Welcome back! And it's the time of year again when we continue to get ready for JavaOne. This year as in the past, we've got a lot of presentations so watch the website for details. And of course if you are around, come to the JBoss party!


OK, with that said let's venture forth into what else has been happening over the past few days. For a start there's been a lot of activity around data virtualisation from Kenny Peeples, who's been integrating Teiid and Business Intelligence. There are some slides as well as code! In related news, Randall announced that planning for ModeShape 4 has started, so get your requests in now. And of course ModeShape 3.5 was out only a few days ago.


The past week or so has definitely had a JBoss BRMS and jBPM related theme. First Eric Schabell produced a BRMS Primer (which he'll be presenting at the JBoss Business Day at FC Dortmund Stadium) and discussed the BRMS Cool Store, then he blogged about his presentation at the JBoss Forum in Hamburg. Then Kris, the jBPM lead, produced a flurry of activity including the release of CR2 for 6.0.0, a showcase on the installer/getting started and another showcase on the web console. Busy busy!! Related, Bob Brodt announced a bug hunt contest for the BPMN2 Eclipse modeler tool.


Finally we've had our usual range of other project release announcements, including TorqueBox 3.0.0, Alpha 5 for Arquillian Graphene 2.0.0, Beta 1 for Arquillian Drone 1.2.0, and Narayana/JBoss Transactions releases. Congratulations to all of the people involved!


OK, that's it for this week.