Hello JBoss Followers:


To kick of this week's note, I wish to focus on a major delivery by MANY of our teams - JBoss Developer Studio 6 shipped TODAY and you can download it immediately.   Key features include:

- Based on Eclipse Juno

- Installing JBDS into your own Eclipse Juno via Eclipse Marketplace (see screenshot below)

- Android Tools now in JBoss Central

- GWT Designer now in JBoss Central

- Improved OpenShift Wizard to support OpenShift Enterprise

- Improved Maven Project Wizard

- Support for Seam 2.3

- Tested on Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

- Tested on Java 7 32-bit and 64-bit


Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.58.42 PM.png

The delivery of JBoss Developer Studio represents more than a simple Eclipse-based toolset due to JBoss Central.   On JBoss Central, you will find the following:

- Easy integration with OpenShift - including the new OpenShift Enterprise

- Use of Java EE 6 Maven Archetypes and JBoss Developer Framework's Stacks

- HTML5 Archetype from the Aerogear Project - which has also dramatically updated their project's website

- RichFaces Archetype from the RichFaces Project

- Spring MVC Archetype from the Snowdrop Project

- GWT Archetype from the Errai Project

- JBoss Developer Framework's Quickstarts - dozens of easy to follow examples to get you started quickly with Java EE6 and complimentary features

- Links to documentation, screencasts, blogs and much more


A significant number of open source stars have to align to deliver all of these capabilities at a single point in time.   If you are the type (like myself) who would rather spend a few minutes watching a video BEFORE you invest the time and energy into downloading and installing something - check out this video I recently uploaded to YouTube:



The JBoss Team has also delivered numerous blogs, new releases and crafted several other videos that I know you will enjoy:


There are still a few weeks left in 2012 - I suspect our team can crank out a few more great things in that timeframe.  Stay tuned, it gets better and better