What's coming up in JBoss EAP 6.3?


The ability to incorporate bleeding edge technical advancements developed by the community in a robust, commercially supported product is quintessential characteristic of JBoss EAP. So, features such as WebSockets support or Aamore comprehensive security API with PicketLink, or even better domain recovery support (as well as many more other), are also new features in JBoss EAP 6.3. As the release draws nearer and nearer, many would be interested to see what's coming up. So, to their benefit, this week both Ray Ploski and Arun Gupta have blogged about it, providing a detailed overview of JBoss EAP 6.3 Beta, which you can grab right away, here.

Scheduling in Immutant 2 (The Deuce)


Immutant is one of the projects that shows how open-source can do great things to technical innovation, especially in the polyglot space, by combining powerful paradigms with specific applications, such as functional programming, with the well-tested reliability and performance of Enterprise Java. We're happy to see the project advancing towards it's second major release, and in this blog entry, Jim Crossley illustrates one of it's upcoming features - scheduling jobs.


Towards a Configuration JSR in Java EE 8

One of the proposals for standardization in the upcoming Java EE 8 is for application configuration, with the goal of simplifying the deployment and configuration process, which is currently still greatly dependent on the individual implementations, as well as providing API access through standard mechanisms such as CDI. In fact, you can read about Anatole Tresch's proposal here. In regards to that, Arun Gupta has published his own thoughts, inviting for a debate. So, if you take an interesting in the topic (and in our opinion, you should), feel free to contribute.

DevNation is coming! (on a screen near you)

And now we're going to flash back to our pre-DevNation edition. Back then, we advised you to follow our postings, since recordings of the sessions will be posted not long after the conference. Glad that you did, because this way we can point you to Andrew Rubinger's announcement (the title of which we borrowed), and where you will find all the details. And also, you should start following the DevNation blog.

Gluecon 2014: There and back again

Gluecon is a developer conference focusing on modern topics such as Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, Big Data. Max Katz has attended and gives us a pretty nice rundown on it.

Errai 3's New Features (continued)

Continuing the series of articles on the new features of Errai 3, Christian Sadilek introduces some of the smaller (yet, as described) powerful ones, such as: improved HTML form support, test generation, WildFly 8 support, and so much more. Read the entire post for details.


CODiE awards for Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and Openshift


Congratulations to Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and Openshift who won 2014 CODiE awards (given by the Software and Information Industry Association) in the categories of Best Mobile Development Solution and Best Cloud Platform as a Service, respectively! A well-deserved recognition for two amazing products! And for a more detailed account of how Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio won, read Max Andersen's blog post!


From BRMS 5 to BRMS 6 - what has changed, what is new


Eric Schabell continues his excellent series of articles about Red Hat JBoss BRMS by proving a detailed account of the major differences between the two versions - an important summary for everyone who considers upgrading.