Another week in the JBoss Community is almost over. Time to sit back and relax with a decent cup of coffee to reflect a bit about the news and releases that the week brought us.


Security Is Hot

With another popular breach a couple of weeks ago, the topic gained more attention again. But we have some security content for you to educate yourself and help making software secure. A post about secure Vert.x apps helps you getting started with securing vert.x web applications. It is by no means a comprehensive guide on web application security such as OWASP. Standard rules and practices apply to vert.x apps as if they would to any other web framework. The post will cover the items that always seem to come up on forums. And the first recordings from this year's JavaZone conference are already up. One of them is from my talk about "Securing Your Java EE Applications" and it outlines the key capabilities of the Java EE platform and introduces the audience to additional frameworks and concepts which do help by implementing all kinds of security requirements in Java EE based applications.


Java EE, Weld and WildFly

The recent Java SE 8u60 update revealed some issues with the CDI implementation Weld. And we released WildFly 10 CR1 last week! And there is already an OpenShift cartridge available with it!


Persistence and Caching News

"Order, ooorder!" - Sometimes not only the honorable members of the House of Commons need to be called to order, but also the results of Hibernate Search queries need to be ordered in a specific way. And Infinispan introduced the new Redis Cache store and initial support for Apache Avro and Gora. Another Infinispan post about Simple cache introduces you to using Infinispan with Hibernate.


Integration News

In her post Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Tips, Driver not found in JBoss Fuse , Christina introduces us to solutions about JDBC driver class loading issues. And there's also a very nice blog post about How to reason about queue depth graphs. This came out of field experience and will help your in communicating about ActiveMQ problems.


We Are Hiring!

The Developer Experience and Tooling group, of which JBoss Tools team is part, have a set of job openings available. We are looking to continue improving the usability for developers around Eclipse and around the Red Hat product line, including JBoss Middleware. Topics range from Java to JavaScript, application servers to containers, source code tinkering to full blown CI/CD setups.


The Rest Of It

Mark Little gave a report about the Red Hat Tech Exchange 2015 and Eric Schabell is giving an outlook to the Red Hat Forum Benelux in his post.


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.