Welcome to a slightly delayed editorial this week - we've been busy And welcome to Pi Day!


As the title indicates, there's been a lot of activity in the past 7 days around docker (containers) and microservices. I put (virtual) pen to (virtual) paper and had a few things to say about microservices and containerless development. Arun has been working through his tutorial series on Docker and this week covered Docker Machine and then building on that how to deploy to WildFly and Docker using Eclipse. As if that wasn't enough, he finishes up with a discussion about Docker recipes for Java EE application servers. Christian had a great piece on the cost of change with microservices and DevOps which is well worth a read, but I'll include his conclusion here:


"At the end of the day, DevOps, Microservices, being “Agile”, etc, are about creating a culture that focuses on reducing the cost of change. Be wary of the vendors trying to capitalize on this, be wary of your organizations embracing this half-assed, and try to keep perspective and the goals in mind regardless of your role."


Now although not strictly container or microservices related, there's been some work going on around JBoss technologies and OpenShift. For instance, using BPM as an example Eric Schabell talks about how to deploy any project into OpenShift with the click of a single button! Gustavo talks about running Infinispan on OpenShift 3, so if you haven't taken a look at some of the changes coming in OpenShift this is a good opportunity.


As usual there's a lot more going on that we can cover in the editorial, so check out The Buzz. But we'll wrap up with a few things, such as the release of jBPM 6.2.0 Final, so good it needed two people to announce it; Mark Proctor has been talking about some of the changes coming Drools, including the ability to zoom and pan between decision tables and activity monitoring in jBPM. We've also announced that the PicketLink and Keycloak projects are merging! But we'll give the last word to Claus who has announced that in the year 2015 Apache Camel 2.15.0 was released!