WildFly 12 is Here!

This is WildFly's first release following our new quarterly delivery model. As part of this plan, we are delivering EE8 functionality in fully completed incremental chunks, as opposed to waiting for everything to finish in a big bang release. WildFly 12 makes significant progress on this front, adding support for the majority of the new standards. Read on to find out more details.


Java EE is now Jakarta EE

As you may already know, Java EE recently found a new home at the Eclipse Foundation. Shortly after the move, the community voted on a new name and Jakarta EE was selected. Here's what Mark Little and David Blevins have to say about the rename.


SLA Tracking in jBPM

In this post Maciej Swiderski explains how to track your SLAs in jBPM 7.7. He also followed up this week with another post explaining how to react to SLA violations using jBPM 7.7.


Keycloak and Istio

This week Sébastien Blanc explains how to combine Keycloak with Istio.


Bean Validation 2.0

This week Gunnar Morling posted two presentations that introduce you to what's new in the Bean Validation 2.0 specification. He also followed up with a description of the most significant feature in Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380): the support for container element constraints.