Summer 2011 has been a crazy productive period for the JBoss team.  This past 7 days have been no exception as the team continues to deliver new capabilities that not only continue to close the gap with closed source offerings but go well beyond. 


JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide coming soon from Packt


JBoss ESB is a project very near and dear to my heart.  When the initial team was formed to tackle this very interesting space, they worked hard to create an ESB that t is the synergistic blend of the best of JBoss' many well known innovations - things like hot deployment of the Application Server, the declarative process flow of jBPM and the declarative business rule engine of Drools. 


And now there will be a book published by Packt, written by some of the key guys working on the project today - Len DiMaggio, Kevin Conner, Magesh Kumar Bojan and Tom Cunningham.  Congratuations Team!


If you would like an almost concise overview of the capabilities of the JBoss ESB and its supported enterprise version - JBoss SOA Platform check out this demo that I recorded eons ago. 


RichFaces 4.1.0.M1 Released!



Many new and interesting features and fixes coming from the RichFaces team with their M1 - milestone 1 release of 4.1


RichFaces 4 is focused on JSF 2.0 and 4.1 M1 adds to the 4.0 release a new Editor (see above), Pick List, Ordering List and a Notify component - make sure to check out the live RichFaces Showcase and details in the


One of the most notable achievements of the 4.1 M1 release is the contribution by Bernard Labno - a community member who created the Notify component - many thanks Bernard!


Hibernate Search 4 is Coming


Many have seen the release of Hibernate 4.0.0.CR1 and immediately asked "where is Search?" - well great news for the Hibernate community - Sanne Grinovero (our Matrix-like operator guy for the keynote demo) has just announced their plans for Search.    I have always been a fan of Hibernate Search as many years ago I have made attempts at "word indexing" various RDBMSs - now you can easily bring the power of "google" to your relational database records.


jBPM5 on AS7


jBPM continues to be one of the most popular JBoss projects - it is a perfect example of how open source continues to move "upstack" - beyond middleware for programmers to capabilities that enable the business.  If you have historically thought of us as those App Server and Hibernate guys and have not checked out jBPM5, then you owe to yourself and your next project to review it.  And now it is running on JBossAS7.


Infinispan on AS7


Data grids are a key growth area in today's IT industry.  The relational database "bottleneck" with its typical high cost of both hardware and software licenses continues to hamper the creativity of many software & solution architects.  You no longer have to architect your way around an exorbitant license cost problem, nor the performance chokepoints. Infinispan is that next generation of middleware - we demonstrated it with floating balls and it is a key aspect of JBossAS7.




JCA Infow with AS7


Jesper Pedersen published a nice blog related to Info JCA Infow and the new AS 7.0.1 - JCA is one of the critical pieces to building robust middleware, for the end-user developer of Java EE6 middleware you might only see a few simple annotations - because these guys do the heavy lifting.



Delivery of both AS7 and AS6


JBossAS 7.0.1 aka "Zap" adds some big items like support for MDBs, better JPA integration and ability to pick your own JSF implementation and many, many bug fixes.  


JBossAS 6.1.0 addresses dozens of bugs as well as new features like enabling Javassist usage in Weld.  Not everybody has yet had a chance to migrate to AS7 and this release brings value to the many users of AS6. 


And just in case you were on vacation last week (around August 10th) and hopefully enjoying some unplugged time - then you might have missed the major announcement of AS7 at OpenShift, bringing EE6 to all, free, in the cloud. 


Pete Muir has delivered an absolutely fantastic summary and series of videos to help you ramp up - don't let the Gollum scare you.  :-)


Last tip of this posting...


Make sure to bookmark the AS7 launch page at and AS7+OpenShift launch page at as we will continue to roll out new articles and new videos going forward.


And if you have a few spare weeks, you might be able to watch all of the great video content that we have hosted at Vimeo -