It’s been a crazy week for the Java Community as a whole with major announcements happening at JavaOne in San Francisco! Java turned 21 this year! Java SE 9 continues to move closer. Java EE 8, is, well, postponed. The Java community continues to thrive and push out amazing technology, and so do we here at Red Hat!

A number of announcements happened this week you’ll probably want to be aware of.



One of the largest announcements made, at least by Red Hat, was MicroProfile 1.0! A few months back, June to be precise, the MicroProfile was announced. Red Hat, along with IBM, TomiTribe, Payara, and LJC (and SouJava joined since) worked with the community to create a standard around microservices using Java EE. The 1.0 release of MicroProfile finished a few weeks early and there are six different implementations. Read more about MicroProfile at the release blog, or Mark Little’s recap.


Juraci Paixão Kröhling explained how to use Hawkular APM in a microservice architecture earlier in the week. His post is informative and heavy on the details and explanation. Head on over if you fall into this camp and are looking for answers!


This last one may make some of you a bit squeamish, you have been warned. As of Keycloak 2.2.0 the keycloak-server.json stopped being shipped. All configuration is happening within standalone.xml, standalone-ha.xml, or domain.xml. JSON is often a preferred format, but Stan Silvert explained why XML is better in this instance when he wrote about the demise of they keycloak-server.json a few days ago.



We’re always kicking out new releases of our software. Once again, this week was no different. Hibernate had a couple of releases this past week, ORM 5.0.11 and 5.1.2. Byteman has a 4.0.0-Alpha release which allows Byteman to be used on JDK9! Of course, it continues to work on JDK6-8, and there is one small issue, but read the blog for more information. Lastly, Keycloak 2.2.1.Final was released fixing an issue with the JavaScript adapter released in 2.2.0.



Besides JavaOne this week, there were some other events we participated in, and some which are going to be happening!

Eric Schabell discussed Red Hat Forum going to Finland this year. If you’re in that area you won’t want to miss him talking about Open Source, Red Hat and change. There are also some other great speakers lined up for these Red Hat Forums in Europe.


To round out our week, Eric Schabell and Claus Ibsen talked about their talks from this week or a couple of weeks ago. Claus attended JDKIO 2016 in Copenhagen where he discussed Apache Camel and Java based microservices. Read about his trip, or watch the recordings in his blog post.


In London this week, Eric Schabell talked about private cloud at the London JBug. His slides are available for those interested.

Thanks everyone for making this another wonderful week in tech! Stay tuned for more software, talks, and information as time goes on.

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