Another week in JBoss. It's been pretty busy and everybody went straight back to work from a long vacation weekend. Now we're gearing up for Summit and DevNation. So, let's see what happened over this last week:


Microservices - Container, Orchestration and More

We are hosting a full day event, in central London on June 11th 2015, where we will present the latest stuff we hack on our day time job - that is fabric8, hawtio, kubernetes, openshift, Camel, and more. Eric Schabell published a Microservices Migration Story with JBoss BPM Travel Agency. And you got to learn how to secure microservices with Keycloak. James Strachan showed you what Kubernetes means for Java Developers. A lot more hands-on is Thomas' post about Installing Red Hat Container Development Kit on Mac OS X. He also taught us how to use the Docker Client with the Red Hat CDK. Our own Mark Little published a nice peace on InfoQ about Microservices Premium.


Interesting Picks To Read

Asciidoctor encompasses and builds an ecosystem around Asciidoc for writing documentation, and well, writing anything. If you want to host your own blog, documentation site, book, ect., Asciidoctor would be an excellent choice. If you want to do that in OpenShift, that is what this post going to help you with. If you're into Hibernate, make sure to check out the great content on Vlad's blog. He recently wrote about How does Hibernate READ_WRITE CacheConcurrencyStrategy work and has a ton of other great tutorials and Hibernate details over there.

Find a new page on all Internet of Things related activities on


devnation_250x250_blogbadge_joinme.pngDevNation Highlights 

The open source community loves sharing. So do we. Here are some blog badges for you to share. Let everybody know, if you’re attending or even speaking!


New Releases


Thant's been it for the week. See you again next week! If you have interesting picks we missed, just let us know!

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