Despite the fact that last week many people - including me - were on holiday , the JBoss community has far from stop thriving, and numerous interesting releases happened. So, if you are yourself sitting on the beach (or somewhere else), please relax and enjoy, while this JBoss Weekly Editorial walks you through those...



Teiid comes out of the bush


Teiid is certainly a weird lizard, and very few people knows about it, but thankfully to the Emmanuel Bernard and the JBoss Asylum team, there is now a full podcast dedicated to the project, where Steve Hawkins and Ramesh Reddy explain to you in details what Teiid is all about.

This comes as a perfect opportunity to learn more about the product as the team just released 8.9 alpha 1. Time to turn your numerous and complex databases into gold and build the data you want !


Immutant 1.1.4 Released



In case you never heard of the Immutant project, know that it's an application server for Clojure, and it's built on JBoss AS7. While the 1.1.4 release is a strictly bug fix release, it's most likely to be the last release of the 1.x branch, and therefore a perfect opportunity to start discovering the product.


For those of you who like to look forward, rest assure the Immutant project is not going to stop there, and the team is now going to focus on The Deuce, the nickname for Immutant 2, which should be based on Wildfly (or EAP), but more importantly remove the current container to turn the framework into a simple librairy.


OpenShift Accelerator Program


Eric S. Schabell just announed the launch of the OpenShift Accelerator Program, an effort to both regroups initiative around the OpenShift technology, but also help people foster their own. So if you want to learn more on OpenShift, or contribute to the community by offering events, getting started or demos, checkout their website !




BRMS is certainly a fascinating technology, but, as often with such complex project, it's difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Eric S. Schabell has dediced, by popular demand, to revisit its "JBoss BRMS Primer - getting started with JBoss BRMS". Certainly an excellent opportunity to discover (or rediscover) what BRMS is all about, and what it can do for you...


Also, Eric took the opportunity, while meeting with Kurt Stam, founder of S-RAMP, to build a demo integrating it with DTGov and BPM !


Keycloak 1.0 Beta 4 Released




Yesterday, Bill Burke announced the release of Keycloak 1.0 Beta 4, which is quite an exciting news, as this means that 1.0 final is on the way, and should be released mid September. In case you don't know it, here is what Keycloak is about : integrated SSO and IDM for browser apps and RESTful web services. It's built on top of the OAuth 2.0, Open ID Connect and JSON Web Token (JWT) specifications.




While I generally use this section to point to things happening outside the JBoss community, last week has been full of Java related annoucement that should certainly interest you: