The JBoss community is focused on building - whether it's for instructure or middleware, or to just to design a new software and/or solutions - at the end of the day, we all build. And in this regard, certainly the last week has been quite interesting...


Out of the forges...


"Smithing makes the smith", as they used to say, and it's also by watching how other people practise their craft that one can enhance its own. To this effect, there is a lot of quite passionanting tutorial, videos and articles that was released in the last days:

Of course, and as always, JBoss projects has produced their fair amount of releases, that will come as nice addition to our tool tray:


"Metal on Metal" - Upgrading your Anvil


A craftman is as good as its tool set, and certainly, if you want to build and release good software, you'll need a the most performant forge possible. Well, you're in luck, the series on "Adding Java EE 7 Batch Addon to JBoss Forge ?" has released its second part this week. And it is also an excellent opportunity to this discover what one of the latest addition to the JEE spec, the Batch API, has to offer...

Getting your hands dirty with Teiid


If Teiid is well known for its graphical tool (the designer), this week Ramesh Reddy has decided to get his hands dirty, and has written a quite interesting article on "Sending Command and Audit Logging to Database". And of course, as already mentioned above, if you are interested in Teiid, take a look at Docker and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization (Teiid).


Time to poke around your databases for fun and profits !


Back to the roots ... or the square




A long time ago (not in a galaxy far, far away), our jobs were mostly about solving calculation. This was the days of FORTRAN and the early Unices. And even if we has moved forward and now have high level programming languages, giving us (allegdly) the ability to focuss on business problems, it remains that programming is often about... maths.


And given this premise, Gavin King recent entries on the Plus symbol or on Ranges and Slices, both for Ceylon of course, will certainly be a fruitful read. And if those are "easy-peasy" for you, you are certainly ready for "Cheating on the N Queens benchmark" by Geoffrey De Smet.




Docker is on the rise, and certainly, Teiid is not the only JBoss projects that would benefits from it. If you want to jump in and learn it, checkout this nice "introduction to Docker". Also on the Red Hat Developer blog, a very interesting interview of Langdon White on Software Collection and Openshift.


And a last nice little add on, I just discovered this nice article from Emmanuel Bernard on how to use git to split commit in two...


That's all the news we have for you this week, join us next week for the next installment from JBoss...