Being relentlessly busy over summer means that there's a lot to show for it when fall comes. Well, summer has come and gone, and there is a lot of stuff that our team would like to share with you. Download the latest releases of JBoss projects, and follow the talks delivered by JBoss team members. It's easy to find them: JBoss is everywhere.


At Java One: JBoss takes over



JBoss sits at the forefront of enterprise Java innovation, and if you're at Java One this year, you will find a massive JBoss presence. Or, as Mark Little's post said: "maybe they should rename it as JBossOne!". Make sure that you attend the talks delivered by JBoss team members during sessions and at the JBoss booth.


And, for anything in the world, don't miss the "Lightning in the Cloud" party. JBossians are not just technically savvy, but also a fun bunch.



Over the web: all eyes on HTML5

One of the key aspects of today's software industry is an expanding eco-system of increasingly powerful mobile devices. HTML5 adds a number of features that developers can use for building rich, powerful web-based applications. Burr Sutter's webinar of this week synthethised these capabilities, from a unique enterprise Java-focused perspective. If you are an enterprise Java developer and you want to be up-to-date with the current developments of the industry, make sure that you watch the recoding of the webinar "HTML5 for the Java Web Developer". You'll learn a lot, I know I did.


In addition to that, Wesley Hales will hold a presentation on "The Mobile Web - HTML5 and mobile devices" at the Atlanta HTML5 user group on September 22nd. If you're in the area, make sure you attend.


Richfaces: component-oriented and mobile


Brian Leathem has continued his overview of the Richfaces CDK with an Input component - paving the way for a a more complex discussion on wrapping existing JavaScript components, such a jQuery UI component. Stay tuned.


Also, Wesley Hales has started a series of blog posts addressing on using Richfaces with mobile applications. Follow it for interesting technical details and tips.


On the (data) grid: a new Infinispan release, and how to take advantage of CDI and Ruby


Infinispan continues to move forward by releasing 5.1.0.Alpha2 this week, containing features that address particular areas such as push state transfer. Read more about it in the release announcement.


Integrating Infinispan with the rest of your application is much easier if it can be done through a generic, universally-understood programming model. Well, in Java EE there is a common idiom, and everyone speaks it - CDI, so it is only natural for Infinispan to support it. Kevin Pollet's blog entry describes the Infinispan-CDI integration module in detail, providing detailed examples on its usage, as well as about other features such as support for JCache annotations.


Another interesting example of using Infinispan comes from Lance Ball who shared the code and slides from his StrangeLoop presentation - using the DataMapper Ruby ORM over Infinispan with TorqueBox. More than just being a cool showcase, it illustrates perfectly the strength of the TorqueBox model. Ruby developers can take advantage of their favourite language and frameworks, on top of powerful Java EE middleware. Bring your apps to us, we'll treat them right!


A new JBoss AS7 release


A steady stream of releases ensures that new features and bug fixes are promptly delivered to users, and that is especially true for JBoss AS7. JBoss AS 7.0.2.Final "Arc" includes new features such as support for JSF 2.1, asynchronous EJBs, SSO and many other resolved issues. Get the best out of our favourite platform, keep your application server up-to-date!


Arquillian, not just for servers


If you are familiar with Arquillian, you should know by now how to use it for testing server-side code. But Karel Piwko will show you another way of using Arquillian - through its Arquillian Drone extension you can test the web UI as well, thus making sure that you also provide functional tests for your application.


Upcoming: spatial queries in Hibernate Search


Nicholas Helleringer, one of our JBoss community members, has created a spatial query integration module for Hibernate Search and has blogged about it here!


JBoss sightings


Besides the already mentioned topics, last week we had:


  • A lot of interesting topics and a list of participants including several JBoss team and community members at OpenBlend in Ljubljana.
  • A demo-packed JBoss BOF at the Toronto JUG with the participation of several JBoss teams.
  • The September issue of JAXenter's Java Tech Journal is completely dedicated to JBoss AS7 and OpenShift: make sure you grab it, it's free.


And don't forget about:



Is that all? Obviously not. In the JBoss community there is always something going on. Come back next week to find out more.