Welcome to this week's editorial. Even though it's the week after thanksgiving the JBoss Community still has a bunch of interesting developments to report on.


Should we Remove MongoDB from Keycloak?

The Keycloak team are considering the removal of support for MongoDB backed KeyCloak servers. Among other reasons, they cite lack of support for transactional updates to multiple documents in MongoDB, as a major contributing factor. However, elsewhere in the JBoss Community there is work afoot to bring non-ACID transactional support to MongoDB. As is typical in the JBoss community, they are seeking feedback before taking the plunge. See this blog post for the reasons to make this change and instructions on how you can join the discussion.


Node.js DNS Module and Debugger Explanations

Lucas Holmquist continues his exploration of Node.js modules and features. This week he explains how the DNS Module works and how to use the Node.js debugger.


Improvements Around using Infinispan with Spring

If you are using Infinispan with Spring, be sure to read about the improvements the team are making around this integration.


How to run JBoss BPM Suite in a Container

In this post Eric Schabell explains how to run JBoss BPM Suite in a Container using either the Openshift Container Platform (OCP) or the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK).



  • Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Beta4. Bringing the latest bugfixes and previously missing features for the experimental Elasticsearch integration. This is the version to use with Hibernate ORM versions 5.0.x and 5.1.x.
  • Hibernate Search 5.7.0.Beta1. Bringing the exact same changes as 5.6.0.Beta1, but on top of the compatibility with Hibernate ORM version 5.2.x that was introduced with 5.7.0.Alpha1.
  • Windup suport in Eclipse IDE. A new plugin for Eclipse bringing which marks migration issues in application code, provides help to fix issues, and offers automated code replacement where possible.