This is really incredible to discover every week what happened during the previous week. You felt that nothing new, trendy was out and finally after digging into the different emails, tweets & forums, you can always find amazing news and info to share with the community.

RedHat JBoss Developer Studio & JBoss Tools

One of the great announce of this week is certainly the release of JBDS9 supporting Eclipse Mars and the new JBoss Tools release. There are many new features and improvements. The full list of what is new you can find on this page. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed on JBoss Tools side but they have also continued to work on making Eclipse better and contributed to many Eclipse projects: Web Tools, Docker, Maven Integration, JavaScript, Hybrid Mobile Tools and many others.

Some of the more significant highlights concern the new Openshift3 tool which help to develop kubernetes applications, improvements did around the Docker tool & the Java EE7 Batch tool.


Integration with Apache Camel

Even if the release hasn't been yet published on the Apache web site of the Camel project, the Apache Camel 2.16 release is out since this Friday. This new release proposes around 10 new components which are really great as it will be possible to generate pdf content (camel-pdf), to expose HTTP-based endpoints using the HTTP Server part of the Wildfly platform (camel-undertow), to transform JSON to JSON messages (camel-jolt) or to use the MQTT client of the Eclipse Paho project (camel-paho).

Another dataformat will be supported with the camel-boon data format component to transform from/to POJO to JSON. The DSL language of Camel has been enriched to support script execution using this syntax :


  .script().groovy("// some groovy code goes here")


while it will be possible now dynamically calculate the endpoint where the message must be send



Fabric8 & DevOps

The Open Source Fabric8 project which has been designed around the OpenShift 3 platform & docker container technology provides a DevOps tool to generate a Continuous Delivery project top of docker containers. This DevOps Tool uses behind the scene JBoss Forge to edit the steps of the  process to create the environment as a collection of commands. During the creation of the cd-pipeline project, it will be possible to grab the required information like the name of the git repo, to enable the synchronization of the git repo with the Gerrit Code Review server or to specify which jenkins groovy script must be used to setup the jenkins jobs, ... The information collected will be used next to setup the different pods required to put in place the cd-pipeline : Gogs - Git Management Platform, Gerrit Git Code Review, Nexus Maven Repository server, Jenkins Server, Letschat - Chat Server integrated with a Hubot Server, Taiga - Project & Issues management.




This DevOps tool has been demonstrated this week during the RedHat EMEA Partners conference by Charles Moulliard.

Blog Articles

- Camel & Swagger in action by Claus Ibsen which explain how to use the new Swagger 2.0 spec with Camel & how Camel can generate from the model read the Swagger AP=i documenting the REST endpoints

- Quick Tip: Running Wildfly Docker image on Openshift Orign by Markus Eisele

- A WildFly Swarm JAX-RS Miroservice in a Docker Container by Markus Eisele

- Quick Tour : JBoss BRMS the basic Install Project - Video by Eric Schabell

- Updates in the Docker Tooling by Xavier Coulon

- Update Modern BPM Data Integration with JBoss BPM Travel Agency by Eric Schabell

- Turn your static static config into dynamic templates with MVEL by Paolo Antinori

- Critical HL7 Use cases with Camel, ElasticSearch & ActiveMQ by Christian Posta


Releases, releases, releases


On top of the Apache Camel 2.16, already mentioned above, the rest of the JBoss Community has not been resting, idle, and has delivered, as always, a fair amount of new version in the last week: