Everything (KIE).


Shane Johnson introduces us to Faster Big Data and Distributed Stream Processing over on


Finally, if you are ready to get started with business rules, processes, and/or event processing, there is a new JBoss BRMS Primer article in the series, Getting Started with JBoss BRMS that puts you right in the drivers seat to spin up demos, investigate capabilities, and kick start proofs-of-concepts in nothing flat.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!