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There's a lot going on in the world of JBoss and it seems like most of it happened in the last week! So summarising is more of a challenge than usual: what do we mention and what do we hope you'll go and check for yourselves? But this is a good position to be in, as it shows we continue to have a lot of thriving communities pushing the innovation on a day to day basis. Of course it then raises another question: where to start? Well if you look through everything that's happened in the past 7 days, that's actually a little easier to answer. Google Summer Of Code has come to JBoss in full force! There have been a lot of people on the JBoss side involved in making this a reality this year, including Anil and Dan, but Dan summarises it best:


"The much anticipated announcement about which students were selected to participate in the 2012 Google Summer of Code program was published earlier today. In total, there are 1,212 students participating. We’d like to congratulate all the students accepted and wish you all best of luck this summer! The JBoss Community is proud to be participating as an independent mentor organization for the first year. We were selected thanks to a strong showing of volunteer mentors and an overwhelming number of compelling and creative ideas."






We are really proud of our involvement in GSoC and pleasantly surprised at the quality of the students who applied. You can check out the individual blog posts, but we have acceptances covering RHQ, Arquillian, Forge and Infinispan. Once again, congratulations to everyone who was successful. Thanks to everyone who applied to participate. And extra special thanks to all of those who helped to get us to this stage, especially the mentors who now take on the next phase. Hopefully we can build on this success for next year too!


OK, so what else has been going on this week other than GSoC? Well for a start Shane has written a great piece on how to import a Maven project from GitHub into the early access version of JBDS 5. Heiko Bruan has been doing a lot of work recently on domain management for AS7 and has written up some of his observations and tips in a couple of entries. The first is on how to debug a domain setup with multiple hosts involved when you only have a single physical machine, whereas the second is about configuring a domain on virtual network interfaces. Prahbat has written an interesting article on why it has taken us so long to produce a supported version of Infinispan when it's been in the community since 2009. The issues that Prahbat discusses, such as ensuring scalability and resilience, may seem specific to Infinispan, but in fact most of the underlying reasons behind the 3 year "delay" are critical to the way in which Red Hat works when taking community projects into platform. We work closely with our communities, productisation teams, QE teams etc. to ensure that the products we create and the best they can be; if that takes a while then we'd rather delay than put our users and customers at risk.


We've also had the usual flurry of project releases, including the Arquillian Extension Jacoco 1.0.0.Alpha3 and HornetQ 2.2.14. Congratulations to those teams! And from what Mircea mentions in his blog, it seems that the Infinispan teams collaboration in the Cloud-TM effort is working out really well, with some significant improvements to Infinispan that go way beyond what other implementations have to offer currently. Again, great work to the Infinispan team and to their wider community!


OK, that's it for this week. Definitely busy!


Welcome to another week in the world of! There have been some interesting developments that take us around the world, check them out.



Mighty Max Andersen (or is that Superman?) is in Denmark at MOW2012, you can follow his tweets over at @maxandersen and watch for tag #mow2012. His session is at 15:00 covering Death of the slow - 7 reasons to love JBoss AS7 in the programming languages track. Thomas Heute (@theute) will be talking about JaveEE on OpenShift in the morning too!


Dimitris Andreadis (@adandreadis) will be at the Brno JBUG this evening, check it out as they are talking JBoss AS7.


Eric Schabell was at the Dutch Unix Users Group (NLUUG) last week talking about OpenShift and shocking the unix admins with the ease of managing your JBoss AS7 cloud instances and what the future will be like.


The Errai project will be in Bangelor this week for GIDS 2012, see you there? Infinispan team will be at GIDS 2012 talking about the status of caching and data grid JSR's.


There is an Arquillian invasion today with 3 talks being given over the entire World in one day! Catch them at MOW2012, DevoxFR and the Bern JUG, now ain't that just somethin'? ;-)


Blogs / Articles

Our beloved leader Mark Little had a very exciting experience on the German Autobahn while at JAX 2012, he was as cool as a cucumber and did not even miss a beat in the conference call he was on! Kudos but a hard hat with JBoss on the front has been posted to you for your next trip! ;-)

Heiko Braun talks about the new extended management options for messaging in JBoss AS7.


The jBPM contributor (he does the Forms Builder component) Mariano De Maio has been nominated for a JBoss Community Recognition Award, so get over there and vote for him! Note, the link will be active real soon.


Manik Surtani tweeted (@maniksurtani) that his book on Infinispan can now be pre-ordered.



A list of new project releases, enjoy!


Thinking of getting involved in a JBoss User Group (JBUG)?

Setting up or running a JBoss User Group? Follow @JBossNews on twitter and catch the next event online especially for you and your group.


On a personal note, it is time for me to pack my bags for a few weeks of vacation, with no JBoss (well, to be honest, I bet I do code a bit) for me. See you in a few weeks!

Welcome back. We're still here, still busy as ever. But we're glad you came to read our weekly roundup of news. We're as excited as you are, becausewe get to count our treasures, a weekful of new events and achievements. So let us take a break and walk with you.

Arquillian, finally


To me (and not just me), Arquillian is one of the most interesting projects in the JBoss portfolio. Not only due to its technical merits, which abound, but also because it makes it easy to argue that JBoss 'gets it right' when it comes to high quality open source software. It's a real solution to a real challenge: integration testing for Java applications. A new idea for solving an old problem. That has moved from a proof of concept to an entire ecosystem incredibly fast. Because it's community-driven. And easy to learn. So it's cool.


It's first stable release 1.0.0.Final has just come out and it's truly a reason to celebrate. Currently, Arquillian supports running your true tests (that is, exercising your actual application code) in most major application servers or servlet containers (think JBoss, Glassfish, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere and so on), and embedded containers as well (although you may want to be careful with that - read Dan's post for details).


And as Arquillian goes, so go it's siblings: a number of other extensions have had their releases this week as well. Because not only business code matters - testing the UI, browser automation  are equally important. So now you can do your applications the right way and keep them bug-free - a complete ecosystem is available for testing them from end to end - from the application server to the browser and tothe mobile platform. Here's a quick roundup of the projects from the Arquillian family that have had their final releases in the past week:


Arquillian Persistence Extensions has released 1.0.0.Alpha4 too. A complete list of modules and most up-to-date information about their state can be found here.


A grid that can hold all your data


The other big news of the week is the first beta release of the JBoss Data Grid, which is the JBoss product built around Infinispan - our high performance data rid community project. For mission critical projects, this means an opportunity of breaking free from the shackles of relational databases and having a fully supported, high performance data store at their fingertips. The significance of this event sis best explained by Rich Sharples and Manik Surtani.


At the movies. Starring: JBoss Developer Studio


How do you get started with JBoss Developer Studio? Follow Max Andersen's blog, and learn more about it, as well as the future plans for m2e-wtp, a critical component of the Maven integration in Eclipse. Burr Sutter has created a series of screencasts, which introduce the major features of the IDE.


Ceylon Herd


Stephane Epardaud provides a detailed description of the newly added module system and repository of Ceylon: Ceylon Herd. You will learn the rationale behind the decision to create it from scratch, as well as its main design goals.


Web services


Writing applications that rely on web-services is often getting to the challenge where, in order to see that your code is working correctly it needs some reference endpoints which can be invoked to test interoperability. Alessio Soldano's blog provides a demo on a number of such webservice endpoints deployed in OpenShift, which demonstrate the capabilities of JBoss AS 7.1, especially in the WS-Security area. So, anyone can get access the demo and try them out. And see that everything just works.


Transactionality in massively parallel systems


Mark Little's has published a higher level perspective on transactions and their role in the modern, highly concurrent architectures. As with many other aspects of designing and implementing software systems, the commoditization of multi-core systems has changed the way in which we need to look at transactions - the single-threaded, database-driven perspective is not enough anymore. 




Outside Arquillan and its extensions, a few other JBoss projects have released new versions in the past week:



  • If you are in Billund, Denmark next week, check the JBoss sessions at MOW 2012 (18th-20th April)
  • The DC JBUG has a meetup on April 18, with CloudBees as a guest, showcasing deploying Java EE Web profile applications to various containers including Jboss AS 7
  • Sanne Grinovero and Mircea Markus will talk at the Portugal JUG on April 18 about Infinispan and Hibernate OGM


Thanks for joining us again and come back next week for another roundup!




JBoss is fortunate in having very strong and passionate communities which have built up around our projects; it is these communities which shape the direction of the projects and, through their numerous contributions, help to make them some of the best Open Source projects available.  Fostering the development of these communities is one of the most important tasks we undertake and comes in many forms, including recognition for those contributions and promoting development through mentoring programs.  This fostering helps to not only strengthen the communities but also to strengthen their projects.  The community really is our strength.


2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards


At this time of year we ask the JBoss project leads to nominate those within their communities who they feel have made significant contributions to their projects.  These nominations are complete and it is now up to the JBoss Community to vote for the nominee who they feel deserves to be recognised as a 'JBoss Community Leader'.  Please take some time to review the list of Nominees and then show some appreciation by casting your votes.


The voting period for the 2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards is now open and will remain open until April 18th 2012, closing at 5pm ET.  Please make sure to cast your vote before it is too late.


As always there are many more contributors who deserve recognition for their contributions and we would like to extend our appreciation to all those who continue to help strengthen our communities and projects.


Google Summer of Code


This year sees JBoss participating in the Google Summer of Code program as an independent entity, having previously participated as part of the Fedora program.  The JBoss team have been actively encouraging submissions from the student community and are very excited at the response received so far.  We are now in the last few days of submissions, with the deadline for student proposals being April 6th, 19:00 UTC.


If you are wanting to participate in this program then move quickly.  There are numerous suggestions on the ideas page, including two recently added by Kris Verlaenen who also has ten more in reserve!




Francisco Marchioni has written a tutorial showing how to create a simple CDI based SwitchYard service and then have it consumed by a JSF based application.  He then demonstrates how easy it is to extend the integration so that the service is transformed and exposed through a SOAP endpoint.


Keith has been busy creating screencasts to highlight some of the Governance functionality which is being introduced as part of the SwitchYard 0.4 release.  His first screencast covers some of the ideas around Design Time Governance with his second showing how services can be monitored through Runtime Governance.


Incredibly Fast JSF Component Development


If you are interested in being able to quickly develop JSF Components then Lukáš Fryč has some advice, showing where to find the best articles on the RichFaces CDK and also a guide on how to setup your tooling before starting your development.


Prolog is Cool Again


Following an interview with Rich Hickey on InfoQ, Mark Proctor talks about the prolog capabilites which were added into Drools last year and their plans for introducing transactional persistence capabilities.


Cloud on tour


Eric Schabell has been busy touring as part of the Cloud Tour, recently visiting Amsterdam to give two presentations.  His first presentation covered how JBoss technologies can be used within the Cloud Infrastructure while his second was a primer on how to create a mobile application in the cloud by using AeroGear.  If you are interested in any of these areas then download Eric's slides and see what was covered.


TorqueBox at RubyConf India


Arun Agrawal and Rocky Jaiswal have recently been presenting TorqueBox ar RubyConf India.  They received a great reaction from those at the conference and their slides are now online for all to see.


New Specifications in OSGi 5.0 Enterprise


David Bosschaert and Tim Diekmann recently gave a presentation at EclipseCon/OSGi DevCon 2012.  David has now uploaded their presentation and has also included links to the draft releases of the OSGi R5 specifications.


JAX 2012


Kris Verlaenen will shortly be attending JAX 2012, held in Mainz, Germany between April 16th and April 20th, to give a presentation on Business Processes, Business Rules and Complex Event Processing.  If you are going to the conference then make sure to attend his talk.


Bela at JBoss World 2012


If you want to find out about how clustering works in AS 7.1.1 and EAP 6 then Bela's talk is one you should not miss.  He will be covering many interesting topics including session clustering, performance, integration with domains and many more.




JBoss Community Asylum is back with another podcast, this time featuring Jason Greene, Emanuel Muckenhuber and Bruno Georges.  In this podcast they discuss the many changes that have occured between the JBoss AS 7.0 and JBoss AS 7.1 releases, including what will be coming in JBoss EAP Beta release.


Do you speak French?  Are you interested in Ceylon?  If the aswer to both of these questions is 'yes' then head over to the Les Cast Codeurs site and listen to their latest podcast.  Episode 56 sees Emmanuel Bernard and Stéphane Épardaud discussing various aspects of the Ceylon language for over an hour, including its philosophy, features, community and its future.


New Releases


Another fast paced week at JBoss seems many of the projects making releases



That's all for this week, please check back next week for more news about JBoss and its Communities.


Don't forget to cast your vote for the 2012 JBoss Community Recognition Awards and sign up for the Google Summer of Code.

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