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This was a quieter week, but interesting things still keep happening in the world of JBoss. Here are few:


A  shout from the JBoss Asylum inmates


Our favourite podcast, the JBoss Asylum, has recorded another edition, focusing on Java One. This edition's guest is Andrew Rubinger, tackling topics such as JBoss AS7, Arquillian as well as other recent developments from the enterprise Java world.


JBPM editor: On the web first, then in the cloud


We have announced last week the enhancements to the web-based JBPM editor. This week, Eric Schabell will show you how you can try it by yourself, by using the cloud-based version deployed in OpenShift. Indeed, all the nice web applications want to go there.


Pluggable encoding with TorqueBox


Torquebox provides now pluggable message encoding. What does this mean?  It means that Ruby applications that are deployed in TorqueBox may talk in a portable fashion to other applications via messages, regardless of what language are they written in. Learn how TorqueBox is  adding superior interoperability to the extensive list of advantages that the Java EE-based Ruby runtime provides from Toby Crawley's post.


Learn Switchyard with the workshop materials


The Switchyard team went on an Asian tour last month, giving a series of workshops. Keith Babo has published the workshop materials, so you can now learn more about using the new lightweight and powerful ESB from JBoss.


Content negociation in RHQ's RESTful API


Heiko Rupp has provided an overview of the latest enhancements of RHQ's RESTful API in the area of content negociation, providing an interesting example of avoiding code duplication when explicitly handling concerns that apply across content types, such as response codes and caching.


Unveiling MVEL


MVEL, a scripting language for the JVM, has been an integral part of Drools for a long time. In this article, published on The Server Side, Mike Proctor and Mike Brock provide an overview the main features of the language, arguing why it is, as they say, "JBoss' secret weapon".


New releases:



Upcoming Events



Have a fun coding time, and join us next week for another round of news!



Screenshot.pngAnother week and another update about the wonderful world of JBoss, with this week so much going on that I am not sure if I actually caught it all! Each week we try to bring you an overview of the latest, greatest JBoss project news, keeping you up to speed on the width and breadth of the innovation being done in our house.



A new book entitled JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide goes on sale this week, with a sale for any book $10.99! Pete Muir also submitted an early draft of the Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1 (CDI, JSR-346) to the JCP, read all about the details.



jBPM / Drools

A very busy week for the Drools team with work completed on Guvnor's support of Limited Entry decision tables which will be available in 5.4.0.Beta1 (or now, if you are able to work with the source from github).


There was a cookbook published on How to Test Rules using xUnit by


a version of the jBPM migration tooling was put in the cloud.  This migration project helps you converting your jPDL processes into BPMN2, and they're looking for input and feedback. There was a release of a new version of the web-based designer. The jBPM form designer is coming along nicely!  A new video showing some of the more advanced UI components is available here.


Kris Verlaenen was at the JBoss One Day Event and posted slides.


Technical tidbits


JBoss Ruby

If you haven't heard by now, TorqueBox 2.x is powered by JBoss AS7 which claims to be blazingly fast and lightweight. So, naturally, we want to put those claims to the test and see how TorqueBox 2.x stacks up against the competition. Check out the benchmark results!



JBoss AS 7

Heiko Braun did a JBoss AS 7 talk this last week, slides here. It's not hard to guess, the JBossWS team is currently working on the webservices features for the future JBoss Application Server 7.1.0.


If you are in London on Oct/31st, don't miss the JBoss User & Developer Conference, hosted in the same venue with JAX. Check out the Agenda for a large number of interesting talks. For JBoss AS 7 aficionados, recommends:


  • Java EE in the Cloud, by Pete Muir, showcasing the Red Hat PaaS offering with JBoss AS7.
  • Racing JBoss AS7 bootup across clouds, by Adrian Cole (jclouds).
  • Configuration and Management with JBoss AS7, by our Emanuel Muckenhuber.
  • OSGi in complex Enterprise Applications on AS7, by Thomas Diesler


The SwitchYard 0.2 release contained full JBoss AS6 and JBoss AS7 distributions i.e. modified AS6 and AS7 distributions containing the "bits" to allow it run SwitchYard applications.  SwitchYard 0.3 will also contain a JBoss AS7 Installer, which will allow you to install SwitchYard into an existing JBoss AS7 instance.


Finally, don't miss Andrew saying "You've been lazy!" in his article where you Don't Call it a Comeback!


JBoss events



This section is a weekly spotlight on one or two pretty cool items out there in the JBoss community, just to let you know what you might be missing in the shadows.


For the rest of you out there, enjoy your week and eat that pizza while you code on! ;-)


It's conference season, so there should be no surprise that some of the most important stories this week relate to the JBoss presence at various events. But not only that - we also have new releases, technical articles and many other  news from near and far.


We came, you saw, everyone won: Java One


As anticipated, the JBoss presence at Java One was massive and well-received, and our team on the ground has been kept busy by the packed audience at the sessions and at the booths (see the pictures).  Mark Little has been the first to publish his impressions - and there are more blogs to come.


Duke makes the right choice. Twice.


Besides the opportunity of talking about our latest technologies, there was another reason for the JBoss crowd  to enjoy their participation at Java One. We're talking about Duke's Choice Awards where two JBoss projects are winners this year:


  • Arquillian for Innovative Integration Testing
  • Netty for Innovative Network Programming


Fun fact about Netty: whenever you tweet about our weekly update, you are one of its users. Netty, a NIO-based asynchronous event-driven network application framework is a central component in Twitter's architecture.


Break your applications to make them better: Byteman


Andrew Dinn has published the 'Getting Started with Byteman' guide to DZone. Byteman is a Java bytecode instrumentation tool that allows the injection of code into applications (including running ones), using a simple yet powerful scripting language. This makes tracing and monitoring particularly easy, but it is fault injection - testing that your application is robust enough to handle unexpected failures - where Byteman proves to be uniquely useful.

Advanced Wizardry with SwitchYard and the Eclipse plugin


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Or, at least, so goes Arthur C. Clarke's quote. Be that as it may, a wizard's powers can be put to good use in either case. So, technology it is. Following Keith Babo's introduction of the SwitchYard plugin last week, Rob Cernich follows by describing its features in more detail, including the new wizards, XSD handling and m2e (Maven integration) configurations. SwitchYard is a premier lightweight enterprise integration framework, and tooling support (both through Eclipse and Forge) is another great addition to a great set of features.


BPM and rules management


In addition to the sessions at the upcoming RuleFest in San Francisco (October 24 - October 28), JBoss and Red Hat will organize a two-day Drools/JBPM BootCamp on October 27-28 (with a specific focus on healthcare on the second day).  For more details, read Mark Proctor's detailed announcement here.


On a related topic, Kris Verlaenen has published an overview of the service repository introduced by JBPM 5, which allows developers to create and share  services. This should make integration with well-known providers much easier. JBoss thrives first and foremost on the participation of its community, so you are encouraged to contribute to the repository with your own implementation.


JBoss AS7: as seen by the community

Adam Bien, Java Champion and Java EE expert has blogged about his experience of using JBoss AS 7.0.2 for more than a simple smoke test.


Hanneli Tavante, Seam community member has written about JBoss AS7 (in Portuguese).


New releases


  • Hibernate Search 4 has published its first release candidate, which means that a final release is forthcoming
  • Tattletale 1.2.0.Beta1 is out - it's even easier to check what the dependecies of a project are, since it supports WARs and EARs too now


JBoss sightings


Besides Java One, there were a couple of other events where JBoss was present:

Upcoming events


Was this a busy week? We cannot possibly know. A JBossian's work is never done, so we will keep working to deliver state-of-the art technology in collaboration with our enthusiastic community. Read us next week, for more news.

It's been a little quiet this week, because many JBoss folks did attend or speak at JavaOne this year. If you didn't make to JavaOne yourself, make sure you pick one the upcoming dates to meet us:


- JUDCon London

- JBoss One Day Talk Munich

- Java & JBoss User Group Meetings around the globe


In the meantime, we picked some notable updates for this week.


Project Updates


TorqueBox benchmarks released

If you are into Ruby development, then you should definitely take a look at TorqueBox. TorqueBox provides an all-in-one Ruby environment that runs on JBossAS. Ben Browning did reveal some interesting benchmarks.


JAX-RS in GWT with Errai

Errai provides integration of JBoss technologies with GWT applications. The latest addition does simplify the integration of REST-based services with GWT client applications.


CDI specification Updates

The CDI specification get's some notable updates. Pete did already speak about it at JavaOne. The slides can be found here. He's also submitted an early draft of the Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.1 specification.


Drools & jBPM Updates

Eric Schabell put a version of the jBPM migration tooling in the cloud. Tihomir has released a new version of the web-based designer.  The jBPM form designer is coming along nicely! A new video, showing some of the more advanced UI components, is available here.



New Releases


IronJacamar 1.1.0.Alpha2

The second developer snapshot of our JCA container implementation has been released.


Teiid 7.6 Alpha1

Our data virtualization system does get plenty of new features: Support for procedure language, File enhancements, TEXTTABLE Enhancements, Temp table transactions, Buffering Improvements and support for the GSSAPI.


Seam 3.1.0.Beta3

Seam adds a number of new modules with this release: JCR, JMS, Social, Mail.


Infinispan 5.1.0.Beta1

Along with a number of small improvement the most notable change is the redesign of the transaction layer. As explained by Mircea.


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