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Welcome to another week of fun and projects from the wonderful world of! Thing have started to heat up in the project releases, with a pretty big list of announcements below. Events are picking up and there is enough to read about so let's get to it.



There was some serious JBoss action going on in Rome, Italy this week at CodeMotion 2012 with several talks on JBoss and OpenShift technology. Mircea Markus describes just getting back from and Eric describes his Codemotion 2012 Rome OpenShift Primer Adventure.


Mighty Max Andersen (or is that Superman?) is in North America this week and pushed out some really great sessions and news at EclipseCon 2012, posting a JBoss Tools and friends at EclipseCon 2012 story from on location.


OpenShift will be show cased at JUDCon 2012 Boston - talk accepted OpenShift state of the Union by Eric D. Schabell.


Infinispan is on the road again, with Galder Zamarrino bringing Infinispan to the Alpes JUG!


Something a little bit out of the ordinary, you can win a free copy of the JBoss ESB Beginner’s Guide, check it out and take a chance on becoming the proud owner of your very own guide!


Blogs / Articles

This week there is a wonderful diversification of projects and technologies that have take the time to report back to us on their latest creations, announcements and goings on. Here we start with the Drools & jBPM: Guvnor which has introduced an improved default value handling.


The Errai project announced both new version releases below and the first part in a series, Errai IOC: DI in the Browser (Part 1), check it out. Furthermore, PicketLink has now added PicketLink console extensions.


Not only was the JBoss Tools team busy reporting to us above from EclipseCon 2012, but they have pushed the m2e-wtp project into a full fledged Eclipse project. Check out the ins and outs of moving m2e-wtp project to Eclipse.


Over on Mobile Tech and Stuff, we take a trip through Cordova, a look at the Apache Cordova project.


The JBoss TS team provides an update to STM API over on their blog.


JBoss is working its next generation integration layer in the SwitchYard project and brings us some BPM news by introducing the SwitchYard BPM Task API.



A big list of new project releases, enjoy!


Thinking of getting involved in a JBUG?

Setting up or running a JBoss User Group? Follow @JBossNews on twitter and catch the next event online especially for you and your group: Switchyard webinar.


Have a great week, weekend and contribute to your favorite JBoss project!

Community Matters


JBoss Community accepted into GSOC 12

We are happy to announce that JBoss Community ( has been officially accepted as a participating organization at the Google Summer of Code 2012.  Please take a look at all the participating organizations. List is at

Call for Collaboration: JavaOne 2012 Community Keynote « Exit Condition

The Arquillian Team likes to extend an invitation to all developers and speakers within the Java landscape to join their in a submission for the JavaOne 2012 Community Keynote this October in San Francisco.

Interview with Keith Babo, the switchyard project lead

In this interview, Keith Babo, the SwitchYard core developer introduces this new exciting product which will play an important role into the JBoss SOA Platform.


Rich has published the the majority of the questions that came up during the BETA webinars last week.




Project Updates

Drools & jBPM: Guvnor - Recent improvements

Guvnor the tool suite for Rules, Processes, Events, Agents, Planning, get's some new improvements:  - Improved numeric data-type handling - Dependent enumerations - Number of bug fixes

JBoss AS 7:: Social Login (Facebook Connect/ Google Authentication)

Facebook and Google have turned out to the holders of user information that can be used to be the secure gateway into your web applications. Facebook / Google Users are part of what is called "Consumer Identity".  In this article, we will look at a simple web application as part of the PicketLink Social Project, that can help you visualize addition of Facebook Connect / Google Authentication to your web applications. We will use the fast, free and awesome JBoss Application Server v7 as the runtime.

The Future of XTS

Paul shares his thoughts where the team should be taking the project over the next few years.

Errai Marshalling and the Builder Pattern

The second part about the Errai Marshalling framework and its facilities for working with immutable types.



Important Releases

Second official release of Ceylon

This is the second official release of the Ceylon command line compiler, documentation compiler, language module, and runtime, and a major step down the roadmap toward Ceylon 1.0, with most of the Java interoperability fully specified and implemented.

Weld 1.1.6.Final released!

"It's probably the biggest bug squashing fest since I took over the project."

jboss_org_home.pngHello and welcome!  We have been insanely busy for the last two weeks and managed to miss an editorial publication.  :-(   We will endeavor to be better about our scheduling.

Big changes to our various web properties have been made recently - specifically related to and - has been folded into and hopefully all your previously bookmarked URLs are being redirected properly.  Leave us a comment if you feel there is something we missed.  In the case of - it has been relaunched with a new, more engaging front page - where we are making it much more obvious how to get started with building applications using various JBoss technologies. has historically been much more of a community OSS site where contributors, both internal and external to the organization, have been able to collaboratively work on some amazing technologies over the last several years.   However, we realize that we had an under-served userbase - developers whose primary focus was to build business applications on middleware, not necessarily build middleware itself.   For that group, we have developed and launched a new microsite of  Our initial efforts have been around getting you started with HTML5 and mobile web application development and easy deployment to Openshift.  And that leads me to another major delivery.

This week we gave birth to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Beta - based on's application server v7.1 and we also shipped JBoss Developer Studio 5 Beta 1 to support this new Java EE 6 offering.   The bottom line is, keep you eyes on - more tutorials, more videos and more examples will be coming soon.


JugLogo.gif immutant_icon_256px_flipped.png

  • JBoss visits Transylvania - Kabir "Van Helsing" Khan not only has a cool name but he has had some interesting travels.  He visited the Transylvania Users Group to deliver a presentation on JBoss AS7, Java EE6 and JAX-RS.   The Transylvanian Duke reminds of one of our newest projects - Immutant


  • JBoss in Egypt - Lukas Fryc, a member of our rocking RichFaces team, made a trip to Cairo for the 2012 Java Developer Conference.  Lukas was brilliantly able to cover Aerogear, RichFaces and Arquillian and he kindly posted his slides for review.  In addition, our very own Koen Aers presented and even had the time for an interview! Check out the video on his blog titled "Code like an Egyptian".  Koen has been bringing Forge to life inside of JBoss Tools.   We will definitely have to update some videos around Forge & Tools soon.  


  • Eric Schabell have also been out and about, delivering presentations on jBPM and Cloud/OpenShift - he also has some video of a jBPM presentation.  Speaking of jBPM, that team continues to bring the power of Open Source to the otherwise arcane (ok, just really expensive) world of BPM.   Tiho Surdilovic cranked out a great blog showing off the jBPM Web Designer - that is right, design those business processes via your browser.  In addition, Kris Verlaenen, produced some jBPM demo videos showing off the power of jBPM in action.  It is very fun watching the power of the open source community and open standards (BPMN2) transform a previously unassailable industry.  And I will let you in on a little secret, great community contributors are normally the next Red Hat employees - Welcome Maciej

  • The Teiid team is bringing back Dynamic VDBs - Dynamic VDBs using DDL with out Teiid Designer - Your virtual databases can now be defined, on-the-fly, aggregating schema & data from multiple external databases (and files).   If you love data - this is the project for you to check out.   Personally, I think the DDL definition for a VDB is awesome.  Now you can get your vi/emacs on with Teiid.  :-)

  • Manik Surtani runs from the USA to Poland but still has found the time to backport Java 8's ConcurrentHashMaps to Infinispan. Memory reduction means better performance.

  • Get the 411 on Hibernate - that is 4.1.1, we now refer to Hibernate "core" as ORM as it releases at different times from Search, Tools, Validator, OGM, Metamodel, etc.

  • Hardy Ferentschik publishes a blog on the Hibernate Validator project roadmap - BeanValidation is part of EE6 and the OSS project that moves it forward continues to innovate.

  • And a moving Hibernate Validator is an indicator that JBoss' Emmanuel Bernard is cranking up BeanValidation 1.1 for Java EE7.

  • Does "NoSQL" = "No Transactions" - "I don't think" so says Mark Little in this recent blog post.  :-) OK, I am paraphrasing but it is good to see that the NoSQL movement is also interested in aspects of data integrity even if they are non-relational.  

  • Team Errai continues to innovate (and blog) with numerous enhancements that extend the power of Java EE 6 to the browser with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  Christian Sadilek provides code for a MVP (model view presenter) example and a fantastic blog post explaining it.  Mike Brock goes deep with Marshalling in Errai 2.0.

  • Thomas Diesler and the JBoss OSGi team released 1.1.0-Final with over 80 fixes and many enhancements - not too mention a nice user guide.

  • Geoffrey De Smet produces yet another great video showing off Drools Planner - have you ever had to write code to properly load a warehouse so that the most popular inventory is in the most accessible bins? Or have you had to pack and route a truck for the most efficient delivery order?  Geoffrey must have worked in some warehouses as a young lad. :-)  Check out his vehicle routing video and this blog on chained execution means OSS will soon solve the world's energy challenges.  That's right open source software saves you gas - Go green.

  • GateIn (eXo + JBoss) brings us Java EE 6 Portal with 3.2.0.Final - plus the GateIn project opens the proverbial kimono all the way - check out their specifications page.  In addition, they have produced some nice screencasts by Nick Scavelli, I am a sucker for video - I guess because I was born during the rise of MTV (which used to actually show videos - I know hard to imagine).

  • The Mazz (John Mazzitelli) provides us with some great insight into RHQ - monitoring custom data from DB queries - Make data a monitorable metric - I wonder if we can combine that with Drools Planner? When inventory levels drop below a certain point, kick of a Planner job to determine the best place to replenish from based on price and time.  

  • There is good in this world according to Anil Saldhana (and Samwise Gamgee) and it is Open Source and what that means to the world of information security.  I have to agree OSS has made the world a better place and a more secure one as well.

  • Google Summer of Code 2012 - Dan Allen posts about our recent submissions for the GSoC - students from around the globe will have the opportunity to participate in the open source movement.  This is a wonderful program that incourages the next generation - to work in the open, collaboratively, for the greater good - and it looks great on a resume!


Well that is all I have for now - JBoss has been extraordinarily active already in 2012 and the pace is quickening - more innovations, more presentations and more community. 


If you are one of the lucky few who managed to score a ticket to DevNexus 2012 in Atlanta, please find me and say hello.



Another week goes by and the productivity and diversity of JBoss and its Communities continues to be demonstrated through their numerous articles and releases.  What better way to keep up with these events than by reading your Weekly Editorial.


JBoss AS 7.1


The recent release of JBoss AS 7.1 continues to spur postings from those who are working in related areas.  This week is the turn of Max Andersen who has written a series of posts describing the AS features that he has been more closely involved with.


"What am I excited about?" introduces the series and explains how to work around the one issue which may surface if you are trying to get JBoss Tools 3.3 M5 to work with AS 7.1.  The series continues with a discussion on "Deployable Datasources" and "Developer Friendly Security" before finishing with his last post entitled "Quickstarts Frenzy".




If you have been following what has been happening within the Ceylon community then you will already be aware of the tremendous advances they have been making over the last few months.  Recently they have taken another big step forward in enabling interoperability with Ceylon and Java.  Take a look at Gavin's post, "Trying out Ceylon's Java Interop", to discover what is now possible within the Ceylon language.

WebSockets vs REST?


Mark Little has a knack of writing thought provoking posts and "WebSockets vs REST" is no different.  In this article he covers a number of the discussions which are currently being held about the relationship between WebSockets and REST.  Are they complementary technologies?  Are they competing technologies?  Join the discussion and add your thoughts.


Drools - Community Health, Games and Employee Rosters


In "Measuring Risk via Community Health" Mark Proctor discusses some of the concerns which surface when deciding to adopt new technologies and how confidence can often be gained from looking at the health of the communities behind the technologies.  He also found time to post a video showing how to build a graphical game in 20 mins using Drools; who said that you couldn't have fun with rules engines?


Geoffrey has already demonstrated how Drools Planner can be used to solve problems such as "The Travelling Salesman"; now he turns his attention to another common problem, the scheduling of an employee roster.


Marshalling within Errai


The ability to marshall objects within GWT presents the developer with particular challenges that are not encountered within java.  In "Errai Marshalling: Good for Immutable Types" Jonathan Fuerth describes an Errai solution to the problem, demonstrating how to marshall mutable beans, immutable beans and handle creation through the use of the factory method pattern.


Metawidget and AeroGear


Richard Kennard has recently been working with the AeroGear team on a "proof of concept" which aims to integrate JBoss Forge and Metawidgets, enabling the development of mobile applications based on POH5 and JQuery.  Take a look at his article to find out where things currently stand.


BoxGrinder in Fedora 17


The BoxGrinder team have recently been investigating the changes which are necessary to support BoxGrinder over three Fedora releases (15, 16 and 17).  In "Preparing for Fedora 17", Marc Savy describes some of the issues that were discovered and how they managed to address them across the different releases.


Caching within Immutant


The Immutant project supports the development of Clojure applications within an environment that allows integration with various JBoss technologies.  In the next article in their "Getting Started" series, Jim Crossley explores how the integration with Infinispan enables caching features that can be used within Clojure applications.


Infinispan out and about


The Infinispan team will be giving a number of presentations over the next few weeks, spreading the word on Infinispan and its capabilities.


Manik is currently visiting the US and will be presenting at the Wisconsin Java User Group, on 1st March, followed by visits to the Chicago JBUG on the 5th of March and the DC Area JBug on 14th of March.


Mircea with be at CodeMotion in Rome, presenting his "Infinispan in 50 minutes" talk on the 23rd of March.  He follows that with a visit to Miracle Open World, being held in Billund, Denmark between 18th-20th April, to give his presentation describing how Radargun is used to help measure Infinispan's performance.


Galder will be staying closer to home, presenting "Infinispan and Datagrid" at Alpes JUG in Grenoble on the 29th of March.


Drools takes on London


The 8th of March sees the Drools team arrive in London for a full morning of presentations on Drools & jBPM technologies.  Take a look at the agenda and sign up before all the places have been taken.  Remember, spaces are limited.




Another busy week for the projects with numerous releases appearing in the usual places.



That's all for this week.  Check back next week for more information about JBoss and its vibrant Communities.

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