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Weekly Editorial

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This week has been horrible for many of us after the tragic events that took place in Brussels this Tuesday the 22th of March. But as the show must go on, you will find hereafter another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial where we bring you up to speed with all that has been happening across the JBoss Communities.


SOA Governance with the Api Catalog

Our middleware products offering has always suffered the comparison with the competition due to the lack of a SOA Service registry or catalog and the tooling that we need to manage / import services/apis. Hopefully, the situation is changing and as we can now use the API Catalog feature proposed by the Apiman project to :


Screenshot 2016-03-24 10.09.47.png
  • Manage for an organisation the APIs / Services that we can propose,
  • Import existing Apis (REST or Web Services endpoints) from a WADL file or a Swagger file,
  • Build our own catalog using the Api Catalog Plugin or a Catalog File


Thank to Eric Wittman which has blogged around that recently !


Turn on a Database to Event Streams with Debezium


Debezium is a distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, so applications can see and respond almost instantly to each

committed row-level change in the databases. Debezium is built on top of Apache Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors that monitor specific database management systems.

Debezium records the history of data changes in Kafka logs, so your application can be stopped and restarted at

any time and can easily consume all of the events it missed while it was not running, ensuring that all events are processed correctly and

completely !

Debezium has been designed around these architecture patterns : Change Data Capture (CDC) and Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS)


Hibernate Search & Elasticsearch


Hibernate Search can now store indexes and query from an Elasticsearch cluster. What's cool is that all of your Hibernate ORM applications can now be indexed by Elasticsearch. The index is kept synchronized with the database thanks to Hibernate Search.


More info in these blog entries:


* http://in.relation.to/2016/02/29/HibernateSearchAlpha-Elasticsearch/

* http://in.relation.to/2016/03/17/ThirdAlphaElasticsearch/

Evangelist's Corner


Charles has released a collection of "In Action" projects hosted on the FuseByExample github repository to play and discover the RedHat Middleware

technology using Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse, FeedHenry, Linux Container but also the security around the endpoints using Apiman & Keycloak.


- REST DSL in Action : Design REST endpoints using Apache Camel REST DSL & Swagger API, manage the info using ElasticSearch & Kibana Dashboard

- Enforcement Security in Action : Secure Apache Camel endpoints using Apiman API Mngt & Keycloak Web SSO servers (basic authentication, Oauth2)

- Mobile & REST in action : Extend the project REST DSL in action project to run the application using Feedhenry js api, AngularJS & Apache Cordova

- MicroService in Action : Turn on Apache Camel project as MicroServices running top of Linux Containers and loadbalance the services using Kubernetes


Releases, release, releases ....



I hope this week's editorial has provided you with something of interest, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from JBoss and the JBoss Communities.

If spring has yet to come to us (at least in Europe), there is a definitly a feeling of "waking up", all over the community. Projects are releasing, as they always do, but important milestones are coming - and with them, the release of crucial and exciting features...

Waking up the bear


brown bear at Skansen3-3


The Hibernate community has grown over the border of the Hibernate framework for a long time now. Numerous projects, like the Hibernate ORM (which just released 5.0.9.Final) and Hibernate Search (which just 5.6.0.Alpha3) are part of this blooming community.

Thus it was decided to set up a dedicated Hibernate Community Newsletter, to allow people interest by all (or most) of those projects, to easily follow their activities.


In the Eye of the Hawkular



On top of releasing the 1.0.0.Alpha11, which is getting the project closer and closer to the 1.0.0 milestone, Hawkular team took the time to produce a Hawkular features overview (1.0.0.Alpha11). The article covers quickly how Hawkular can (graphically) monitor business transactions or application performance, alongside dealing with management operations and artifacts deployments.


Also, to show how flexible and extendable the project is, one of the developer, Heiko Rupp, produced a very intriguing blog entry on Reacting on IoT data with Hawkular. This new article is a follow up on his previous ones on Sending IoT sensor data to Hawkular-Metrics via MQTT and Send IoT data to Hawkular-full and all of them certainly forms an exciting testimony to the possibility offered by Hawkular.


Evangelist's Corner


Last week, Christina has released the part four of a her Fuse Integration Service demo on"Auto Dealership Management"

and, as always, Eric D. Schabell has been quite prolific and produced a guide on Installing the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK), but also take the time to answer some questions on OpenShift Profiles (An interview with Eric D. Schabell).



Worth to mention here is certainly the opening of the Call For Paper - Riveria Dev, a conference located in the south of France, at Sophia-Antipolis, on the 16 and 17 June. The CfP itself closes on the 30th April. If you have the chance to be able to apply or attend, please do so, I only hear good things about this event !

Releases, releases, releases...


The JBoss community would not be as thriving as it is, if it were not to release as often as it does. Thus, this week is again having its fair share of interesting releases:



I hope this week's editorial has provided you with something of interest, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from JBoss and the JBoss Communities.

The editorial this week is brought to you by Jason Porter, Senior Software Engineer



Today back in 1818 Mary Shelley published Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus![1] It is often considered to be the first science fiction novel. We may not have such exciting firsts this week, but the tech community has seen more announcements that would have been considered science fiction 10 years ago. Microsoft has continued it’s advance into the OSS area with the announcement of joining the Eclipse Foundation [2] and SQL Server for Linux![3]

I know I’m anxious to see any further moves in the tech industry in the near future!


On to our Week in JBoss!




New Releases


  • Immutant 2.1.3 - notable fixes include a regression with :dispatch? false broken since 2.1.0 and new functions in the immutant.web.undertow namespace.
  • Infinispan 8.2.0.Final - this release includes perf improvements, changes to Infinispan server, and reduced network usage for remote reads
  • Keycloak 1.9.1.Final - over 50 issues in JIRA have been closed with this release!
  • Teiid 8.13.2 - 27 issues have been fixed including a TEIID-4017 an important security fix, please upgrade if you are not already using 8.13.2
  • Ceylon 1.2.2 - over 70 issues have been fixed in this release, on the JVM this release is backwards compatible, however, for JavaScript it is not. There is a new ceylon bootstrap command to easily distribute code and work with Java Collections has been improved in this release.


Congrats to all the releases which happened this week. I know hard work was put in by many people in making these happen.


Presentations about JBoss Technologies




More from the week


  • Eric Schabell continues his series about the App Dev Cloud Stack in It’s all about the PaaS baby
  • Eric Wittmann tells us how to store apiman gateway configurations in a database in Storing Your Gateway Config in a Database
  • Get to know one of our youngest Hibernate contributors, Martin Braun at Meet Martin Braun, the youngest Hibernate contributor
  • Part three of Christina Lin’s Auto Dealership Management Demo was released this week. This part details information about collecting data via the Customer IoT Service which simulates GPS data being sent in from customers' cars to determine how close they are to a dealership.


Thanks for a wonderful week!


Jason Porter @lightguardjp



leap year.png

This year we have one extra day to enjoy Open Source Software by JBoss.  This past Monday was February 29th so I thought I would share why we have one extra day on the calendar every 4 years.


One orbit of Earth around the Sun takes 365.2422 days—a little more than our Gregorian calendar’s 365. Adding an extra day, aka a leap day, to the calendar every 4 years brings the calendar in line and therefore synchronizes with the four seasons.  Without leap days, the calendar would be off by 5 hours, 48 minutes, 45 seconds each year. After 100 years, the seasons would be off by 25 days. The extra leap day adjusts this drift.


A year is a leap year if it is divisible by 4, but century years are not leap years unless they are divisible by 400.  So, the years 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not leap years, but the year 2000 was. Non-leap years begin and end on the same day of the week.


So to determine a leap year here is a quick algorithm:


if (year is not divisible by 4) then (it is a common year)

  else if (year is not divisible by 100) then (it is a leap year)

    else if (year is not divisible by 400) then (it is a common year)

      else (it is a leap year)


I hope everyone had a great week. So onto our Week in JBoss...


New Releases

Fuse and Camel

Christina Lin shared part 2 of her Auto DealershipManagement DemoThis series of blog is based on building an auto dealership management system on Fuse Integration Service. It creates three major functions in the system:

  • Sales report tracking
  • Vehicle inventory status
  • Customer IoT Service

Claus Ibsen shared the continuation of the video blogs he has done about our development on the fabric8 Camel tools.  He covers the camel tools to add or edit endpoints from the current cursor position.

KIE Server

Maciej Swiderski shares the capabilities of the jBPM UI extension on the KIE server.  One of the most desired use case is to be able to visualize state of given process instance - including graphical annotations about which nodes are active and which are already completed, showing complete flow of the process instance.  This has been added to KIE Server as part of jBPM UI extensions and provides following capabilities:

  • display process definition diagram as SVG
  • display annotated process instance diagram as SVG
    • greyed out are completed nodes
    • marked as red are active nodes
  • display structure of process forms
  • display structure of task forms

He also shares what Wildfly Swarm means in the context of the KIE Server.

More from the week

Thanks for reading and being a part of a great community....


Kenneth Peeples




OK let's get the sad news out of the way: one of editorial team and a key member of the JBoss family is leaving! Good luck Markus and come back soon!


Now that's out of the way we return you to our normal scheduled service. And as usual Eric has been doing a great job of pushing the OpenShift+JBoss agenda. Whether it's the Container Development Kit (CDK), with it's integration through Eclipse, or just installing OpenShift as a private PaaS, Eric always manages to get straight to the point and in an easily understandable manner.


One of our relatively newer projects, APIMan, has had a few articles in the last week. Len has written about improvements on plugin management, which is really a key area for APIMan and Policies. Eric, the project lead, has also stepped up to write about how you can republish your APIs, and how you can re-register your client apps. If you're at all interested in API Management, which cuts across a number of different areas, then check out these articles as well as the project.


In other news, we've had a really interesting article on testing and Ceylon, Heiko has written about the work they're doing with integrating JBoss Management and ManageIQ (a very important step!), and Keycloak 1.9.0.Final was released! Congrats to the team.


OK, that's it for this week. See you next week!


Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial where we bring you up to speed with all that has been happening across the JBoss Communities.  This past Sunday the 14th was Valentine's Day and so I thought I would share a little bit of history before moving onto the week....

The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which love interest expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). In Europe, Saint Valentine's Keys are given to love interest "as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart", as well as to children, in order to ward off epilepsy (called Saint Valentine's Malady).  Valentine's Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards as seen in the attached image. 


I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day as well as a great week. So onto our Week in JBoss...


New Releases


  • Teiid 8.13.1 is now available.  It is a fix release addressing 15 issues.
  • Hibernate Validator 5.2.4.Final is now available. This is a bugfix release which addresses two issues around one of the more advanced features of Bean Validation and redefined default group sequences.
  • Hibernate ORM 5.0.8.Final has just been tagged and published.  The complete list of changes can be found here (or here for people without a Hibernate Jira account).
  • JBoss Forge 3.0.0.CR1 is now available. Grab it while it is hot!
  • Infinispan is proud to announce two fresh releases.  First is 8.2.0.Beta2, from our development branch. The second is 8.1.2.Final which contains bug fixes.
  • Infinispan Javascipt Client 0.1.0 is now available.  The Javascript client based on Node.js which can talk to Infinispan Server instances.
  • Teiid 9.0 Alpha1 is now available. With the creation of the 8.13 transitional release, we are now ready to start the release stream for 9.0 with Alpha1. Please consult the migration documentation from 8.x to 9,

Cloud Stack Series


Eric Schabell continues his tour of the Cloud stack continues from his previous article in a series where he laid the first foundational bricks, the reliable and container supporting operating system. The core machines on which our Cloud will rest, that support containers but obviously don't do much more than that.  You can find more of articles in the series listed below.

  1. Can’t ignore the stack anymore
  2. Foundations for a stable Cloud
  3. Beginners guide to containers at scale
  4. Why containers at scale matter (coming soon...)
  5. It’s all about the PaaS baby (coming soon...)
  6. Open interoperability critical to success (coming soon...)
  7. Securing containers at scale (coming soon...)


Codemotion Amsterdam 2016


This coming Spring there will be a CodeMotion conference in Amsterdam in May from 11th - 12th, 2016.  The Call for Papers is open until Feb 15, 2016.  Eric shared his talk submissions here.



Hibernate Documentation


Vlad Mihalcea shared with us the New Hibernate ORM User Guide and the Hibernate Community NewletterStarting this year, they are hosting a series of articles focused on the Hibernate community. They share blog posts, forum and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant to their users.   Also, they announced that the new Hibernate ORM User Guide has become the default Hibernate 5.1 reference documentation. This process was started last summer, and it was one of the primary goals of the Hibernate 5 project version.


Decision-as-a-Service Webinar


Edson Tirelli announced that Red Hat will be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, Feb 23rd, on Decisions-as-a-Service with Drools/Red Hat BRMS.   This is the perfect opportunity to watch how easy it is to author and publish decision services with Drools/Red Hat BRMS.  For more details and to register, click here.

JSON Web Tokens


Stan Silvert attended DevNexus in Atlanta and discusses the JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Thanks for reading and being a part of a great community....


Kenneth Peeples




Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial where we bring you up to speed with all that has been happening across the JBoss Communities.  We begin this week with a big announcement so lets get started with ....


Manage data collected from Iot Devices with Hawkular

Collect data from an Arduino platform using MQTT protocol is one thing but managing the data collected from such IoT device is another story. Hopefully, with the help of the project Hawkular which is a management & monitoring platform collecting and storing in real time information, this is currently possible. The hawkular-metrics component has been designed to support such feature. In short, this is a metric data store for the Hawkular project. It can also be used independently. It relies on Apache Cassandra as a backend and is comprised of: a core library, a REST/HTTP interface. You can read more info about integration by reading this blog article of Heiko Rupp


Weld 2.3.3


Weld 2.3.3.Final the next bug-fix version of the stable 2.3 branch has been released! See also the release details. Thanks to everyone involved in this release! Notable improvements:

  • allows to proxy classes with non-static non-private final methods
    • this is a non-portable way to get around the CDI spec restrictions, see also Proxying classes with final methods and CDI-527. use with caution!
  • Other enhancements and bug-fixes around proxies:
    • better support for DeltaSpike partial beans (WELD-2084)
    • better support for Camel CDI (WELD-2089)
    • better support for proxies with non public classes (WELD-2091)
  • Weld Probe has a slightly redesigned menu and a new Dashboard view with some basic stats
  • the decorator validation was improved (WELD-2085, WELD-1811, WELD-2039)
  • minor SPI cleanup was performed (WELD-2077, WELD-2079)


Keycloak 1.8.1.Final

This week, we have two new releases of Keycloak. As 1.8.0.Final was released before WildFly 10 Final was available, we decided to release 1.8.1.Final which is now built on top of WildFly 10 Final.

The bigger release today is 1.9.0.CR1, this release contains a large number of bug fixes and improvements, but no major new features. For the full list of issues resolved check out JIRA and to download the release go to the Keycloak homepage.


Vertx 3.2.x


The release contains many bug fixes and a ton of small improvements, such as future composition, improved Ceylon support, Stomp virtual host support, performance improvements… . The complete release notes are there.

The event bus client using the SockJS bridge are available from NPM, Bower and as a WebJar. The next version would be the 3.3.0, and is expected ~ May 2016.


Ceylon 1.2.1


It's not a major release, but it has plenty of bug fixes, a few interop improvements, and more importantly it's the first non-yearly release, as we're moving to a more rapid release cycle. Yeah, sure now people brag about doing multiple daily releases, but three months is still better than one year, we'll see later for more rapid cycles. For those wondering about IntelliJ support, we're about two months away from a first public release, and we'll have Android+Ceylon news before that.



New Releases



I hope this week's editorial has provided you with something of interest, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from JBoss and the JBoss Communities.

Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial where we bring you up to speed with all that has been happening across the JBoss Communities.  We begin this week with a big announcement so lets get started with ....


The Arrival of WildFly 10 Final


There is a saying that "Good things come to those who wait" and this is certainly true for those who have been waiting on the WildFly 10 release.  WildFly 10 Final in all its goodness has arrived and is now available for download from the usual place, so what are you waiting for?  If you want more information on the release then check out Jason's and/or Dimitris' announcement.


Kubernetes Workflow


For the last couple of months Ioannis has been experimenting with Jenkins to work out how it could be integrated into a Docker/Kubernetes environment.  The culmination of this effort has been the creation of a Kubernetes Workflow Plugin, a plugin to Jenkins that provided support for many Kubernetes concepts including pods, build images, service accounts, volumes and secrets.


Cassandra Returns to Infinispan


The release of Infinispan 6.0 came with some significant changes including to their Cache Store SPI.  The unfortunate outcome of this change was that some of the "extra" cache stores that had previously been developed were no longer able to work within Infinispan 6.0, the Cassandra Cache Store being one example.  Happily this is no longer the case as Jakub Markos stepped forward and took on the task of updating the integration so that it is now compatible with the new SPI.


Hibernate Community Newsletter


The second Hibernate Community newsletter has just been released, this forms part of a series of articles that are focussing on any blog posts, forum discussions or StackOverflow questions that are relevant to the Hibernate Community.


Validating Camel Endpoints from Source


The fabric8 team have recently released a new maven plugin that will allow you to validate your Camel endpoint configuration from the source code, ensuring that you catch any errors before they get deployed into your environment.  For more information check out Claus' post where he includes a video to demonstrate how the plugin can be run from within your IDE.


JBoss Out and About


The Infinispan team were in London last week where Gustavo Fernandes presented a tour of Infinispan 8 at JBUG: London, if this of interest to you then check out the video of the event.  They were also present at Snowcamp 2016 where Galder Zamarreño gave a presentation on "Distributed Data Processing with Infinispan and Java Streams".


Devoxx UK will be returning to London this Summer from June 8th until June 10th and we intend to be there.  Eric Schabell has teamed up with Markus Eisele to propose two sessions for the conference, "Super charging your IDE for container based development" and "Awaken the force in your developers with OpenShift & Wildfly Swarm".


Eric has also submitted a proposal for DevNation2016, taking place along side Red Hat Summit in San Francisco from June 26th until June 29th, and is entitled "Awaken the Force in your developers with containerized Cloud & JBoss xPaaS".


New Releases



I hope this week's editorial has provided you with something of interest, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news from JBoss and the JBoss Communities.

If snow storms hit badly the East Coast last week, they certainly have not hindered the progress - and releases - of the JBoss Community. So, yet again, you have a fully packed JBoss Weekly Editorial to catch you up with all of that happens last week...


Hawkular and Apiman - coming of age


With the release of the Hawkular nineth milestone, it is clearly becoming time to get a look at this new project, aiming to replace the RHQ. Some articles have been released that may give you already an interesting glimpse on it :


On its own side, the Apiman project just released Apiman 1.2.1.Final, along with some articles offering also some much needed insight in the technology, starting by an article explained CORS, cheekily titled: CORS? Of Course!

along with an also cheekily titled article on authentification : Cover yourself up! Protecting your APIs with mutual auth. The later is nicely complemented by an other in depth article on how to use Keycloak to secure your APIs with OAuth2.

(oh, and along the lines of Keycloak, there is also a detailled blog post on Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) of Keycloak)

An other sign of the coming of age of Apiman is the recent renaming (Apiman Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty), clearly aiming at improving understanding of the framework concept. And at last, but not the least, one final article on Apiman : Apiman 1.2.1 Export and Import.




rear view

Our industry has been known for falling all over again in the same traps (just with a different wrapping) for years know. (Remember the all thin client, rich client, web client, rich client swinging movement ) and that is why I personally always like when (smart) people take the time to step back and think about the new fad of the day. If you're like me, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy then this article from Mark Little on Frameworks versus stacks ?

Technicals crumps


Drools and jBPM


Business rules and business processes are at the root of many applications, and thus it is why, it's never a bad idea learn more about their features and capabilities. A couple of last week's articles cover some of those, one on Advanced queries in jBPM 6.4 and the other on Advanced queries in KIE Server. Enjoy !


Fuse, Camel and Fabric8


First of all, in case you really missed the rise of Fuse technologies in the recent years, here is a nice introduction to Fuse Integration Service- What is Fuse Integration Service?. Assuming you are already familliar with Fuse and Camel, here is a couple more in depth articles, you might enjoy: Performance Tuning Ideas for Apache Camel

and Idempotent Consumer EIP Icon (both by Bilgin Ibryam (@bibryam) ).

Last quite interesting technical bite Typesafe Kubernetes-manifest DSL for JVM-based apps ! A very intriguing article leverage Farbic8 feature to interact your docker infrastructure (using Kubernetes). Pretty interesting entry...


Nifty bag of tricks


While we all like (and need) some architecture overview of products, and some in depth analysis of technical topic or issue, nothing helps us more, in the daily life, than knowing a good tips on any of our favorite tooling. For instance, I'm pretty sure that if you are using Eclipse, for instance with Infinispan, you'll be delighted to learn about Eclipse tools for Hibernate Search. Of course, you might be a Vert.x fan instead, but don't worry I'm pretty sure this Intro to Vert.x Shell will get you coverered.

Phenomenal cosmic powers...


And when it's not our tools, we want to get better at using, it is generally our infrastructure, so this entry on Running Any Docker Image On OpenShift Origin will also come in handy. Last, but not the least, if you are doing distributed development, either using Wildfly (or JBoss EAP) clustering feature or simply Infinispan, you will probably be quite interested in the latest blog entry from JGroups's project leader, Bela Ban: Dump RPC stats with JGroups.







Releases, releases, releases...

Welcome to another week in JBoss. A little late (again); looks like we're still ramping up again and it takes a while to get back into the flow.


EAP 7 Is here!

eap7-logo.pngThere are a few Open Source technologies and products that have spearheaded the drive of Open Source  into the enterprise and managed to overcome historical objections. Red Hat’s JBoss EAP  (upstream WildFly , previously JBoss AS) is one of those pioneering technologies. The latest EAP 7 beta was launched this week and there is a lot of coverage around it. If you can't wait go ahead and read all about it and get the latest bits from jboss.org.


Hibernate Community Newsletter

Starting this year, we are hosting a series of articles focused on the Hibernate community. We share blog posts, forum and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant to our users. The second edition of the newsletter went out this week.


Vert.x News

Vert.x Unit is a very elegant library to test asynchronous applications developed with vert.x. However because of this asynchronous aspect, reporting test failures is not natural for JUnit users. Learn how to overcome this with the latest blog about using Hamcrest Matchers with Vert.x Unit.

The expectations of users for interactivity with web applications have changed over the past few years. Users during bidding in auction no longer want to press the refresh button to check if the price has changed or the auction is over. This made bidding difficult and less fun. Instead, they expect to see the updates in application in real-time. Vert.x can help a lot and the other highlight blog-post of this week shows you how to implement a real-time bidding with Websockets and Vert.x.


New Releases


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

Back after the winter break. My first day in the office today and I have to admit, that I had to clean my inbox. Like many of you. But we're getting back to normal eventually and so is the weekly editorial. More or less the same team with a new 2016 schedule and we're ready to guide you through the JBoss universe week after week.


WildFly Monitoring

The Hawkular community released a post about Hawkular WildFly Agent API For Your Own Inventory and Metrics which introduces you to a hidden gem provided by the Hawkular WildFly Agent. That might be useful to those developers that want to store metrics in a metric storage facility for later reporting and graphing but don't want to take the time to implement that storage facility. This hidden gem also provides a way for developers to store their own managed resource definitions in an inventory storage facility but, again, don't want to implement all of the backend required for such a thing.


Up tp Speed With Microservices

Everybody is talking microservices these days and Red Hat is doing some very cool developer events around the world. The latest one happened at the beginning of November last year. The amazing speaker lineup produced an amazing amount of content and all the sessions have been recorded. So, I thought it might be very helpful to see my personal microservices talks from the road show.


Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Switchyard in OSGi

If your have ever played with JBoss Fuse Service Work, then you will probably know this already. So what exactly is switchyard? SwitchYard is a structured framework for developing integration applications using the design principles and best practices of Service Oriented Architecture. Christina Lin walks you through everything you need to know and gives you a head-start.


We are hiring!

Red Hat is hiring a Java sustaining engineer JBoss Operations Network (JON), RHQ and Hawkular JBoss Operations Network is the product that is fully supported by Red Hat, it is currently based on the RHQ project. And the Developer Experience and Tooling group, of which JBoss Tools team is part, have a set of software QE job openings available.


New Releases

The release schedule has slowed down a bit in between the years, but a little has happened in the last week:


And a little Goodbye

After many many years in the JBoss Middleware Evangelism Team, Eric D. Schabell left the team. He moved to the Integrated Solutions Business Unit, as a Technical Product Marketing Manager. Thank you, Eric! For all your passion and hard work! It's good to still know you in Red Hat!


That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

20151231_155131.jpgIt's been a more silent week. Holidays and family time. We tend to reflect about the passing year and formulate ideas and goals for the next. But as usual, the JBoss Community barely sleeps and I am very happy to have the honor to write the definite and last weekly editorial in 2015. Let's see what happened this week:


JBoss Forge 3.0.0.Beta1 was released. It has better support for creation of generic projects: Not every project is in Java nowadays (unfortunately), so we are introducing a new addon (project-generic) that should allow you to create commands for non-Java projects more easily. And it introduces component Upgrades: We have upgraded Furnace to 2.22.10.Final and Roaster to 2.17.4.Final. Head over to the download page and get it while it is hot.


JBoss Hibernate Search Version 5.5.2.Final is now available, the latest stable version sporting integration with Hibernate ORM 5 and Apache Lucene 5.3 - the state of the art. Creating this version to be compatible with these two great OSS projects kept us busy for a good deal of this past year; I remember discussing this option with superstar OSS contributors Uwe Schindler (Apache Lucene developer) and Gustavo Nalle (Infinispan developer) at FOSDEM in January 2015! I am grateful to both for their guidance and suggestions, as driving progress forward is sometimes challenging when we strive to keep backwards compatibility as best as we can. Everything you need is available on http://hibernate.org/search/. Download the full distribution from here, or get it from Maven Central and don’t hesitate to reach us in our forums or mailing lists.


The JBoss BRMS Quick Start Video Series by Eric Schabell now has seven chapters for you to check out:

Quick Tour #1: JBoss BRMS the Basic Install Project

Quick Tour #2: Where to get JBoss BRMS product

Quick Tour #3: How to install JBoss BRMS

Quick Tour #4: Start your first JBoss BRMS project

Quick Tour #5: How to import a project into JBoss BRMS

Quick Tour #6: Build & run a JBoss BRMS project

Quick Tour #7: What's in Business Central


Mark Litle blogged about software transactional memory with WildFly-Swarm and points us to an example with JAX-RS & Arjuna Transactions.This example uses a JAX-RS resource and the Software Transactional Memory implementation of Narayana. This is a non-distributed transaction example. And Christina Lin shows you how to move Camel application between OSGi and Java EE containers.


And Eric and I posted some 2015 reviews which list the most read blog posts and reflect a little on the passing year.

2015 in review - On the road with JBoss Integration & BPM

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016! - Happy New Year.


After all it has been an amazing year in the JBoss Community. So many contributions, so many releases, so much progress and innovation. And I am really looking forward to another exciting and successful year for all of us! See you all again somewhere soon!

And let me thank the whole editorial team for their all year effort to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in and around JBoss. Don't forget to follow @jbossdeveloper on Twitter!


"Every end marks a new beginning.

Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road.

With courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.

I wish you a very Happy New Year."

Yes it's that time of year again when a lot of the world starts to think about Father Christmas, festive cheer and snowmen! JBoss and Red Hat are no different, but despite this it's also been a busy time for us here. Maybe the snowmen have been helping us out?!



The Vert.x community have been asynchronously hard at work (see what I did there ?) with automatic redeployment in Eclipse. And talking about Eclipse, as Alexey mentions we're hiring again for the team so if you've any interest then get in touch! Ho ho ho, let's not forget about the JBoss Tools maintenance release either!


Two of our most prolific authors have been making their lists, checking them twice and writing about a lot of interesting things: Eric, who has been writing about all things BRMS related for a very long time, presents his audience with a lovely Christmas present of the Ultimate Collection of BRMS Demos, and if that wasn't enough he has a quick tour of importing a project into BRMS. Meanwhile Markus has written about the latest EAP 7 Beta release, just in time for those people with time on their hands on Christmas day. And conveniently he also has the second part of his refresher on EE7 backend features.



If that isn't enough for you, Markus also managed to find time to write an article and associated video about getting started with EAP 7 quickstarts! Phew!


Now if EAP 7 beta isn't enough for you both Jason and Alessio have a few things to say about the latest candidate release of WildFly 10. So let's finish with Davide's article on Cassandra integration with Hibernate OGM 5.0.0 Beta1 and Christina's entry about different ways in which you can develop Fuse applications. I hope you've enjoyed these additional Christmas presents and we see you all after the day. Enjoy and remember: we love you!



With the end of the year, many of you are thinking that the developer world will stop to turn and that no additional contributions will be published, released. Hopefully, this is not the case and this new editorial will prove you that we must stay on the track till the last day of the 2015 year !!


Weld 2.3.2. final is out


Even if this release is mainly a bug-fixing release with 15 issues resolved, it also contains new great features as it allows to perform dependency injection upon objects not having a CDI-compatible constructor, provide enhancements for OSGI probing. See the release details to get more information.

RESTEasy 3.0.14 & wadl


Like Weld, Resteasy 3.0.4 has solved many bugs but supports now to generate the XML description of the HTTP Rest endpoints using the Web Application Description Language (WADL).


Time to send your talks


It is time to send your talks as the Call For Paper process has been launched for many conferences



Advocate's corner


Microservice, container and DevOps have been the hot topics of this year and this O'Really Webcast of Markus Eisele is not an exception as it will dive you into the Microservice Architecture vision promoted top of Java EE Platform.


Claus Ibsen has been interviewed by DZone and reviewed the history behind this fantastic opensource enterprise integration project which is Apache Camel. With the release of the new Red Hat BPM Suite, Eric Schabell has blogged about the ultimate collection of demos available.


As jigsaw and modularity will be part of JDK 9 announced next year, Stéphane Epardaud took the time to present Ceylon language modularity with JDK 9.


Don't miss the video of Claus Ibsen showing how to use the Camel Editor (to creates routes) in a type safe manner. Finally, Christina Lin presented how to manage the Apache Camel Routes using Hawtio Management Console in JBoss EAP.


Releases, ..., releases




That's all for this week, please join us again for the next instalment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavour to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, most of us are trying to wrap up things nicely to enjoy the holiday with a nice sense of completeness - and that's probably why there are so many releases this week. Sadly, some are not at all in the Christmas spirit as you'll see by the Ceylon's troll alert... But first things first, let's look at the good stuff !


Keycloak is out and social !


Keycloak 1.7.0.Final Released and it's full of good features (already documented when the RC was released: Keycloak 1.7.0.CR1 Released). And if you wonder how this could help you, well take a look at this article on First social login in Keycloak, and you'll know what to do next time your application needs some authentification layer (no more extra passwords and user credentials to manage anymore !).


Infinispan is also out and make sparks !


Infinispan 8.1.0.Final is out! This release comes with many enhancements, but the main focus is certainly on the brand new Web Management Console - which the team has been working on quite hard, and are rightly proud about. They even made a video for you to check it out: Infinispan 8.1.0 Admin Console.


Infinispan is a very powerful tool and it's nice to see that more and more connectors allow to integrate with it smoothly. A nice example of this is this brand new Infinispan Spark connector. If you like to play with Spark, check it out !


Really ? In this day and age ?


Sometimes, you run into something that just make you think "Seriously ? People are still doing that ?" - and of course not in a good way. Indeed, the Ceylon community has just released "Troll alert". I honestly thought those days were gone, but apparently, I have been quite naive about it - read the whole story, it's a cautionary tale.


Fremont Troll
Oh, great, now you've let him out ...


On C-Level


While the JBoss Community is obviously all about the gritty-nittyness of in-depth technical details, it's also nice to take one's head out of those, and to look at the so-called "Big Picture": DevOps and the Myth of Efficiency.


Evangelist's Corner


As every week, our Evangelist team, all over the globe, have been quite busy. First, Christina released a new workshop "101 Fuse in EAP", that certainly is worth a look. And, as usual, Eric D. Schabell produced new materials on his ongoing series of JBoss BPM 6.2 new features articles, including Multi-user support in Business Central and How to use the Correlation Key.


Releases, releases, releases...



That's all for this week, please join us again for the next installment of the JBoss Editorial where we will endeavor to bring you more interesting articles written by members of the JBoss communities. And stay up to date with latest developments by following @jbossdeveloper on twitter.

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