This time of year affords many of us an opportunity to step away from work, enjoy time with our families, relax and even the chance of spending time on those projects that are on our todo list.  If you are still looking for some interesting projects then hopefully you may be enticed by some of this week's goodies.


WildFly and Java EE


Arun Gupta has been prolific this week, writing no less than four posts covering WildFly and/or Java EE!


In two of his posts he demonstrates how simple it is to run his Java EE samples on WildFly, all within two popular IDEs.  The first post walks us through the steps that are necessary to enable the integration within JBoss Tools, the second showing similar capabilities within NetBeans.

Arun has also taken time to go through the recently published Devoxx 2-13 Parleys Channel and compile a list of no fewer than twenty videos covering various Java EE topics, including the Java EE7 session he presented with Antonio Goncalves, an interview he gave during the conference and all the presentations that were given by the Red Hat projects.


If you are interested in finding out more information on WildFly and EAP, including how they compare with GlassFish and WebLogic, then register for Arun's webcast on January 8th 2014.


Drools and jBPM


The drools and jBPM teams recently held a workshop in the fabulous city of Barcelona.  Mauricio Salatino has written up a report of the event, including some photographs, details of the workshop and links to the accompanying slide deck.


Eric Schabell, having previously provided a set of demo projects to demonstrate the capabilities of the BPM platform, has now enhanced each of the projects so that they will create 1000 mock instances on deployment.  His reasons for doing so were simple, to provide an easy way of demonstrating the graphical capabilities of the Process and Task Dashboard.  Eric has also created some new demos to give you a taste of the upcoming Business Optimizer capabilities.


Design Time Governance with Overlord


Continuing his serious of articles covering Design Time Governance Kurt Stam, of the Overlord team, has added another article showing how easy it is to extend your Design Time Governance release workflow to include provisioning your application by deploying it into an application server's domain.


Testing with Ceylon


The 1.0 release of Ceylon introduced a completely rewritten test module, including support for annotations.  For more information check out Tomáš Hradec's article where he introduces the current test capabilities of the language.


Apache Camel Developer's cookbook


Jakub Korab and Scott Cranton have recently finished their upcoming book, the Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook.  Their book includes a wealth of information using over 100 how-to recipes to show you how to Get Stuff Done.  The book should be published by Packt later this month and is available for pre-order.


New Releases


If all the above goodness wasn't enough to keep you busy during the holiday period then here are some new releases that you can also play with


That's all for another week at JBoss, keep checking the feed for more updates over the coming weeks.  If you are lucky enough to be taking some time away from work then, from all of us at JBoss, have a great time over the coming weeks and into the New Year.