All the hard work preparing for the DevNation and Red Hat Summit has come to pay off as Red Hat wraps up Summit Week and DevNation also comes to a close.


All About DevNation and Red Hat Summit Boston 2015

If you weren't able to make it check out this recording of the keynote and demo from the JBoss team.

Check out the recording of keynotes for DevNation over at 

And, of course, the big announcement was the strategic partnership announcement between Samsung and Red Hat

Follow more about the Summit on the Summit Blog

Also check out a cool story about Devoxx4Kids at the summit.


Specific DevNation Sessions/Keynotes to check out:

Rx.js Session at DevNation

Matt Hicks on The Future of Development with Kubernetes and Docker


Elsewhere in things JBoss:

Brian Che talks tenets of DevOps here and here.

A new episode of "Camels in Space!" by Claus Ibsen (not to be confused with Pigs in Space).

Eric Schabell talks design to execution in BPM Suite: From Design to Execution with JBoss BPM Suite & Signavio Process Editor

Harry Mower talks about the announcement of : - Learn More. Share More. Code More

And Gavin King talks Constructors in Ceylon



8.11 Final Released, Support for OData V4 and SAP HANA

Immutant 2.0.2 Patch Release

Hawkular-Metrics 0.4.0 release and the way beyond

Docker 1.7.0, Docker Machine 0.3.0, Docker Compose 1.3.0, Docker Swarm 0.3.0

Released jBPM Migration Tooling v0.14

Developer Studio and JBoss Tools arrive on Mars

JBoss Fuse 6.2 is out!

RichFaces 4.5.7.Final Release Announcement