• jBPM BPMN2 Web Designer: I am personally a fan of all things "declarative", specifically when it comes to BPM or workflow.  The jBPM & Drools teams continue to demonstrate how open source will change the very nature of IT AND business.  Hyperbole on my part?  Check out Develop Complex jBPM Processes in Guvnor - design BPMN 2.0 processes, graphically, right in your browser by Tihomir. 
    Make sure to watch his HD video - seeing is believing. http://vimeo.com/26126678
  • In addition, Marian Buenosayres has been blogging about a new jBPM Form Builder.  This is an absolutely fantastic addition to jBPM project.  Many thanks Marian for getting this moving, thousands of jBPM fans look forward to future jBPM Form Builder blogs, screenshots and hopefully a video in the future. :-)
  • The White Rabbit (JBoss AS7 CR1) has been spotted - some fantastic content has trickled out related to the new AS7 - if you only have a few moments to start your learning of how to get started with AS7, I suggest watching this demonstration video captured from the Jason Greene Webinar.  There is a LOT more coming, make sure to follow @jbossdeveloper and watch for hashtag #JBossAS7 in the twitterverse.
  • IronJacamar 1.0.0 Released!  Our implementation of Java Connector Architecture - easier development via annotated POJO-based services, including a fast embedded environment to allow for fast turnaround automated testing.   I will not even attempt to repeat all the major enhancements listed in the blog post - go read it.
  • Did you know that a web profile focused application server like JBoss AS 7.0 (again, more to come on this topic soon) still has some more advanced features like JMS and JAX-WS?  Alessio of the JBossWS team published a small article on using JAX-WS with AS7.
  • Finally, GWT (Google Web Toolkit) is widely used here at JBoss, if you watch Tiho's jBPM BPMN2 Designer video then you will get to see one the showcase examples in action - Drools Guvnor.    Another example is the JBoss AS7 Admin Console (thank Heiko!) and it can be seen in Brian Stansberry's Webinar. Fast forward to minute 40 for a quick demo of the new admin console.  GWT is also being used by our RHQ team and Mazz has had some nice tips on best practices with GWT.