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Welcome to another week in the world of! As we are approaching this years JUDCon / JBoss World 2012 in Boston, you will notice that the various projects are going 'heads down' to get their projects done in time for all the great demos, sessions, presentations and product release announcements that will be revealed in Boston. That being said, there is enough still going on to bring you this weeks editorial.



Mircea will be talking at Berlinbuzzwords next week covering Infinispan, Sanne will be there too so catch it if you can!


JUDCon / JBoss World 2012 is coming to Boston next month, get ready, here we come!


Blogs / Articles

Big news this week was the release of Fedora 17... now why are we talking about a Linux distribution here on the JBoss weekly editorial you ask? Well, because they have added support for pre-packaged JBoss AS 7! Now you can yum install jboss and be off and running, so get out there and check out Fedora 17!

Anil brings us a story about Social Intelligence posted on his Security & Identity blog, good read. He also gives a few examples of When Access Control Systems Fail.


Mark Proctor did a call for hosting of the West Coast US IntelliFest.


Mark (the other one) Little pushed out an announcement and the links to his transactional android project, check it out!


Gabriel over at the GateIn blog posted a very comprehensive look at User Experience, providing his well founded views on what it really is.


Tiho tells us about adding Japanese support (Internationalization) to the jBPM Web Designer, great work there with screen shots.


John talks about RHQ using Cassandra over on this interesting article in the Big Data category. Also in the RHQ team, Heiko tells about adding support for Group Definitions to their REST API.


Eric put up a short how to article getting you started with JBoss Dev Studio 5 and the SOA tooling, specifically focusing on JBoss BRMS tooling.


Adam discusses the new Envers features in Hibernates 4.1.4 release.


Just a tweet on this, but the migration tooling project JBoss Cake now supports jBPM Migration by integrating in the jbpmmigration project!



A list of new project releases, enjoy!



Thinking of getting involved in a JBoss User Group (JBUG)?

Setting up or running a JBoss User Group? Follow @JBossNews on twitter and catch the next event online especially for you and your group.


Enjoy your weekend of coding... see you next time!

While JBoss has always been and will ever be a household name in the world Java EE, it has never shied away from challenging and expanding its own zone of comfort, developing solutions for areas that fall outside the scope of traditional Java EE. It all makes sense, because these solutions share the same DNA: the collection of premier-class Java middleware components that make up the JBoss ecosystem. And we have a number of news this week which come to reinforce the idea that, while fostering the growth of enterprise Java in its traditional, Java EE, sense, JBoss is becoming more and more a trusted solution provider outside that space, by addressing other programming models and even languages, all done on top of the rock-solid foundation which is its Java and JVM-oriented middleware. Red: JBoss welcomes JRuby


Probably the best illustration of where all this is heading is this week's main headline: the arrival of the JRuby core team - Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo at Red Hat. Initially announced at JRubyConf, this considerably expands the scope of the work already done by the TorqueBox team, as Ruby support on the JVM becomes a first-class project at JBoss. Not only the TorqueBox team will benefit from this, but so will Immutant and OpenJDK - and many other projects inside JBoss. In summary, the polyglot vision of JBoss is now closer to reality as laid out in Mark Little's welcome blog post.


Arquillians establish a beach head on the Spring planet ...


... but the first thing to know about arquillians is that they always come in peace. This is a two-fold success story. For one thing, JBoss Community's debut into GoogleSummer of Code as an independent organization has been auspicious: one of its projects has produced a release within 24 hours of the official coding start. The other side of the story is that, thanks to Jakub Narloch's excellent work, Arquillian has ventured outside it's traditional Java EE space. and with the first alpha release of the Arquilian Spring Extension, started providing support for in-container testing of Spring applications. This adds a capability that complements well the existing unit test support in Spring, and brings a new confidence in the behaviour of the application in its intended environment.


Making it big with Big Data (feat. Infinispan)


In the past week there have been a couple of excellent blog posts which addressed the practical aspects of usingInfinispan in various scenarios. Why are they sogood? Because they're use case driven - they solve actual problems. So if you're working on developing a solution that involves a data grid or a distributed cache, make sure that you check them first:



Secure your portals with GateIn and PicketLink


So, Diablo III has been released last week, but we're not going to talk about town portals. GateIn is the JBoss project that focuses on portal application development, an environment in which Single Sign On support is a critical feature. So Marek Posolda provides an excellent overview of GateIn's newly added SAML2 integration.


Ceylon's progress


Gavin King has blogged about the status of the upcoming M3 release - the upcoming new features (including JavaScript support), the state the IDE, OpenShift integration.


Advanced Tooling for SOA


Tooling, especially in what concerns visualization and visual design, is a critical part of developing service-oriented architectures. Keith Babo describes the new features of the upcoming SwitchYard Eclipse tooling accompanied by a cool video!


Gary Brown describes in detail the new features of Savara 2.1 Eclipse tooling, especially in what concerns BPMN2 and Switchyard support.


Have released this week


  • Aerogear has released version 1.0.0.M4. You can read the entire list of new features, but in the spirit of today's main theme we'd like to highlight the Ruby/TorqueBox demo;
  • Seam 2.3.0.Beta2 is out as well, continuing its race towards a final release.
  • JBPM 5.3 has been released as well.
  • JBoss Tools and Developer Studio Beta 3 are out, with a whole slew of new features and improvements in the area of OpenShift, Maven, BrowerSim, GWT, Annotation Processing and also installable sources - very useful for debugging.










The beauty of open source is that you can easily get your hands on it. Pick a component, download, install, modify and run it. With JBoss it’s no way different and  gets even more simple


On Wednesday June 20, we have free virtual event focused on running EE applications on the Enterprise Application Platform in the cloud. Make sure to register your seat early.


Another good resource I discovered today is the “How to JBoss” feed. It offers an ongoing stream of examples, best practices and general development guides.


Be informed

How to configure the JBossAS openshift cartridge


The OpenShift PaaS environment has updated the JBossAS cartridge to use jboss-as-7.1.0.Final as the server version. In this article Scott explains you can test the new configuration in your own environment. Read more…


Java SE 8 module metadata


David did some work in OpenJDK Penrose around changing the Java SE 8 module metadata from the .java/.class format into JSON. Read more…


Know your tools



The business logic integration platform keeps improving. The week the drools team did release Drools 5.4.0.Final. Your manager is still not convinced? Then consider one of these examples:




Btw: Drools, jBPM and Guvnor are moving from codehaus IRC servers to Freenode.


Stay up to date


Infinispan 5.1.5.CR1: If you're a tree module user in JBoss AS7 , or a an elastic Hot Rod server user ,  or use XA datasources with Infinispan JDBC cache store , you should definitely upgrade to this version!


RichFaces 4.2.2.Final: This release was originally intended to focus on changes required to better align with the upcoming JBoss AS 7.1.2 release. However we had some community members step forward with some fixes, and those contributions ended up turning this release into a reasonable bug fix release! Read more…



Meet and Greet


Measuring performance and capacity planning in Java-based data grids


If you want to find out more about Infinispan, don't miss Mircea Markus at Berlin Buzzwords 2012, at the beginning of June.


OSGI in complex Enterprise Application on JBoss AS7


On Moday 21.05, Thomas Diesler speaks about OSGI in munich. This session gives deep insight in the JBoss OSGi subsytem that is available in the JBoss Application Server.


JBoss Users and Developers Conference


The event kicks off right before JBossWorld on June 25-26th:


All event can be found here:

If you work with the JBoss Community on a regular basis then you will already be aware of the fantastic contributions that come in from all areas with each of the projects having a vibrant community that, through quality submissions, helps to develop and define the direction of those projects; but every now and again something completely unexpected comes along.  Community member Christos Vasilakis has done just that.  While working in his spare time, Christos decided to develop an impressive iPhone app to help with the remote administration of JBoss AS 7 servers and has now released version 1.0 of this app.  You can find more details about it, including how to get hold of the source code, in his announcement.  If you are interested in how this app works alongside JBoss Tools then Max has already answered this, having created a screencast which demonstrates both in action.


JBoss AS 7.1 now on OpenShift

Pete has written an article introducing the availability of JBoss AS 7.1 on OpenShift, the RedHat Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) provider.  As part of this announcement the team have put together a series of videos demonstrating how quickly you can deploy a mobile ready application to the cloud, deploy and consume REST services, take advantage of high performance messaging and much more.  Additional videos are planned for the series so pleae keep checking the Vimeo channel for updates.


Migrating to Java EE6


Shane continues his fantastic series with another three posts discussing the issues encountered when upgrading the JBoss Trading application from a Java EE5 based application to a Java EE6 based application.  In these final three parts he covers

- Part III - the final configuration modifications required to support the structure introduced in Part II

- Part IV - the source code and configuration changes required for deployment of the EJB/REST/WS clients and integration tests

- Part V - the final part covering the cleanup of source code and configuration for deployment, integration and performance testing


In another post about migration, Ray Ploski introduces part 3 of a series on how to migrate from Spring to Java EE 6.  The series, written by Bert Ertman and Paul Bakker of Luminis, goes into great depth on the rationale behind the migration and demonstrates, through real world examples, not only how to upgrade the application but also how it can be tested using Arquillian.


RichFaces and Twitter Bootstrap


The RichFaces team have recently begun an effort to integreate the RichFaces CDK with Twitter Bootstrap, thanks in no small part to community member Paul Dijou.  Brian has written an article introducing the work and discussing some of his favourite components.  You will also be able to find details on hoe to run the current demo and, if you would like to join the fun, on how to get involved with the future development.


Drools Planner benchmarking goes multi-threaded


Lukáš Petrovický has recently submitted modifications to Drools Planner in order to enable support for multi-threading during benchmarking.  Geoffrey has written an article introducing the new functionality, describing how it can be enabled and demonstrates some of its obvious benefits.


A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence


As part of the preparations for the Drools 5.4 release, Mark Proctor has recently updated the introductory documentation to include a fascinating, brief history of Artificial Intelligence.  Well worth a read if you are even remotely interested in this interesting topic.


Releases for the week


The TorqueBox team have quickly followed up on their last release by releasing TorqueBox 2.0.3.


The Hibernate team have two releases this week


The Weld team have released Weld 1.1.8.Final.


The latest version of the JBoss AS7 Management Console, version 1.3.0 is now available.


The Errai team have just released the first release in their latest and greatest series, Errai 2.0 is now available for download.


The Portal team have released the third beta of their next major release, Portlet Bridge 3.0.0.Beta3.


The RHQ team have also annouced the release of RHQ 4.4 released.


That's all for this week, make sure that you check back next week to catch up on all that is happening within the JBoss Community.

Before we start, let me say Happy Star Wars Day!


So after last week's GSoC focus, this week we have a lot breadth to cover. Let's get straight to it with the announcement of the winners of the JBoss Community Recognition Awards! Our communities are a critical element in the success of JBoss and our projects, so being able to recognise key members of those communities is a great way for us to show our thanks. Hopefully all of these winners will be taking up the offer to come to JBoss World and we'll be sure to make them feel even more welcome than they already are. In fact one of the winners, Markus Eisele blogged about how happy he is to be recognised, so check that out too.


The Errai project just keeps delivering. Mike Brock has posted the second part of about Errai IOC and if you haven't checked out the first part then you should definitely do so. Whether you're interested in GWT, mobile or just like to follow what Mike and the team are doing, Errai is definitely a project to watch. Another one to keep an eye on is Teiid, and Ramesh discusses how the latest 8.0 release brings Data Virtualisation to AS7. And the relative newcomer to our project portfolio, AeroGear, was represented at OpenCloudConf recently by Kris, who talks about his experiences and things going on in the project.


We all know that EAP 6 is coming soon and that AS7.1 is a significant improvement over previous releases. We also know that some of that is due to EE6 being significantly better than previous versions. However, that does lead to a potential migration headache if you want to move your code from an EE5 container to EE6. Well Shane Johnson has kicked off what could be an extremely important (and interesting) series of articles on how to tackle the migration.


There were quite a few of use at Devoxx France and some had the pleasure of being caught on camera! Here's Stef, a core member of the Ceylon team, talking about the language and community involvement. And Gavin has more to say on some changes in the language too. Emmanuel, in his inimitable style, discusses Devoxx and other parts of the "French Revolution", though whether or not he is right in his title is open to debate


We have our usual series of project releases. Congratulations to the Weld team for getting Alpha2 of 2.0.0 out, with the CDI 1.1 TCK. And ModeShape 2.8.1 went final this week. If you're interested in JCR then of course you should check it out. However, ModeShape is shaping up (no pun intended!) to be far more than just JCR. If you are at all interested in NoSQL then you may find some of the features in this release and the intended 3.0 release to be relevant. Hardy and team have also pushed out Hibernate Validator 4.3.0.CR1, which they hope will be the only CR before the final release. Jesper announced the release of IronJacamar 1.0.0.Alpha7 as well as outlining the road ahead.


And it appears that the entire TorqueBox team is "happy as kids around a maypole on May Day", as they mention for the 2.0.2 release. Absolutely no comment on which team members are wearing the dresses in the picture!



Finally, don't forget that Max and team have produced the latest Asylum podcast! OK, that's it for this roundup. Enjoy!

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