"Trick or Treat" is a shout heard often at this time of year and have we got some treats for you!  With many of the developers and Community members on the road, visiting parts of Europe to meet, present at conferences and have discussions on various JBoss technologies, there have been lots of fantastic opportunities for those lucky enough to attend.


JUDCon and JAX


The week started with a collaboration between JUDCon and JAX London; two conferences, held at the same venue, with overlapping streams.


The first day consisted of three streams covering

  • Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI
  • OpenShift/Cloud
  • Cool Stuff

but things didn't stop there.  There were more goodies in the evening, after a break for drinks and dinner, when we had a live JBoss Community Asylum podcast followed by Lightning Talks, a Hackfest and more drinks.


The second day was shared with attendees of the JAX Conference and consisted of a stream covering JBoss Application Server 7 and its technologies.  We were also fortunate to have Dr. Mark Little presenting the JAX Keynote, discussing Red Hat's vision of "Middleware Everywhere".


You can find more information on the topics covered in these streams by looking through the conference agenda.


Many of the presentations will also make their way online and, when they do, we will include them in this editorial.


We already have

Expect to see more in the upcoming weeks.


EclipseCon Europe


EclipseCon Europe was the next stop on the trail, taking place in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and is the annual, European conference of the Eclipse open source community.


Two JBoss developers will be present

as well as another Red Hat colleague, Andrew Overholt, who will be presenting on IcedTea and IcedTea-Web, Hands on with the C/C++ IDE and Eclipse Linux Tools Project Update.




The final conference of the week, Java2Days, takes place in the beautiful city of Sofia in Bulgaria, and is a major Eastern European conference covering Java technology and development.


Two JBoss developers will be present

  • Andrew Lee Rubinger with two sessions on Arquillian and AS7
  • Lincoln Baxter III with two sessions on URL rewriting for the Web User and Rapid Development using JBoss Forge


Immutant is born


One of the most exciting announcements of the week was the birth of Immutant, a project which aims to do for Clojure what TorqueBox is doing for Ruby.  Jim Crossley made the original announcement and followed up with a good posting about Enterprise capabilities and why we believe they are important.


If you are interested in getting involved, helping to shape the integration of Clojure with the appserver, then please follow along on Twitter, join the mailing lists or jump on IRC.


jPBM Form Builder


If you are interested in keeping up with some of the advances in the jBPM Form Builder project then take a look at Mariano's posting, a follow-up covering the new Flexible Table UI component.


New Releases


As if all that wasn't enough to 'whet your appetite', here's a roundup of the new project releases


October 28th - Randall announced the release of Modeshape 2.6.0.Final

October 31st - Heiko announced the release of RHQ 4.2

October 31st - Jesper announced the release of IronJacamar 1.1.0.Alpha3


Upcoming Events


Keep an eye open for JBoss developers and Community members attending the following events.


November 14th-18th - Devoxx 2011 in Antwerp

November 16th-18th - QCon San Francisco 2011


Unfortunately both of these are now sold out but hopefully you already have your passes


That's all for this week, stay tuned for more updates from the Weekly Editorial.


Update 4th Nov: Added Link to Geoffrey's slides from JUDCon