It's Friday 13th ! Beware ! It's not a time to commit, build or even code... Rather than endangering your business and software, just relax, sit down, and let us walk-through the JBoss related news of the week...

Comes and Play with EE 7


Java EE 7 is out, and it's time to learn about its new features and what to expect in Wildfly 8 ! Fortunately, Arun Gupta and Antonio Goncalves have though about that, and their presentation at Java One on this topic is now available online.

A week in the "merde"


You are wondering where to take the kids and the wife in January ? Paris, France, on the third week, might be an interesting deal for you ! Indeed, on top of the usual beauty of my birth city, Paris will host the JBoss Paris Conference that will be held on the Wednesday 22, and few days after that, on Friday, the first Ceylon Tour Paris... Voulez vous coder avec moi ? (well, I won't be there, but still...)

Discover the new features of Infinispan 6.0.0


Infinispan 6.0 has been out for a few weeks now, and if you were in London last week, you might have been part of the happy few, like me , to attend Mircea Markus talk on those new features. Luckily, the London JBUG  has just released it on YouTube.


It worth mentioning also that Infinispan 6.0 introduces the support for remote querying, allowing one to leverage its integration with Hibernate Search and Lucene, while running Infinispan in server mode. (note that this feature is also already available in JBoss Data Grid 6.2.Beta)


Byteman 2.1.4


A new minor release for Byteman, filled with bug fixes, but also an opportunity for anybody who has not yet used this fantastic tool for JVM instrumentation to give it a go... Certainly, you have some application, you would like to profile ?

Broken mirror


Your application's Web UI is not getting prettier by the minute, and it's time for a change ? It's then the perfect opportunity to checkout the newest release of both RichFaces and RichWidget !

Heroes of Continuous Delivery


The Arquillian project is certainly true to the core spirit of continuous delivery, as almost each week that passes contains, not only one, but several releases of its numerous components. Having a Friday 13Th in this week has not prevent them to do as usual, and three sub-projects have released new versions:

  • Rest Extension 1.0.0.alpha2, mostly add support for JAX-RS 2.0 Client APIs
  • Droidium 1.0.0.Alpha3 is also out, but has serious issues on Windows (so if you run on this system, hold it for a little while, a new release, is coming quite soon)
  • The final release of the Arquillian Drone extension is also out, and if you are interested in Web UI testing automation, you should definitely look this one up !


Hibernate Search and Hibernate ORM are friends again


If last week saw the release of Hibernate ORM 4.2.8 Final, featuring many performances improvement, it also sadly broke its compatibility with Hibernate Search. This was spotted right on, and it is now fixed with the release of Hibernate Search 4.4.1.Final !



... And let's take a little peak outside the Java and JBoss universe, where things also moving along quite nicely:


  • The release of Red Hat Enterprise Server 7 Beta is quite a milestone, and as RHEL remains, for many people, the choice of excellence to run   JBoss Middleware software on, it is bound to interest a few readers of this post...
  • Last week, was also announced Openshift Enterprise 2.0 - if you do not know yet this "next generation application hosting platform developed by Red Hat", it is definitely worth taking a look !


As always, the JBoss ecosystem continues to thrive and grow - making for many, many exciting events, announcements and releases.  It is a lot to keep up with so follow our This Week in JBoss blog for your weekly summaries.