I am sure many of you are enjoying some warm July vacation time, hopefully you are still reading these blog posts and tweets on your mobile device at the beach!  :-)


Mobile Screencasts:  While many of the JBoss team are taking some much needed downtime after the ramp up for Red Hat Summit, there are still key members of the overall team cranking out some great stuff.  I love the new screencasts created by the GateIn team to show off some of the new mobile capabilities.   Check out this blog post or if you want the direct access to the videos then check out www.vimeo.com/jbossdeveloper.   We have 181 videos published and this is a great resource for digging into JBoss technologies.  


Visual Regex Tester: Lincoln has created a great video/screencast of his Visual Regex Tester.   Let's face it, most of us have not memorized the regex syntax so having a tool is great.


CDI + JSF in your Portlets:  Ken Finnegan blogs about the new edition of the Portlet Bridge, where you can build JSF pages, leveraging Java EE 6 dependency injection and use them in the portal container.   In addition, you can use CDI for injection directly into your non-JSF-based portlets.  Check out Ken's blog demonstrating the simple @Inject code.


Well, the CapeDwarf is back from vacation and if you have a need to create portable Google App Engine to Java EE-based apps then this is the project for you!  Even Gartner is talking about our CapeDwarf project - vendor lockin (even by Google) has never been popular so make sure to check it out.


BeanValidation 1.1: Gunnar Morling has produced a great feature spotlight on BeanValidation 1.1's EL capabilities.


Wise on OpenShift: Wise is an awesome tool for the dynamic invocation of SOAP services and now it is available for the public to use at Openshift.   I just tried it out for stock quotes and "RHT". 


Aerogear 1.1.2: Yes, JBoss does JavaScript - with the Aerogear project. 


Java EE vs Spring: The first rule of fight club...Shane has crafted some interesting rules for having the Java EE vs Spring smackdown - heavy vs light, real standards vs defacto standards and monolithic vs modular.  It is a fun read and I encourage you to go check it out.