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JBoss AS 7.1.0.CR1 "Flux Capacitor" released


The time between the years is a good oportunity to catch up with the latest and greatest JBoss AS 7 release.


This is a very important milestone in the AS 7.x series because full EE6 support is now considered feature complete!

(This is provided by running the standalone-full.xml profile.)


The highlights of this release incude:


  • EE6 Full Profile support is now feature complete .
    What this means is - all the features required for EE6 full profile support are now available in AS7.
  • Various improvements in AS7 management
  • Clustering improvement:
    • Stateful session bean replication support
    • Clustered SSO


Take your time, check it out and let us know what you think:



If you come up with some sophisticated examples along the way, why not contribute it?




Happy new year!



This week we've picked another set of notable changes in restless JBoss community. At a glance. For you.


Have a good week, a joyful christmas and a happy new year!



Atlanta JBoss User Group

Last week the Atlanta JBUG had their first meetup.



Blogs / Articles

HTML 5 Development Methologies

Mike Brock, the Errai project lead shares some thoughts on the recent HTML 5 development trends.


Hybrid Reasoning Systems

Recent versions of Drools have started to show a direction towards a hybrid reasoning system, going beyond production rule systems. In 2011 the team introduced prolog style derivation trees, with reactive materialised views, aming with traits. Mark takes you on a journey into 2012.




Ceylon M1 "Newton"

Ceylon is a programming language for writing large programs in a team environment. This is the first official release of the Ceylon command line compiler, documentation compiler, language module, and runtime, and a major step down the roadmap toward Ceylon 1.0


Hibernate Core 4.0

Hibernate facilitated the storage and retrieval of Java domain objects. A lot of time and effort from many people went into this release. There are plenty of notable changes. Among them initial multi-tenancy support.

Modeshape Documentation

ModeShape is a JCR 2.0 implementation that provides access to content stored in many different kinds of systems. The modshape team has moved there documentation to the ducmentation system. You’ll find documentation for the upcoming 2.7 release (look for it this week!) and the drafts for the 3.0 release at the new location.


Drools 5.4.0.Beta1

The business logic integration platform moves to 5.4.0.Beta1. This version finally introduces the simulation and testing work that has been talked about for so long. It will provide a unified environment for simulation and testing over time for rules, workflow and event processing.




RHQ Driftmonitoring

The systems management suite added drift monitoring. Drift monitoring provides the ability to monitor changes in files and to determine if those files are in or out of compliance with a desired state. In other words, if I installed an application and someone changes files in that installation, I can be told when those changes occurred and I can analyze those changes. John Mazz has put together a demo to illustrate these concepts

Screenshot.pngThe end of the year is approaching, so the various JBoss projects have been working like busy little elves to get you the latest greatest stocking stuffers before we all take a well deserved holiday season break. There is an amazing amount of news this week so hold on to your hat and here we go!



There was a call for papers for JAX 2012 where JBoss sessions have been submitted. If you have something interesting to tell, put your hat in the ring at


Amsterdam hosted the Open Source Conference 2011 (#osc11), details in this blog on the day.


Mark Proctor and team will be heading to Portugal in Feb 2012, "Droosl & jBPM @ ICAART 2012 is now confirmed, myself (Mark Proctor) and Dr Davide Sottara will be there. If you have any interesting research on or with Drools & jBPM that you would like to present on the day, let us know. 6-8 Febuary 2012, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal,"


Mark Little was at the Future of Middleware (FOME) workshop at Middleware 2011, he summarizes in this nice read.


Word on the street is that you can submit to JBoss World 2012 until mid-January 2012, extensions mean more time to think and plan your great talks. Will we meet you in Boston next year? ;-)


Blogs / Articles

Changing of the guard at RichFaces, with Jay Balunas announcing that Brian Leathem will be taking over the lead position. Good luck to Brian and also to Jay who will be focusing more on mobile and HTML5.


A very cool project has been announced by Heiko Rupp, an RHQ samples project! This is meant to collect samples and extensions around RHQ that could be used in RHQ and also JBoss ON. Users can go there and copy and paste the solutions to get a quicker start themselves. While this project is started by the RHQ project team, everyone is encouraged to come and use the samples, fork the project and enhance it. To make this process easier, the project is hosted on GitHub at



Lincoln Baxter III put out a great overview of his tour of Europe and part II of Andrew Rubinger's travels was released into the wild. You don't want to miss these articles!


Nick Bolt talks about builds at JBoss a bit.


Over at Anil's Security & Identity Management Blog we got


Teiid Designer 7.6 release announced new source tabs, this article by the team explains in more detail how they work.






So as the holidays approach, have fun picking out the presents for your family and maybe think about sending something to your favorite JBoss project. I have a suggestion for you, just pick up a bug, knock it out, and attach the fix with "Merry Christmas" so that you can make that magical smile appear on the face of your favorite coder. Remember, tis' the season to give so let your code speak!


Have a great week, weekend and code on!

25count.pngLet's face it: we're engineers and we love numbers. This week, we have a particular fondness for 25, which is the number of issues that we've published so far. Yup, it's an important milestone, and we'd like to take a moment to thank you for your continued interest, hoping that you enjoyed reading our editorial as much as we enjoyed writing it.


And, after this brief ceremonial moment, let's get back to our main focus: delivering the freshest technical stories about the platform we love best.


JBoss Asylum - Forge Edition


Episode 23 of the JBoss Asylum has been released - featuring JBoss Forge, our own state-of-the art RAD tool. By listening to the podcast, you can learn more about it from Lincoln Baxter III, project lead, and Paul Bakker, JBoss Community member and tireless Forge contributor.


Impressions from Devoxx (and not just)


A couple of our JBoss colleagues have taken the time to write a bit about Devoxx and other events that they have spoken to on behalf of JBoss.


  • Andrew's european grand tour: In his blog, Andrew Rubinger recounts his impressions from a month-long series of conferences in Europe. In the first part he is musing about about the fast pace of JBoss AS7 and Arquillian, recollects interesting discussions with JBoss team and community members, and a surprise encounter with Team Spring. That should be spoiler enough.
  • Infinispan team at Devoxx: Sanne Grinovero writes about the Infinispan team participation at Devoxx, as well as the newest developments in Hibernate Search and Hibernate OGM. I'm personally enticed by the new integration layer offered by Hibernate OGM and its opportunities. If I'd be in Newcastle next week, I'd attend Sanne and Paul Robinson's JBUG talk on the 13th of December. But some of you may be there, so don't miss it!


More about Seam


Following last week's announcement on the future of Seam and the formation of the Apache DeltaSpike project, the Seam team has worked relentlessly on finalizing Seam 3.1, and the first release candidate is out. You can read more in Shane Bryzak's announcement. Jason Porter delivers some tips concerning the latest fixes.


In what concerns Seam 2 users, Marek Novotny has provided more details on the roadmap of Seam 2.3, which will allow Seam 2 users to fully enjoy the benefits of JSF2 and JBoss AS7.


JUDCon India agenda published


The agenda for JUDCon India (Bangalore, 24-25 January 2012) has been finalized, and can be found here - two days packed of presentations on state-of-the art technology.

Be at the JBoss World, and let your voice be heard!

We'd like to remind you that the Call For Papers for JBoss World 2012 is still open, and the deadline is next week (December 16). So, if you have something interesting to say, choose one of the tracks, and submit a talk!


Packt would like to know what you want to read about


Packt Publishing has an online survey, where they essentially want to make sure they are making the right offers to all JBoss users and are providing what they need and want.  Check some details that  Len DiMaggio provides here. Maybe it's time to show an interest in that particular book that you've been waiting for.


New releases


We also had a slew of new releases coming out:


This is all for this week. We wish you good luck with holiday preparations - which for many of us may begin with releasing all that stuff before that deadline in December. Come back next week for more news.

It is time for another update from the JBoss Community and we are finishing the month in style.  We have news, new releases, conference updates and good, solid technical posts.


JBoss AS "Tesla" Beta is out


The JBoss AS team have been hard at work and, only two months after having released JBoss AS 7.0.2 "Arc", have announced the first beta of JBoss AS 7.1.0 "Tesla".  This is a significant step towards support of the EE full profile and includes many new additions, not least of which is support for EJB 2.x and remote client invocations.


There are many more improvements and additions so don't take my word for it!  Read the announcement, download the server and take it for a spin.


JBoss Tools, as you would expect, has support for the new version but there is one issue which requires a small change to the startup configuration before they can be used together.  Max has written a good post describing the issue and walks you through the simple process of updating your server configuration.


Ceylon continues at pace


Two weeks ago the Ceylon team unveiled the Ceylon website and provided access to a pre-release version of the IDE.  As if to prove that nothing within the community ever stands still, they have now released an updated pre-release version of the IDE.  Emmanuel has posted an update describing some of the things that have happened over the last two weeks and the some of the reasons for the update.


If you are in Mexico City on the 17th of December, and are looking for something to do, then try and catch Gavin's talk about Ceylon.  It will be the first time he has given the talk in Spanish!


Seam and future directions


Shane has written an extensive post about the next step in the future of Seam, discussing many of the concerns that have so far been raised. 

If you have any interest in Seam then it is a must-read, helping to shed light on the reasons for the changes that are currently underway.


Part of his posting also talks about the Apache DeltaSpike project, the proposal for which has now been submitted to the Apache Incubator.  This is going to be a very interesting project to watch especially as it combines three very active communities under one umbrella.


All these changes have involved a great deal of time and effort, from people on all sides, to get everything to this point; time and effort that are recognised by everyone including Mark Little.  There are going to be more exciting announcements over the coming months so watch this space for further details.


Arquillian updates


Arquillian is a JBoss project that should be part of everyone's testing toolbox, greatly simplifying the test logic involved in integration testing.  If you are not already using it then take a look at the presentation from Devoxx 2011 and ask yourself "why not?".


The Arquillian team have recently released updates to a number of their sub projects



Dan has also been working on an Arquillian Extensions Plugin for JBoss Forge, making a rough cut of it available through the github project.


JUDCon 2012: India


The deadline for submitting papers has now passed and the selection process has begun.  We will soon know the content and schedule for the conference but, rest assured, whatever is chosen will be of a high quality and aimed at the Developer audience.


If you are intending to go to the conference, held on January 24th and 25th, then make sure you apply for your ticket before the Very Early Bird Fee expires at midnight on the 3rd of December!


Conference Roundup & Travel


Two weeks ago was a very busy week, with lots of JBoss developers and Community members presenting at a number of conferences.  We now have some more posts to share with you including



and don't forget the Arquillian slides from above


More JBoss Releases


As if all that wasn't enough, take a look at some of the other release which were made this week



Plenty to choose from, regardless of your interests


Technical Posts from around JBoss


There have been numerous postings written this week but there are four, in particular, that are worth mentioning.



Well that's it for another week and, indeed, another month.  Stay tuned for more updates from the Weekly Editorial.


Update: Fixed deadline for JUDCon India "Very Early Bird Fee"

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