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This week's editorial will be Cloudy with a touch of Enterprise PaaS, a bit of NoSQL moving in from the north, and maybe some sunshine later in the day! So let's start with some big news: we just announced OpenShift Enterprise, with EAP and EWS support! So if you're happy with your current infrastructual investments (hardware, middleware etc.) and just want to sprinkle some cloud pixy dust around and make it even more efficient, why not give the on-premise version of OpenShift a try? And our very own Eric Schabell has posted a link to a video he did on JBoss and Java in the cloud.


OK, but what about the NoSQL I hear you ask? Well hot on the heals of their latest release, Randall Hauch has posted a link to a presentation he's given on an Introduction to ModeShape 3. Don't let the JCR heritage behind ModeShape dissuade you from checking this out. If you're interested in NoSQL, graph-oriented or doc-oriented, then this is well worth a look!


There have been a lot of other things going on in JBoss-land this week, including the extended Drools team doing their usual impression of a team 10 times their size! Hmmm, or maybe Mark Proctor is cloning them


Unknown.jpegAnyway, they started with a lot of jBPM 5 related work such as a presentation at the London JBUG, a presentation on the new console work that's just been kicked off, Tihomir wrote about the designer, and Kris finished it off with the release of version 5.4! And Eric again has more than a thing or two to say about BRMS and BPM which is worth a viewing!


Another team that often hits above its weight, is Arquillian (appropriate I suppose, given the name's heritage):


arquillian.jpegFirst the team announced the 5th Alpha of the Jacoco extension and then Jay has written about how the RHQ team have been moving to the latest version of JBossAS, the challenges that presents around testing and how Arquillian (the project, not the little alien) has come to the rescue! Some good experience work here to be leveraged elsewhere, especially if you're considering upgrading to AS7.


Before moving on to other news, it's worth mentioning that one of our often unsung heroes, Marek Goldmann, has done yet another great job of integrating AS7 with Fedora in terms of RPMs and distribution. Since Marek joined the team several years ago, he's worked with Bob McWhirter and a host of others, but the work he's doing at the moment is crucial to the larger JBoss audience. Well done Marek!


Finally we've had a few other project releases, including IronJacamar 1.1.0.Beta 3, Bean Validation 1.1 Beta 2 and yet another update from the HornetQ team. And in fact Emmanuel lets us know that public review of Bean Validation 1.1 has been approved by the JCP.


Well that's about it for this week. Check back next week to see what our clones have been up to!


Welcome to another week in the world of, a quiet week as is the tradition of reflection this week. Let me explain this...


This week we again catch you up with the news in our world of JBoss. This time we do it a bit different. This is a week in North America, specifically in the United States where everyone has a short work week (four day weekend, can you imagine?!). Thanksgiving is upon us and it is not only a tradition involving big ol' turkey dinners, football (American style) on the television and gathering together with your families. It is a time to reflect on what you are thankful for in your lives.


We have much to be thankful for in the world of JBoss. Not only are we thankful for the chance to better our daily lives by working on, coding, improving, brainstorming and contributing to our projects, but we have one of the best communities in the open source world. This is not about the core JBoss editorial editing team being thankful, it is about you being a part of it all. You the contributor, you the member, you the user should all take time and be thankful for all that is possible in this community we have built together.


So kick back, grab another turkey leg and enjoy this weeks JBoss news. It is not as busy as usual, but next week we will be back in full force!




Kris Verlaenen from the jBPM project has been touring the JBUGs in Sydney (November 19) and Melbourne (November 20) this week, stay tuned for more on this when he gets over his jet-lag!


The Netherlands JBug kicks off on Dec 10th with a JBoss & OpenShift evening by Eric D. Schabell.



Blogs / Articles


Mark Little give a recap of his Devoxx experiences.


Dimitris gives his take on Devoxx and it includes links to most of the existing JBoss blogging activities related to Devoxx.


Over on MasterTheBoss you can find a nice article on SwitchYard & JSF integration. Also one on how to use a Resource Adapter in your MDB (AS7 based).


We have pulled in the help of a Chinese speaking / writing Christina Lin, you can find her latest translations of JBoss content on her site, but it is also linked from the original postings by Eric Schabell and on Thanks Christina!



A list of new project releases, enjoy!



Thinking of getting involved in a JBoss User Group (JBUG)?

Setting up or running a JBoss User Group? Follow @JBossNews on twitter and catch the next event online especially for you and your group.


Vote is ongoing!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite new project name for JBoss AS!


Thanks again for taking the time from your busy Thanksgiving activities to read this, we look forward to you all coming back to work on Monday ready to kick it on your favorite JBoss project(s)!


So why are we late this week, risking the ire of our readers, or in the least a disapproving nod and finger pointing to the calendar? The reason is simple, and it will satisfy everyone: we've been at Devoxx! Present in massive numbers at one of the biggest Java conferences of the year, the JBoss team has been busy talking, hacking, socializing and ensuring that the quality of Belgian beer hasn't taken a sudden turn for the worse.


Devoxx, JBoss style ... JBoss team has been quite active at Devoxx, delivering conference talks, university sessions, labs and a BOF. A complete list of the talks (which will be accessible on delivered by JBossians is available here. Apart from that, JBoss (and Red Hat) projects have participated en masse at the Hackergarten, with more than 10 project proposals (almost 75% of the all proposals). One of the most active projects during Hackergarten was Arquillian, and Dan Allen has written a pretty detailed account of Arquillian's participation at Hackergarten, together with a list of the most important contributions.








... and JBoss AS is closer to getting a new name !

  As important as the conference itself was

the future name of the application server. At the keynote on Thursday, Mark Little and Ray Ploski have annouced the five candidates for the future name of the server. On his blog, Mark Little has provided some details of the rename process. So ... vote from now until November 30th and you'll see the next name announced at the beginning of 2013.


Advanced management options for JBoss AS7


Following the series of great articles from, Francesco Marchioni published a tutorial on how to write Python (via Jython) scripts for managing JBoss AS7, using the CLI enhancements brought by the latest version of the application server.


In the same spirit, Heiko Braun provided a preview of the enhacements to be found in version 1.5.0 of the management console, such as the enhanced domain overview.


Public draft of CDI 1.1


Pete Muir has announced a public draft for CDI 1.1, which includes  a large number of improvements and clarifications over CDI 1.0. This is an important milestone, as CDI continues to become more integrated with other parts of the Java EE specification, playing a more and more central role as the core development model of Java EE.


Persisting discovery responses with TCPPING


In his blog, Bela Ban describes a new feature of jGroups, allowing TCPPING to be used in more dynamic scenarios, introducing a caching discovery protocol named PDC.


Asynchronous CDI bean management in Errai


Mike Brock has published a preview of an upcoming feature of Errai 3.0: asynchronous bean creation with CDI.





Upcoming appearances


  • Kris Verlaenen will deliver talks at JBUGs Sydney (November 19) and Melbourne (November 20). Be there!



This is all for this week, bear with us for the latest deployments and don't forget to  ...

JBoss Renaming Update


At the beginning of October we announced our intention to rename JBossAS and asked the Community's help in doing so.  Our original plan had the submission period running from October 1st to October 14th, followed by a voting period running from October 21st to November 1st and finally an announcement of the winner during next week's Devoxx conference.  The response we received from the Community was fantastic, with over over 1500 names being submitted, and we are only now completing the short list of names.  This short list will be announced at next week's Devoxx conference, after which we will have a voting period taking us up to the Christmas holiday season with the announcement of the winning submission being made in early 2013.


Keep your eyes open for the announcements and remember to vote for your favourite once voting commences.


Why should you consider using a Data Grid?


Have you ever thought about why you should use a Data Grid?  Perhaps you are wondering what advantages a Data Grid will have over a Clustered Cache?  If these are questions you have been thinking about then Shane Johnson has some answers for these and more.


From Requirements to Deployed Services


The Savara project, part of the Overlord Governance umbrella project, has the aim of developing tooling to support the concept of Testable Architectures.  As part of their recent milestone release, Gary has recorded a screencast which shows how you can get from requirements to deployed services in 15 minutes.  You can find more information about the screencast and demo over at the Savara blog.


Automating ATDD through integration of Thucydides and Arquillian


The Arquillian team have come up with a plan to integrate Acceptance Test Driven Development, the definition of automated acceptance criteria, with the powerful Arquillian test framework.  The integration of Thucydides with Arquillian will create a powerful framework that will enable the automated testing of human-readable test specifications, providing an environment through which Acceptance Testing can become agile.


In order to kickstart this work they will be hacking on this idea during the free-to-attend Devoxx Hackergarten.  If you are in the area and want to get involved then head along to Hackergarten on Tuesday 13th November to take part in the fun.


JBoss AS 7 Tutorials


This week sees two great tutorials from Master The Boss. The first tutorial walks you through the JBoss AS Maven plugin, showing how it can be used to deploy artifacts, undeploy artifacts and add resources into the application server.  The second tutorial walks you through the necessary steps to enable ActiveMQ as a message broken within JBoss AS 7.


GWT and Errai UI Quickstart


If you have ever wanted to do client side HTML5 templating within GWT then this screencast from Lincoln is just what you are looking for.  Lincoln has also provided the demo code so that you can make your own modifications and play around.


Turning packages into a module system


Adam Warski has put together a thought-provoking piece on what he believes would be needed if we decided to turn packages into a module system.  This is worth a read, whether you agree with him or not, so head over and add your thoughts into the discussion.


Scaladin quickstart for Escalante


Escalante, the JBoss application server for Scala, now has its first external contribution in the form of a quickstart demonstrating how to run Scaladin, a Scala wrapper for the Vaadin Framework.  If you are interested in working with Scala in an application server environment, or have an interest in the polyglot efforts at JBoss, then take the quickstart for a spin and see what you think.


JBoss Out and About


Next week will see many of the JBoss Core and Community developers hit Devoxx to teach, learn and hack with the wider Open Source communities.  Emmanuel has written about his expectations for Devoxx; Sarah has written about all the wonderful labs, workshops and BOFs covering the testing universe, and Geoffrey gives you some ideas for hacking Drools Planner during the Hackergarten.


The Infinispan team will be in force at JUDCon China, held on the 29th and 30th November, to give nine presentations on all things Infinispan.


Eric will be at JBugNL on 12th December to give an OpenShift Primer, followed by an appearance at Red Hat Developer Day in London on 14th December to present on Advanced Java & JBoss in the Cloud and finally the Open Source Conference 2012 in Amsterdam on where he will give a talk entitled "Demystifying the path to a JBoss Intelligent, Integrated Enterprise".


Eric has also submitted three sessions to the JAX 2013 conference in Mainz, Germany being held at the end of April 2013.  The sessions are "Advanced Java & JBoss in the Cloud", "Building highly scalable process & rule-driven applications" and "JBoss BPMS sneak peak".


New Releases for the Week


This week has seen numerous releases from across the JBoss ecosystem



This has been a very productive week for many teams across the JBoss Community, writing many blog posts, publishing screencasts and announcing numerous releases.  Next week promises to be just as productive, especially for all those attending Devoxx.


Join us again next week to find out what happens during Devoxx!

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