Community Matters


JBoss Community accepted into GSOC 12

We are happy to announce that JBoss Community ( has been officially accepted as a participating organization at the Google Summer of Code 2012.  Please take a look at all the participating organizations. List is at

Call for Collaboration: JavaOne 2012 Community Keynote « Exit Condition

The Arquillian Team likes to extend an invitation to all developers and speakers within the Java landscape to join their in a submission for the JavaOne 2012 Community Keynote this October in San Francisco.

Interview with Keith Babo, the switchyard project lead

In this interview, Keith Babo, the SwitchYard core developer introduces this new exciting product which will play an important role into the JBoss SOA Platform.


Rich has published the the majority of the questions that came up during the BETA webinars last week.




Project Updates

Drools & jBPM: Guvnor - Recent improvements

Guvnor the tool suite for Rules, Processes, Events, Agents, Planning, get's some new improvements:  - Improved numeric data-type handling - Dependent enumerations - Number of bug fixes

JBoss AS 7:: Social Login (Facebook Connect/ Google Authentication)

Facebook and Google have turned out to the holders of user information that can be used to be the secure gateway into your web applications. Facebook / Google Users are part of what is called "Consumer Identity".  In this article, we will look at a simple web application as part of the PicketLink Social Project, that can help you visualize addition of Facebook Connect / Google Authentication to your web applications. We will use the fast, free and awesome JBoss Application Server v7 as the runtime.

The Future of XTS

Paul shares his thoughts where the team should be taking the project over the next few years.

Errai Marshalling and the Builder Pattern

The second part about the Errai Marshalling framework and its facilities for working with immutable types.



Important Releases

Second official release of Ceylon

This is the second official release of the Ceylon command line compiler, documentation compiler, language module, and runtime, and a major step down the roadmap toward Ceylon 1.0, with most of the Java interoperability fully specified and implemented.

Weld 1.1.6.Final released!

"It's probably the biggest bug squashing fest since I took over the project."