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Another week in JBoss. It's been pretty busy and everybody went straight back to work from a long vacation weekend. Now we're gearing up for Summit and DevNation. So, let's see what happened over this last week:


Microservices - Container, Orchestration and More

We are hosting a full day event, in central London on June 11th 2015, where we will present the latest stuff we hack on our day time job - that is fabric8, hawtio, kubernetes, openshift, Camel, and more. Eric Schabell published a Microservices Migration Story with JBoss BPM Travel Agency. And you got to learn how to secure microservices with Keycloak. James Strachan showed you what Kubernetes means for Java Developers. A lot more hands-on is Thomas' post about Installing Red Hat Container Development Kit on Mac OS X. He also taught us how to use the Docker Client with the Red Hat CDK. Our own Mark Little published a nice peace on InfoQ about Microservices Premium.


Interesting Picks To Read

Asciidoctor encompasses and builds an ecosystem around Asciidoc for writing documentation, and well, writing anything. If you want to host your own blog, documentation site, book, ect., Asciidoctor would be an excellent choice. If you want to do that in OpenShift, that is what this post going to help you with. If you're into Hibernate, make sure to check out the great content on Vlad's blog. He recently wrote about How does Hibernate READ_WRITE CacheConcurrencyStrategy work and has a ton of other great tutorials and Hibernate details over there.

Find a new page on all Internet of Things related activities on


devnation_250x250_blogbadge_joinme.pngDevNation Highlights 

The open source community loves sharing. So do we. Here are some blog badges for you to share. Let everybody know, if you’re attending or even speaking!


New Releases


Thant's been it for the week. See you again next week! If you have interesting picks we missed, just let us know!

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undiversity.PNGI feel very lucky to be a part of JBoss.  It is great to see global diversity in the JBoss Community.  I wanted to wish everyone a Happy World Day for Cultural Diversity which is celebrated on May 21st and supported by the United Nations.  They have setup a Community Facebook page for "Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion".  The campaign aims:

  • To raise awareness worldwide about the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.
  • To build a world community of individuals committed to support diversity with real and every day-life gestures.
  • To combat polarization and stereotypes to improve understanding and cooperation among people from different cultures.

Our JBoss Community is a large global community and I enjoy reading all the wonderful articles, news, blogs, etc that are published during the week.  This week was another great week of news, new releases and articles.  So let's jump into This week in JBoss.


New Releases


To see the specific Release notes go the the Homepage or Website for the project from the links below.

jgroups-raft 0.2 - The jgroups-raft project is a Raft implementation in JGroups. It is currently in its own repo because it'll move much faster than JGroups and I wanted to have the freedom to release versions in quick succession.

byteman 3.0.0 - Byteman is a tool which simplifies tracing and testing of Java programs.

immutant 2.0.1 Patch Release - Immutant is an integrated suite of Clojure libraries backed by Undertow for web.

infinispan 8 - This actually isn't a release yet but the codename for infinispan 8 was voted upon and is, Infinite Darkness.

forge 2.16.1.Final (Club) - Forge is the Fastest way to build Maven-Based Java EE projects.

keycloak 1.2.0.Final - Integrated SSO and IDM for browser apps and RESTful web services.

Hibernate OGM 4.2.0.CR1 - Hibernate is an Object/Relational Mapper tool.  OGM is the Domain model persistence for NoSQL datastores.

Hibernate ORM 4.3.10.Final - Hibernate is an Object/Relational Mapper tool. ORM is the Domain model persistence for relational databases.





  • DevNation 2015 - June 21 - 25, 2015 | Hynes Convention Center | Boston, MA | USA - AN OPEN SOURCE CONFERENCE, BY AND FOR DEVELOPERS ACROSS THE GLOBE. DevNation is a full stack development conference featuring the best in open source! Learn how industry leaders use open source. Hack with some of the most innovative new projects including Docker, Hadood, Vert.x and more. See what new innovations are coming out of open source for DevOps, mobile and application development.



Microservices and Integration


  • Syed Rasheed wrote an excellent article on JBoss Integration Products, explaining Application Integration and Data Integration, Ultimate Guide: When to use which JBoss Integration Products.  In The Bottom Line he indicated that In the end, application integration platform like JBoss Fuse are best suited for the functional integration of independent applications to implement a multi-step business process. Data virtualization platforms are best suited for the creation of data services where one is attempting to present a holistic view of the business data for analysis or operational visibility. Both technologies have different primary use cases and they are not interchangeable, however they can be used together.
  • Christina Lin continues her Microservices migration story with the Integration Demo Series with Fuse and BPMS. 
  • Stian Thorgersen discussed Securing Microservices with Keycloak and OpenID.  As microservices is all about having many smaller services each that deal with one distinct task the obvious solution to security is an authentication and authorization service. This is where Keycloak and OpenID Connect comes to the rescue. Keycloak provides the service you need to secure micro services.
  • Mark Little highlights XA and Microservices. I'm not suggesting that XA doesn't have a role to play within microservices and between microservices. At least in the short term it most definitely does for some (small) set of applications. But really when I'm suggesting transactions have a role I'm looking well beyond XA.


Data Services with Teiid and Data Virtualization



Business Processes and Rules



And More.....



This weekend is a holiday weekend in the US to honor those that have died while serving in the armed forces.   Be safe if you are in the US as alot of people will be traveling on the highways.  On to another week in the community.....

Welcome to another instalment of TWiJB. We've got your microservices, travel, decision, release information and more all here. Let's get to it.


Mark Little talks app servers and APIs and more.

Monolithic application servers, web-scale and synchronous APIs 

"It's also interesting to think that the move we're seeing in the industry towards separate services is very much in line with what we had back in the CORBA days (something I've repeated a few times.) No, I'm not suggesting CORBA got it all right!".... or is he? Read more to find out.


Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - Online Workshop Building a Travel Agency (Introduction) andtravel-agency.jpg

Integration Project- Micro Services Migration Story with JBoss BPM Travel Agency - Part Two

Let's get our travel on!






Distribution changes -- We're making some changes to keycloak -- read more to find out what the deal is.

DevNation is coming! Be there or be ☐

Spread The Love. Let Everybody Know You’re Attending. devnation_250x250_blogbadge_speaker.png

What happens when xPaaS and DevOps hook up? Christina Lin takes us through part five of this romance.

Red Hat JBoss xPaaS - When xPaaS meets DEVOPS - Part Five

Unlock the value of SaaS within your enterprise

Using a service such as SalesForce? Integration of two services where one resides outside your domain of control can be daunting but it doesn't have to be says, Ken Peeples.

Ken is talking microservices too

Moving to Data Services for Microservices


Dimitris Andreadis checked in this week to say thanks and share the content on the state of union where Wildfly v9 is concerned.

Validation and Verification for Decision Tables

Toni talks validation and verification with plenty of tips to find common problems and squash them like <ahem> a bug.

In our tips-n-tricks for this week....

JBoss BPM Suite Quick Guide: Changes You Need for Building Applications with JBoss EAP 6.4 Modules

Learn Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization through multiple avenues

Release Me!

Hibernate Search 5.3.0.Beta1 with native Lucene faceting

Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Alpha1 Released

April's month is over and May begins with a new edition of the Weekly editorial containing great news around the JBoss Technology World. Take a break, a cup, seat down and take the time to review what has been done by the developers, projects this week. They continue to open the horizons by providing infinite possibilities to design and develop Middleware, Front & back end solutions.


Red Hat, a strategic Eclipse member


Red Hat has officially announced that they have upgraded their membership to Strategic Developer at Eclipse. This has been announced at


Strategic Members are organizations that view Eclipse as a strategic platform and are investing developer and other resources to further develop Eclipse Foundation technologies. Strategic Developers commit to assign at least eight developers full time to develop Eclipse technology, lead Eclipse projects and contribute annual dues up to 250.000 $.

At Red Hat we already have more than eight developers doing development Eclipse technology, both at and around the base Eclipse distribution. As a new strategic member, Red Hat will take a seat on the Board of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation, strengthening its support of the Foundation.

Red Hat is an active member of the Eclipse open source community. Red Hat employees participate in 27 Eclipse Projects, including as project leaders for Vert.x, m2e-wtp, THyM, BPMN2, BPEL, SWTBot, Linux Tools, ...

Red Hat delivers Eclipse-based solutions to their developer communities, including:

  • Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, built on the popular Eclipse-based developer tool JBoss Tools, allows Eclipse Java users to develop applications for Red Hat JBoss Middleware, such as Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Fuse.
  • Red Hat Developer Toolset, based on Eclipse Linux Tools and CDT, allows C/C++ developers to quickly build Red Hat and Fedora based solutions.

Red Hat also plans to join the Eclipse Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group, an open source community for the Internet of Things. Red Hat's participation in the Eclipse IoT community will focus on enabling enterprise middleware for IoT solutions.


Introducing to Vertx.3



Thanks to Tim Fox to take the time to communicate around the new Vert.x 3 architecture. This v3 will introduce lots of changes and improvements and should become 3.0.0-final release on 22 June.

A new web site has been created to support this platform and is already available :


One of the big things in V3 is Apex which is a set of components for building webapps with Vert.x and is already proving to be quite popular even before the final release. More info about Apex can be find on the web-site.

You can use Apex for all sorts of web applications - e.g. "traditional" server side rendered web apps, client side rendered web apps, but a key focus is for lightweight HTTP/REST micro-services.

Apex has built in support for content negotiation and various other features -most of things you'd find in JAX-RS, but 100% async, and usable from any of the languages that Vert.x supports.


We've also made great efforts to make V3 super embeddable and it has a minumum of dependencies. Here's a Maven hello world app:


V3 also aims to create a full async (where possible) stack, so we've also included components for database connectivity (JDBC, Mongo, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Redis), email, messaging (AMQP 1.0, RabbitMQ), and we hope to increase the number of components over time.


V3 contains some sophisticated code generation technology which means we only have to maintain Java versions of our APIs and examples, the other language APIs, documentation and examples are auto-generated at build time from the Java stuff. This makes it much easier to maintain than Vert.x 2 where we manually had to maintain each language API.


V3 also has some pretty cool Rx support ( - if you're not familiar with Rx, it's all about doing operations on asynchronous streams of data using functional style operations. It's one way of mitigating against "callback hell" which can occur when using event based APIs. We provide "Rx-ified" versions of all our APIs - so you now have a choice of whether to use the standard callback-based API (node style) or an Rx-style version.


V3 also reactive streams support - this is about interoperability with other reactive systems (e.g. Akka, project reactor etc) !



Hot Stuffs of the week



  • IoT Eclipse Gateway & Apache Camel


OSGI is not death and looks like a promising technology for the IoT Gateway platform developed by Eclipse under the code name Kura for the field devices (RaspberryPi, ...). By combining this platform with the Integration Java Framework Apache Camel and its messaging routing engine, we expend the possibilities to interconnect everything, everywhere.

Thx to Henryk Konsek to record this video and share its presentation.






  • Infinispan 7.2.0.Final
    • JCache (JSR-107) support over Hot Rod
    • Listeners can be registered using DSL queries
    • The performance of bulk operations (getAll, putAll) in both embedded and remote mode has been improved by an order of magnitude
    • The clear operation is now non-transactional and lock-free
    • Eviction : New design based on the ConcurrentHashMap from JDK 8
    • It is now possible to deploy cache stores to the server
  • Eclipse Docker Tooling
  • Hibernate Search 5.2.0.Final
  • Jolokia 1.3
  • Apache Camel 2.15.2
  • RichFaces 4.5.5.Final
  • WildFly Swarm initial release
  • WildFly 9 CR1
  • AeroGear UnifiedPush Server 1.1.0-alpha.2
  • Keycloak 1.2.0.CR1
  • Openshift v0.5
    • Docker 1.6 is now required for OpenShift, which allows us to use pull-by-id in the new...
    • Integrated V2 Docker registry for OpenShift
    • New osc commands (deploy, new-project, new-app)
  • JBoss Web Server 3.0 is GA
    • This major version release updates Apache httpd and the versions of Apache Tomcat to recent versions
    • Include updates to all of the mod* extensions for httpd, and the version of Hibernate for the JWS Plus product
  • JBoss Data Grid (JDG) Version 6.5 Beta!
    • Remote Events and Listeners for the Java Hot Rod client enhanced
    • Enhancements to JBoss Fuse integration (camel-jbossdatagrid component). Can receive and process events from remote caches over the Hot Rod protocol
    • Adds support for JSR-107 (JCache) API in Library mode
    • Can be used as a shared, in-memory index (Infinispan Directory) for Hibernate Search queries on a relational database


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