JBoss AS7 goes Final on July 12th 2011 - You will love JBoss AS7


I fully expect a global drop in coffee consumption for enterprise Java developers and administrators because there will be less wait time, less coding and you now have a vastly easier to manage & deploy application server.    More developer/administrator productivity means more time spent on adding business value.   You can join the #JBossAS7 conversation on theserverside.com.


  • Faster startup (< 3 secs) and faster hot deployment means less time waiting to see your changes live.
  • Smaller ASs - memory footprint means more memory available for the hungry Eclipse on your desktop workstation. If you are like many JBoss users, you likely need to start dozens if not hundreds of application server instances in your production environment to meet your ever growing end-user demand.
  • EE6 programming model means a POJO with annotations model for transactional components, RESTful endpoints and the glue code between the UI tier & middle tier disappears.
  • CLI - command line interface, forget Twiddle, the new CLI can be used to touch anything available for tuning and configuration inside the application server. Other administration & management interfaces include a new Web console (based on GWT), a native Java API and a HTTP API that supports JSON payloads (yes, build your own JavaScript-based admin solution).


Make sure to check out the articles listing for more details about JBoss AS7.


  • Hibernate Users: Hibernate continues to be one of the most popular and pervasive open source projects around the globe.  Hibernate 4 ships as part of JBoss AS7 and Team Hibernate/JPA put together a nice article on what is new and now available. 
  • Spring Users: if you are a Spring user and wish to learn more about how to bring those old Spring applications to AS7 then make sure to follow Marius's blog on the topic.
  • Switchyard Users: If you need routing, transformation, Camel's declarative EIP capabilities and other SOA-oriented functionality then check out Switchyard's move to the JBoss AS7 architecture.


VIdeo killed the radio star and the amount of video production by the JBoss team has exploded over the last few months at www.vimeo.com/jbossdeveloper.


Key videos published in the last couple of weeks include:


Wish to follow the twitterverse action for #JBossAS7 but without actually having a Twitter account?  Check out our JSF2 + RichFaces4 based Tweetstream demonstration that runs on OpenShift at bit.ly/tweetstream2