Record JGroups Cluster Size


Bela has recently announced a large jump in the size of the biggest JGroups cluster known to have been created.  The previous record stood at an astounding 536 nodes but this has now been surpassed in style, raising the record to an incredible 1538 nodes.


Transactions Returning to Big Data


Mark Little recently attended the HPTS 2013 Workshop where he presented a paper on Transactions Returning to Big Data.  In his paper he covers a number of the issues that have lead many organisations to reconsider the use of transactions in NoSQL/Big Data deployments.


Project Job Scheduling the OptoPlanner way


Geoffrey has followed up on last week's OptaPlanner video with a new video that demonstrates how OptaPlanner can be used to schedule project related tasks, making use of the available resources in an efficient manner.


Scala Interceptors


Adam Warski has recently written a post describing how easy it is to add interceptors into a Scala application.  While this may sound like a daunting task, Adam introduces us to the MacWire ProxyingInterceptor class which can be used as the foundation for this functionality.


GOTO Aarhus 2013


Eric Schabell was fortunate enough to have attended GOTO 2013, being given an opportunity to present a session on his OpenShift Primer Book.  Eric has now posted the slides of his session online, entitled "OpenShift Primer: Cloud development has never been easier".


jBPM in Magnolia CMS


Kris recently attended the Magnolia conference in Basel, Switzerland, where he co-presented a session with Espen from the Magnolia team.  Their session covered jBPM, versions 5 and 6, and provided details of how Magnolia uses jBPM to drive Magnolia Workflow.


New Releases


That is all for this week, please check back next week for more updates from the JBoss Communities.