June 2012 has been a historic month for JBoss, we delivered practically every product we produce (e.g. Enterprise Application Platform 6, JBoss Data Grid 6, Web Framework Kit 2, JBoss Developer Studio 5, BRMS 5.3, with SOA Platform arriving in July), we gave birth to The JBoss Way, put on a massive virtual event, wrapped up the month with JBoss World at Red Hat Summit and had time to expand our influence in the open source ecosystem.  So, the first week of July is a wee bit of time to catch our collective breath - and produce some very interesting blogs! 


JBoss World 2012

The keynote at JBoss World captures where we have been and where we are going.  Our video team has been able to turnaround the recording with lightning speed.  This year, much like 2011, we were able to pull off a live demonstration, requiring audience participation via their smartphone while running all of our software in the cloud at OpenShift. Now we have published a high-level overview of the demonstration and open sourced the codebase, for more information check out www.jboss.org/jbw2012keynote


Kris Verlaenen has also produced a blog providing additional details as the role played by jBPM and JBoss BRMS.   Please download the code and give it a try - we would love to hear your feedback and hear about your adventures with running this demo at your local user's group meeting!  If you have questions related to the demo, pop into the JBoss Developer Framework forums and ask!


If you like to watch other recordings of JBoss World and Red Hat Summit 2012 sessions, please check out our YouTube playlist at www.youtube.com/redhat


JBoss World was also an amazing opportunity to put our developer focused efforts in the hands of real users - we conducted hands-on labs where dozens of individuals were able to build their first applications The JBoss Way.  This was particularly exciting for me personally since I was deeply involved with the design of the IDE (JBoss Developer Studio), requirements for Maven and I wrote the Introduction and Getting Started tutorial that we used in the classroom.  For many of the students it was their first opportunity to get hands-on with Java EE6, jQuery Mobile and Maven.  


Google IO 2012

We were also involved in Google IO - how did we manage that when Google IO was happening at the Moscone Center in San Francisco at the same time all of the JBoss'ers were at the Hynes Center in Boston?  It takes planning!  :-)  Google announced a new open source initiative for GWT that we are excited to be involved with - Red Hat has numerous products that leverage GWT for our web-based UIs such as the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and AS7 Admin Console, JBoss Operations Network (RHQ), Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and JBoss BRMS (Drools Guvnor).   In addition, we have been working to extend GWT via our Errai project with Java EE 6 capabilities - making the programming model vastly easier to work with.  Errai is also featured in our keynote demo, managing the real-time updates to the browser-based leaderboard.


Interesting Blogs & News

* Emmanuel Bernard answers the question "do we need a JPA for NoSQL JSR?"  - join in the conversation by adding your comment!

* Kris Verlaenen, jBPM Project Lead, discusses jBPM5 support in BRMS 5.3

* The JBoss Community Asylum podcast cranked out a session on Ceylon

* Ramesh wrote up his experiences at JBoss World - focusing on the various data related technologies such as Infinispan (JBoss Data Grid), GlusterFS and his own presentation related to Teiid

* Geoffrey De Smet was interviewed by FLOSS for Drools Planner and he published the link to the recording this past weekend

* John Sanda published a cool video demonstrating how you can install and configure Cassandra via RHQ

* Bert Erman and Paul Bakker of Luminis - active members of the overall JBoss community delivered Part 4 of their series of articles on Migrating Spring applications to Java EE 6

* Mark Proctor blogs about Drools 5.5, 6.0 and The Future, the Drools family of technologies continue to innovate and maintain its game-changing influence in the world of business rules, processes and events