Incredibly enough, this week, there is no Docker related news (at least in the JBossverse) ! ! ! But don't worry this does NOT mean, this weekly is empty, far from it. Indeed, on the week jBPM and Wildfly lastst releases, there is a a lot of interesting material to peruse into, so buckle up and let's go !


BPM & Rules



With the released of both jBPM 6.3 and Drools 6.3, the last week, BPM has a been the focus for many people in the JBoss community. First of all, if you have no idea or prior experience on the topic, you may want to use the discount code on the book "Mastering jBPM6". Indeed, I do still believe that reading an actual book is an excellent to get into a subject, especially, when - like it is the case with BPM, it comes with a long history and rich ecosystem. Of course, in our ages of learning technologies by reading a couple of blogs and/or watching a couple of video, you might want something a bit more "hands on", but rest assure, as always Eric D. Schabell has thought of you and released three more videos on BPM Quick Tour series:


Some interesting stories around jBPM have been released also last week, including the Google Summer of Code 2015 Success Story: jBPM Mobile (MGTW) , but also a technology highlights: jBPM and BPMN 2.0 workflow creation and a in depth article: Lienzo for new jBPM Designer and Drools Decision Tables.

Last but not the least you are living in Chile or Argentina, or going there in November, you might be quite interested by the upcoming Drools Workshops Chile/Argentina (Nov/15) happening over there.






Infinispan is an excellent project, bringing the power of data grid storage and computing to the Java ecosystem on top of giving a new youth to the JCache API. If you want to learn more about Infinispan (and its associate Red Hat Product, JBoss Data Grid) and attend the Red Hat EMEA Partner Conf 2015, please come to my lab on 5 Things You Should Know on JBoss Data Grid for a quick, and hands on, introduction to the matter.


If you are already familiar with Infinispan, a couple of very interesting articles has been released last week. The first one is Infinispan: Memory based eviction - and eviction being at the core of the product, you will certainly appreciate this nice walk-through from William Burns of the internal design. The other one is the first of a series of article from Thomas Qvarnström on JBoss Tech Blog: Scaleable Events with JBoss Data Grid - part 1 Overview of Events. Events in Infinispan are a very simple and yet powerful way to implements logic on data changes or insert, leveraging the very scalable and distributed nature of the grid. Just take a peak at this article and I'm sure you'll see what I mean here


Wildfly 10 is coming...


... Soon. So soon in fact, that WildFly 10 CR2 has been released and that Markus made a nice overview of its key feature: Java EE 7, Java 8, Hibernate 5, JavaScript Support with Hot Reloading. Enjoy the preview, and rest assure, you won't be waiting for too long for the GA.



Technological bits (or bytes)


First of all, let's take it easy by starting with a video - no coding, nor reading to do, just enjoy the JBoss Fuse - Tools make your world go round, the slides and basics, and learn :

  • How to debug Camel application using the tooling provides.
  • Data mapping between POJO and XML, JSON with Dozer with drag and drops only.
  • Deploy and package an OSGi ready Applications.

Then, our own Kenny Peeples will take you through the  the new feature Data Virtualization 6.2. In case you are not aware of this, Data Virtualization is the Red Hat products associated to the Open Source project Teiid, which, by the way, have been recently named "Best Open Source Application" by InfoWorld Bossie Awards. A nice, simple read here again, but now let's go up a notch, and look at Narayana.

Narayana is the implementation of the Java Transaction Service, which is of course a crucial, internal part of our JEE server Wildfly. That being said, most likely - or at least for most of you, you will never interact directly with it. However, now that Narayana team has released a JTS Docker Container, it gives you the opportunity to easily test this framework and see for yourself the intricate complexities of transaction management (if you think that this matter is simple, try, like me to read Mark Little's book on the topic and call me when you hit the first bottle of aspirin...). IMHO, it is quite crucial to any application developer to have a fair grasp of transaction management - at least to know when NOT to use them and when you actually CAN'T go without them. This light docker container might be an easy for you to test it or demonstrate it*.

OK, let's go even further with OptaPlanner - How lucky are your random seeds ? But, on this one, I'll take the 5th amendment (even if I'm no citizen of the US), because my knowledge of OptaPlanner is sketchy at best, and to make it worse, I really suck at statistics and math. But if you are into any of those, you'll bet you'll find yourself a nice gift in this article...


* This docker container for JTS does not count as a Docker related news - not changing the title of this weekly editorial !


Releases, releases, releases


On top of the jBPM 6.3 and  Drools 6.3, already mentioned above, the rest of the JBoss Community has not been resting, idle, and has delivered, as always, a fair amount of new version in the last week: