For many of us within the JBoss Community, Red Hat Summit and JBoss World was the culmination of much work over the preceding months; with numerous project and platform releases, presentations and demonstrations all being finalised in time for the conference.  The weeks that followed have seen lots of us taking a well deserved break in order to recharge our batteries but, unfortunately, this also means that this week's editorial is a little light on content.  But never fear, what we do have is definitely worth exploring .....


JBoss World Keynote


One of the highlights of this year's JBoss World was the keynote demonstration, used to showcase many of the technologies that are now present in the projects and platforms.  The backend services utilised BRMS and jBPM, in order to provide Business Analysts with an easy way of defining and modifying the business logic that was used to drive our simple Toy Store, and exposed a set of REST APIs which could then be consumed by client applications.


As part of the demonstration Kris Borcher developed HTML5 client applications to provide buyer, approver and Vice Principal functionality to a mobile workforce.  These clients could be run through a browser, directly from an OpenShift server, or deployed as a native application on mobile devices thanks to the power of Apache Cordova.  If you want to find out more about the client applications and how they were developed then head over to Kris' post for more details.


Infinispan at JBoss World and JUDCon


The Infinispan project had a great presence at JBoss World and JUDCon with Galder, Manik and Alan Santos all playing their part.  Galder was on stage with Heiko to give a presentation entitled "Effectively Manage & Monitor Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Nodes".  Galder has more information about this presentation, along with his favourite highlights of the conference, in his post "JBoss Data Grid lands in Red Hat Summit".  Vladimir was also at the conferences although he was drawn more to the presentations on Infinispan's Map/Reduce and distributed executor capabilities.


Continuous Enterprise Development in Java


Andrew Lee Rubinger, Dan Allen and Aslak Knutsen have begun work on their next book, "Continuous Enterprise Development in Java", which will be published by O'Reilly Media.  The book will guide the user through some of the most common and interesting use-cases in building multiuser applications and will be based on the work being done through the JBoss Developer Framework.  They are currently on course to begin the Early Access Program around the time of Java One 2012 with the formal release in the Spring of 2013.


Custom Analyzers for Fields in Class or Field Bridges


Prompted by a number of enquires in the Hibernate Search forums and on Stack Overflow, Hardy has written a good article explaining the options available for defining custom analyzers for fields which are introduced through Class or Field Bridges.  All his solutions use only functionality which is available in the latest Hibernate Search release.




Members of the Drools team will be attending IntelliFest in October, providing the normal Drools & jBPM bootcamp in the run up to the main conference.  Registration for the bootcamp is free but places are limited.


New Releases


The Ceylon team have announced the M3.1 release of Ceylon and the Ceylon IDE.  This release addresses several bugs and introduces a number of significant improvements in the language module and IDE.


The Hibernate team have made successive releases of Hibernate ORM, first announcing Hibernate ORM 4.1.5 followed quickly after by Hibernate ORM 4.1.5.SP1 to address an issue which slipped through the net.


Bela has announced the release of JGroups 3.0.11 and 3.1.0.


The ModeShape team have announced the release of ModeShape 2.8.2.Final, addressing some issues which were discovered after the previous version had been released.


That's all we have at the end of a quiet week.  Drop back next week for more updates from the JBoss Community.