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Weekly Editorial

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Welcome to the JBoss weekly editorial. This is a premiere for me, because it's actually the first ever post on this blog. It is my pleasure to bring you the most important news from the JBoss Community for this week.


Devoxx 2014

This week was all about Devoxx Belgium. With Red Hat as a Platinum sponsor there's been a lot going on around it. Beside the fact, that we hat 12 speaker on site which gave a total of 18 sessions we also had the pleasure to talk about our xPaaS offerings in the Wednesday keynote. In this keynote we took a look at what’s happening today around cloud and PaaS and presented some ideas and visions as to what may be the future of enterprise application development. The demo included a complete integration beginning with a mobile client and reaching all the way through to JBoss Fuse running on Open Shift Enterprise. The following blog-posts summarize the technical background of the keynote and give further pointer for you to dig into:

Beside that, another new initiative has been launched at Devoxx. The content portal Voxxed. Arun Gupta took the chance to publish a first Java EE 7 Course. Further on he published his slides from his Devoxx university talk "Nuts and Bolts of Websocket". And I gave an interview to Voxxed about Java EE and why it is important to contribute to the community.


News in Middleware and OpenShift

Mark Little pushed out some thoughts about the trends in middleware. His OpenSlava keynote was recorded and is now available for everybody to watch. More generally he reflected about EAP and the platform this week. The OpenShift team published a twenty minute interview which gets to the core of what OpenShift V3 is all about and how Red Hat's deep portfolio of open source solutions and outside community projects come together to make it all possible. You can also learn how to deploy a PostgresSQL Pod in OpenShift V3. The OptaPlanner Team wrote about the importance for open benchmarks. Another article in the series about "Tricks Competitors Play" talks about "pushing less functional products".


Messaging and Integration

The RHQ Team is busy to integrate messaging into RHQ and they started to work on rhq-msg which is a simple messaging API built on top of ActiveMQ and JMS. The tools team released an early access version of the Integration Tools for Eclipse Luna. Jamie Goodyear wrote a little tool which outputs your Camel route metrics in a Linux top like manner. Claus Ibsen wrote about what is cooking for next Camel 2.15 release which will be a lot smarter.

Travel and Reports

I pushed another trip report about my recent endeavors. This time it gives you some impressions from the amazing JokerConf which was held in Russia.


New Releases

There were two new releases this week:


That's all for this week, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news and events from the JBoss Community.

Welcome to this week's Editorial, a summary of the news and events that have been happening throughout the JBoss Community.


Monitoring through RHQ


There has been a lot of work taking place within RHQ and associated projects this week, fortunately a number of the team have been busy writing articles describing the efforts under way.  In the first post of the week Heiko has written an article introducing the work being done to integrate RHQ monitoring with InfluxDB, highlighting this by demonstrating how to use RHQ and InfluxDB to monitor WildFly instances.  Thomas introduces the work being done on netty-collectd, the netty decoded for the collectd binary protocol, discusses the current status of the work and the plans to incorporate this work into ptrans, the protocol translator used within RHQ.  John describes how to use the new WildFly Extension Installer maven plugin, allowing RHQ to deploy a message broker directly into an existing WildFly or EAP installation and follows up with a second article discussing how a message broker can be used to send and receive Auditing events.


Arun's Tip Corner


Arun has written two tips for us this week, both of which have a cloud theme.  In his first tip of the week Arun explains how easy it is to manage OpenShift with command line tools by using those tools to provision an instance of  WildFly on OpenShift.  In his second tip of the week Arun introduces STOMP, the Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol, and demonstrates how STOMP can be used over the WebSockets API.  In his STOMP demonstration Arun creates an instance of ActiveMQ running on OpenShift and uses this as the STOMP server for a local instance of WildFly.


Infinispan: Soft-Index File Store and Map behaviour


The Infinispan team have recently introduced a new local file based Cache Store, the Soft-Index File Store, intended to address some of the drawbacks associated with the Single File Store, it uses a B+ tree implementation that is cached in memory and offloaded to the filesystem.  Radim has some more details of the cache store, including a discussion on the implementation details and its known limitations.


In versions of Infinispan preceding 7.0.0.Final the Map implementation would return the local node size, often confusing those who were coming across this behaviour for the first time; in Infinispan 7.0.0.Final this all changes.  The 7.0.0.Final release introduces a Distributed Entry Iterator, providing a memory efficient way to iterate over all entries in the cache and providing the basis for reimplementing some of the bulk methods such as size, now returning the size of the entire cluster rather than only the local node set.


Travelling and Rich Clients with Drools and jBPM


Business processes and rules engines can be put to use in many industries, providing solutions to complex problems that have a requirement for process, events and the evaluation of rules.  If you have an need for this type of solution, but perhaps find getting started to be a daunting proposition, then take a look at the Travel Agency Demo introduced by Eric Schabell.  The project was created by two of our UK colleagues, Niraj Patel and Shepherd Chengeta, and is a great example of a solution that encompasses process and rules engines.


Mark Proctor recently gave a presentation covering the UI efforts that are underway within the Drools and jBPM projects, demonstrating the technologies being developed and their flexibility when being used to implement web based UI.


Upcoming Ceylon Features


The Ceylon team are busy discussing the priorities for development tasks aimed at the 1.1.5 and 1.2 versions of Ceylon, asking the community for help in determining the direction.  During these discussions they have identified a number of new features to be added, both within the libraries and the languages syntax.  Check out Gavin's post on those features that are currently being worked on and remember to provide feedback to help shape the future of the Ceylon language.


Upcoming Fabric8 Changes


If you have been using Fabric8 to manage your Camel, ActiveMQ etc. deployments then you may already be aware that there is a big change being introduced with fabric8 2.0.  This will widen the scope of the applications that can be managed and will embrace Kubernetes and Docker.  For more information on what this means check out Rob's post where he discusses these upcoming changes.


Confused over Camel Endpoints?


Have you ever used Camel endpoints?  Have you struggled to find out how to configure those endpoints and achieve the behaviour  you are after?  If so then you will be very interested to hear that Camel 2.15 is introducing a new capability that enables endpoints to self-describe.  The endpoints will now have the ability to explain how they are configured and what each configuration option is used for.


JBoss Out and About


Gavin and Stéphane have recently been presenting Ceylon at some of the Java User Groups along the East Coast of the USA, for more information read Arun's write up of the event.


Arun and the Devoxx4Kids team recently ran an event during JavaOne 2014.  The event was very well attended with 136 kids turning up to learn about Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, Minecraft Modding and many more topics.


Next week sees the return of Devoxx to Antwerp, Belgium.  Eric Schabell will be delivering a University session on Monday afternoon showing everyone how easy it is to get started with xPaaS using OpenShift Cloud.


New Releases


- The AeroGear team have announced UnifiedPush Server 1.0.2.

- The Infinispan team have announced the release of Infinispan 7.0.0.Final.

- The Forge team have announced the release of Forge 2.12.2.Final.

- The Teiid team have announced the release of Teiid 8.9 CR3.

- The Arquillian team have announced the 1.0.0.Alpha7 release of Arquillian Extension Jacoco.


That's all for this week, please join us again next week when we will bring you more news and events from the JBoss Community.

A year ago, I published my very first JBoss Weekly Editorial (at this point, you should hear in your head Moulin Rouge's version of "Like a Virgin"). This post is just a day before the (in)famous holiday of Halloween. I'm quite used to this time slot coming back to me, as a kind of twisted anniversary, the kind of anniversary, where Beetlejuice would not mind crashing. Oh, and of course, Halloween gave me a perfect excuse to Google out some more funny/geeky looking pumpkin pictures...





It's funny how, sometimes, some great feature of a product somehow goes unnoticed (so to speak). It appears that is the case with the cross site replication of Infinispan, but the team remedied that in this short blog entry, giving you the right pointers - especially on how to activate state transfer.


On top of that, the release of new major version, 7.0, is coming along nicely. Indeed, the Infinispan HotRod Client for .NET and for C++ were both released (CR2) early this week. If you are running on those platforms, it's perfect time for you to check out what Infinispan can do for you!


LiveOak Beta01 !



In case you missed it, LiveOak is a backend-as-a-service stack that simplifies development for mobile and standard web clients. Its goal is to enable client-side access to traditional backend services without having to write server-side code. LiveOak's fundamental architectural approach is REST to the core. LiveOak provides publish/subscribe, push-to-the-mobile-client, and REST-based APIs to shuffle data between mobile handsets, traditional desktops, and other servers in a local cluster or in the cloud.


And the project just released its first beta ! Perfect timing to have a go with it !





Foreword; If you have still no idea what Teiid or data virtualization is about, shame on you - go listen this JBoss Asylum podcast which will tell you all about it.


The new release of Teiid is also coming nicely, as the CR2 has just been released this week. As always, community feedback is essential, so please go check it out and let us know what you think. Also, Ramesh Reddy, one of the Teiid core developers, will hold a webcast, on the 5th November on the 3 "big catches" of "big data" ( and obviously how to avoid them). Register for it !


Note that this webinar is the first of the  Beyond Big Data Webinar Series, which will feature in total five webinars.


Switchyard Primer



Kenneth Peeples just released a "Switchyard Primer" where he pulls together several topics around the product (and a special link to my coworker Jorge Morgales blog entry on some pitfalls of the contract definition with Camel and Switchyard). If you are looking for a nice deep introduction on Switchyard, this will fit the bill perfectly!



A different take on things


While the JBoss community is all about Open Source, the fact remains that even Open Source products have competitors - or at least alternatives, and it is almost always a very interesting exercise to take a hard look at yourself and your competition in order to enhance yourself (or, in this case, your product). However, it can be a daunting exercise to execute such an analysis. Fortunately,  the recently launched "Red Hat JBoss Middleware Competitive Perspectives" blog just released the second article of a series on this challenging topic:



Tips and tricks


Arun Gupta keeps on with his "techtips" series, and this week features the following interesting breadcrumbs:

Also, if you are running RHQ to monitor and run your systems (or the product version of it, JBoss Operations Network), you might be quite interested in the release (1.0) of the RHQ Agent Maven plugin, which allows to easily build the agent. Go check it out!


Decaf' - Docker, docker, docker...


At this stage, I will not introduce Docker. If you are reading this blog and are not aware of Docker, you probably fit into to the same kind category of people who didn't get why people talk so much about bugs, especially "Beatles" during the 60's. I don't think I can help you .


But if you are following the trend, you might find these couple of articles quite interesting:

(Posted on behalf of Kenny Peeples)


This week is my first time posting for the weekly editorial and excited to join the team. There is a lot to highlight for this weeks editorial. Autumn is now upon us in the Northern Hemisphere which marks the transition from summer to winter. The arrival of night is earlier, temperature is cooling and leaves are turning color as well as falling. I was at the Boston office a couple of weeks ago and the area was beautiful with the change in the color of the leaves in addition to the cool weather. With the transition of warm to cold weather autumn is known as the primary harvest with many harvest festivals celebrated across the globe. Whether you celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, the Dutch Feast of Saint Martin of Tours, American Thanksgiving Feast, Canadian Thanksgiving Feast, German Martinmas, Czech Republic Posviceni/Obzinky, Chinese Harvest Moon Festival, etc., have a great Autumn.


Now on to our exciting JBoss weekly content


Job Opening


Red Hat is the best company in the world to work. I have enjoyed Red Hat since day one and continue to enjoy the work, the people and the open source culture. We have a current job opening for a Software Sustaining Engineer who will help improve the quality of the BRMS and BPM Suite platforms which are the productised versions of the Drools and jBPM open source projects. So if you love Drools and jBPM, and want to help make them even better and even more robust - then this is the job for you The role is remote, so you can be based almost anywhere.


URL to apply now http://jobs.redhat.com/jobs/descriptions/software-engineer-brno-jihomoravsky-kraj- czech-republic-job-1-4759718




We had several events that took place plus some coming up:

  • 300+ kids, 16 speakers (4 from middle/high school), 6 rooms, 24 sessions of 75 mins each = extremely rewarding weekend + inspired kids! Silicon Valley Code Camp Kids (SVCC.kids) is a one-day event that is a new addition to the famous Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC) event. The event was held at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA on October 12th.
  • DecisionCAMP 2014 took place at San Jose on October 13-15 which is a free conference in the San Jose area for business rules and decision management practitioners. The conference concentrates on Business Rules and Decision Management. Decision Management is the art or science, depending on your perspective, of automating decisions in your systems.
  • Last week was the Openslava 2014 Conference for emerging technologies and open-source in Bratislava, Slovakia. Videos from the talks will be published soon. Markus Eisele posted a Trip Report which also included a video and presentation on 50 best features of Java EE 7.
  • Coming up in November we have several people from Red Hat involved at Devoxx BE 2014. Devoxx has grown to be one of the most popular Java conferences series in Europe. This year we are excited to announce that JBoss will be presenting a keynote on the future capabilities of PaaS. We have several speakers who are speaking on a variety of topics. Visit JBoss Community members at Devoxx University, the Hackergarten, the sessions or have a drink with us at Nox!




A lot of blogs and articles were posted the last couple of weeks so I listed them here for your reading pleasure:

1. JBoss Teiid

2. JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite

3. JBoss Fuse

4. JBoss Wildfly

5. JBoss Aerogear

  • Markus Eisele provided another episode his developer interview which took place with Matthias Wessendorf. Matthias is working at Red Hat where he is leading the AeroGear project. Previously, he was the PMC Chair of the Apache MyFaces project. Matthias is a regular conference speaker.




The last couple of weeks we had several new project releases. Take all of them for a spin and enjoy!

  • JBoss Tools and Developer Studio for Eclipse Luna! There have been many feature additions and a lot of bug fixing polish going into this main release and these have been documented/described in details at What’s New.
  • Immutant 2 (The Deuce) Alpha2 Released! We're as happy as a cat getting vacuumed to announce our second alpha release of The Deuce, Immutant 2.0.0-alpha2. Big, special thanks to all our early adopters who provided invaluable feedback on alpha1 and our incremental releases.
  • Infinispan 7.0.0.CR2 released! As we approach final release, the main themes of this CR were bug fixes and enhancements, many related to Partition Handling.
  • JGroups 3.6.0.Final released! We just released 3.6.0.Final to SourceForge [1] and Nexus. It contains a few new features, but mostly optimizations and a few bug fixes. It is a small release before starting work on the big 4.0.
  • RichFaces 4.5.0.CR2 Release Announcement! We have a second candidate release for RichFaces 4.5 (4.5.0.CR2) available. We’ve fixed a couple of regressions uncovered by both our community and QA team.
  • Teiid 8.9 CR1 Posted! After a small delay Teiid 8.9 CR1 has been posted to the maven repository and the download page.
  • SwitchYard 2.0.0.Alpha3 Now Available! The SwitchYard team has been making steady progress on the 2.0 release and I'm pleased to announce the latest preview of SwitchYard 2.0, Alpha3. We're rapidly approaching beta quality and the only think keeping this release from being called a beta is the lack of support for BPM and rules components on WildFly. Overall, the team has made great progress improving stability, especially on Fuse/Karaf.


That's all for this week, please join us next week when we will share more news about the JBoss Community.

Welcome to another Week in JBoss where we bring you the latest from around the JBoss Communities.


Red Hat to Acquire FeedHenry


We begin this week with news of an exciting development with Red Hat recently announcing a definitive agreement to acquire FeedHenry, bringing  leading enterprise mobile application technology and a great team into our community.  FeedHenry develop a cloud-based mobile application platform using Node.js and Java, complimenting our existing efforts around mobile and polyglot.  In welcoming FeedHenry to JBoss Mark Little has also shared some of his thoughts on what will be an exciting development.


Markus' Musings


In his first post of the week Markus introduces us to some of the features in the recent WildFly 9.0.0.Alpha1 release before delving into the real purpose of the article, introducing us to the new integration developing between the hawtio console and the application server.  It's early days for this work but it is already looking promising.  Markus' second post sees him talking with Jeff Genender, a Java Champion, Apache Member and Java Open Source Consultant, about Apache and Integration.  Markus' final post introduces us to the SwitchYard 2.0.0.Alpha2 release, a component based service development framework based on Camel.  Markus explains how to install everything that is needed to develop SwitchYard applications then provides a quick introduction to a simple bean service, explaining how service contracts are defined, service references can be injected and how the service is configured.


Eric's Tips & Tricks


If you have been using drools or jBPM  lately then you will already be aware that both projects make use of maven as their repository, defaulting to your normal maven settings.  If you want to change this behaviour, using individual settings for each of your servers, then Eric has the solution in his first tip.  In his second tip Eric discusses options for initiating a jBPM process, providing examples that you can use within your own applications.


Infinispan Events, Hot Rod Remoting and the Cache


The Infinispan team have been focussing on events this week.  The first post continues their series on Hot Rod Remote Events and discussing the topic of customisation, how to modify the contents of these events to include additional information or to reduce the size of the events by removing information that is not needed.  The second post covers the integration of CDI and Caching events, providing examples that show how to produce and consume events through the cache.


JAX-WS in WildFly


Our very own Alessio Soldano, Red Hat's representative on the JAX-WS specification, has just finished writing a book on webservices.  Allessio's book first provides an introduction to JAX-WS, then moves on to the development of webservices before finishing with a number of discussions on more advanced topics.  The book is currently available in electronic form with the printed edition coming soon.


JBoss Asylum and ModeShape


The latest episode of JBoss Asylum is now out.  In this episode Max and Emmanuel sit down with Horia and Randall to discuss ModeShape, some of its key features and how it can best be used.


Writing Rules with POJOs


The drools team have been developing some ideas for writing rules using POJOs.  Check out Mark's post for an example of the syntax and details of a project that shows the current ideas in action.


JBoss Out and About


Arun Gupta, along with many other Red Hat employees, will be spending the upcoming week at JavaOneArun has a very busy week representing Red Hat and various communities in a number of events and sessions.


Eric Schabell will be presenting two sessions at JavaLand 2015, one covering xPaaS and OpenShift and a second covering Rules and BPM.


New Releases


- The Teiid team have been busy this week, not only have the announced the release of Teiid Designer 8.6 Final but they have also announced their second beta of Teiid 8.9.

- The ModeShape team have announced their second beta of ModeShape 4.0.0.

- The Apache Camel team have announced their first release in the Camel 2.14 stream.

- The KeyCloak team have announced the release of KeyCloak 1.0.1 Final.

- The Weld team have announced the release of Weld 2.2.5.Final and will now be shifting their focus towards Weld 3.0.

- The Tools team have announced the release of JBoss Tools 4.2 CR1 and JBoss Developer Studio 8 CR1 for Eclipse Luna.


That's all for this week, please join us next week when we will share more news about the JBoss Community.

All things Overlord



Picture from the "Operation Overlord"

If you are not familiar with the project Overlord, this week is the perfect opportunity to learn about. Indeed, on top of the launch a new website, you can find an interesting blog entry on how rule and manage your API with Overlord, and an overview of the Overlord own management API.

And if you are wondering what you could do with all of this, there also a blog entry on how to use Overlord with Wildfly 8.1 !


Tech Bites


Spanning over several quite interesting technical topics the following blog articles are certainly worth a look :



Conference, Interviews and Webinar


If you don't feel like reading this week, and wish for more modern media, you'll be very happy to find the numerous content has been made available this week. The most important one is probably the interview with Jim Whitehurst on JBoss BPM Suite. This interview will certainly go nicely with the now usual releases from Eric Schabell, who keeps extending his demo of BPM feature with a HR Employee Rewards Process (new lab). And in case you'll find this lab challenging, there is a nice walk-through for it. On the Fuse side of the Force, you also find a passionating interview with Stan Lewis on Hawt.io and Fuse.


Final releases


As always, the thriving JBoss community has been producing its fair share of releases, but especially the last week has released some quite important "final" version:

This seems to be the week for releases! Bela announced JGroups 3.5.0Final is out; Claus that Apache Camel 2.14 is on the way; Forge 2.8.1Final is also out; so is Keycloak 1.0 RC 2; Brian mentions that RichFaces 4.5.0.Beta1 is out; and last, and by no means least, Mark gives us a heads up about some new features coming in Drools and jBPM - Activity Insight! And talking of jBPM, Eric was involved in a remote session with Peru recently to discuss Rules, Events and BPM with the local JUG! Eric's been very busy this week, as he has written a fantastic piece on integrating BPM with Apache Camel! The full code for the project is also available on github, so no excuse for not following along :-) Eric's also going to be presenting on xPaaS at this year's Devoxx!


The Open Source Mentor blog has a few interesting things to say on Hadoop and Red Hat, Fuse Service Works, IoT and ActiveMQ, and some more work from Eric on BPM and Fuse Service Works.


Markus has a great article on our Data Virtualization product, so check that out! And as if that wasn't enough, he also has something to say on our xPaaS efforts.


That's it until next week!

Screenshot.pngThis week in JBoss is like getting that extra thick Sunday edition of the newspaper.


It is full a not just a weeks worth of JBoss news, but has piled up over two weeks worth of fantastic community activities, events and articles for you!


Developer in the Wild

This week I have a surprise developer that is not often seen roaming outside of his natural environment. He is a newer contributor to JBoss technologies but has been a long time contributor to Apache projects and is famous for his work on Camel projects.


He was interviewed in detail this last week, so here is Claus Ibsen!


Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 13.32.25.png



Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:



Find out how you can edit Switchyard configuration files as provided by the official documentation. On top of this there is a new integration demo that is showcasing some of the possibilities when using JBoss BPM Suite with JBoss FSW, including a video tour in setting it up and governing your BPM artifacts with FSW S-RAMP and DTGov (design time governance) tooling.



A cross post on integrating Infinispan as a caching solution in your web apps. There were more posts in the coming Hot Rod Remote Events functionality by the Infinispan team, this one showing how to receive events. Also here is a wicked cool article describing how to integrate Infinispan with Apache Camel to ensure your messages are not processes twice in a cluster. If you are worried about cluster failures, check out this article on partitioned clusters with Infinispan.



Here is a short overview of the new in-memory scheduler coming in the next release of ActiveMQ.



Excellent story around how to use EAP in a continuous delivery environment, followed by Thomas's view on continuous delivery and devops. Also a new tech tip is available around using WildFly, configuration tips, a camping success story, one on compiling, using Openshift and another showcasing the older java 6 demo around Ticket Monster.


Drools / jBPM

It might have escaped your attention, but the various Drools project mailing lists have been moved, find out where in their article. Also this week a flexible example set was published that now works with the latest releases of the Drools projects and the JBoss BRMS products as they can be integrated into the Fuse products. Finally, part four of the Drools series on Bayesian Belief Network Integration is out. There is also an ultimate starter kit published for both JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite products. Mark Proctor describes the background on making the Drools project pluggable for a Bayesian system.



A call for action by the RHQ team, if you could provide feedback on alert definition templates here.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

Welcome to another Week in JBoss, a summary of all that has been happening around the JBoss Communities.  Despite many people being on vacation we still manage to discover many interesting articles for you to read, letting you catch up on the progress that is being made within the projects.


Improving ModeShape Performance


The performance of a ModeShape repository often depends on the hierarchy of the nodes and the distribution of the data through those nodes.  Deciding how best to structure the repository can often be difficult, with no real hard and fast rules to rely on, but a good understanding of the performance implications of your choices will help you to tune your structure and get the best out of your repository.


Infinispan and Hot Rod Remote Events


Infinispan has been providing client access to remote grids using the Hot Rod Protocol since 2010 but, until Infinispan 7.0, it was not possible for those clients to receive and react to events being generated within the cache.  With the introduction of this capability the Infinispan team have begun a series walking you through these events and showing you what can be achieved using this functionality.


Ceylon 1.1 and Touring


The Ceylon team are on the brink of releasing Ceylon 1.1 and have published a progress report detailing the work and priorities that have driven this release over the last six months.  To coincide with the upcoming release Gavin King and Stéphane Épardaud have planned a tour of JUGs along the East Coast of the USA.  If you are in the area then stop by to learn more about Ceylon and take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions from those who design and build the language.


Drools Execution Server


Drools 6.2.0 will include the new Drools Execution Server, a war that will allow you to host the execution of Knowledge Bases on a remote server and provide access through REST APIs.  Edson has recently created a video demonstrating the current state of this development work, available in Drools 6.2.0 Beta1.


JUDCon 2014: Brazil


The Call for Papers is now open for this year's JUDCon event in São Paulo, Brazil and will be accepting submissions until 5pm August 22nd 2014 São Paulo time.  Successful speakers will be notified by August 29th and the event itself will take place on September 26th.


JBoss Out and About


Eric Schabell was recently in the UK where he presented workshops on BRMS and BPM to the London JBUG, covering rules, domain specific languages, decision tables, rule flow and bpm processes using task forms and a data model.


New Releases


The Errai team have announced three releases on different streams, Errai 3.1.0.CR1, Errai 3.0.2.Final and Errai 2.4.5.Final.

The Arquillian team have announced two releases, Graphene 2.1.0.Alpha1 and Recorder 1.0.0.Alpha4.

The AeroGear team have announced the second beta of their 1.0.0 release of the UnifiedPush Server.

The Infinispan team have announced the release of Infinispan 7.0.0.Beta1.


That's all for this week, please join us again next week where we will bring you more information from the Community

Despite the fact that last week many people - including me - were on holiday , the JBoss community has far from stop thriving, and numerous interesting releases happened. So, if you are yourself sitting on the beach (or somewhere else), please relax and enjoy, while this JBoss Weekly Editorial walks you through those...



Teiid comes out of the bush


Teiid is certainly a weird lizard, and very few people knows about it, but thankfully to the Emmanuel Bernard and the JBoss Asylum team, there is now a full podcast dedicated to the project, where Steve Hawkins and Ramesh Reddy explain to you in details what Teiid is all about.

This comes as a perfect opportunity to learn more about the product as the team just released 8.9 alpha 1. Time to turn your numerous and complex databases into gold and build the data you want !


Immutant 1.1.4 Released



In case you never heard of the Immutant project, know that it's an application server for Clojure, and it's built on JBoss AS7. While the 1.1.4 release is a strictly bug fix release, it's most likely to be the last release of the 1.x branch, and therefore a perfect opportunity to start discovering the product.


For those of you who like to look forward, rest assure the Immutant project is not going to stop there, and the team is now going to focus on The Deuce, the nickname for Immutant 2, which should be based on Wildfly (or EAP), but more importantly remove the current container to turn the framework into a simple librairy.


OpenShift Accelerator Program


Eric S. Schabell just announed the launch of the OpenShift Accelerator Program, an effort to both regroups initiative around the OpenShift technology, but also help people foster their own. So if you want to learn more on OpenShift, or contribute to the community by offering events, getting started or demos, checkout their website !




BRMS is certainly a fascinating technology, but, as often with such complex project, it's difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Eric S. Schabell has dediced, by popular demand, to revisit its "JBoss BRMS Primer - getting started with JBoss BRMS". Certainly an excellent opportunity to discover (or rediscover) what BRMS is all about, and what it can do for you...


Also, Eric took the opportunity, while meeting with Kurt Stam, founder of S-RAMP, to build a demo integrating it with DTGov and BPM !


Keycloak 1.0 Beta 4 Released




Yesterday, Bill Burke announced the release of Keycloak 1.0 Beta 4, which is quite an exciting news, as this means that 1.0 final is on the way, and should be released mid September. In case you don't know it, here is what Keycloak is about : integrated SSO and IDM for browser apps and RESTful web services. It's built on top of the OAuth 2.0, Open ID Connect and JSON Web Token (JWT) specifications.




While I generally use this section to point to things happening outside the JBoss community, last week has been full of Java related annoucement that should certainly interest you:

This week has seen a continued push around Containers (Docker) and JBoss, with Mr Docker Marek Goldmann writing about running Docker as systemd services. There are some really nice examples in the entry too.



We had a one-day JUDCon event a few weeks back and Andrew Rubinger has written up a piece about it as well as linking to a number of videos recorded at the event. It certainly sounds as if this event went well and maybe we'll plan some other one-day events like this in the future! If you attended and have written up your own experiences (good or bad) then let us know too so we can all learn from what worked and what didn't work. Congratulations to the Mobile team for the release of Beta 1 of the Unified Push Server! Not strictly just mobile related, but Max has also blogged about JBoss Tools 4.2 Beta 3, which contains support for Cordova and OpenShift, to name but two!


In addition to JUDCon, there have been several other community-oriented events happening or announced, including the JavaForum in Stuttgart, the ATL-JBUG meeting coming up in August with a focus on Fuse Service Works and Docker (more containers).


The various project teams have been hard at work as usual. Vladimir writes about the performance of Map/Reduce in Infinispan 7.0.0; Bilgin discusses how people can write components for Camel; John has a lot to say about starting an ActiveMQ project in Eclipse and with Maven; and both Bela and Tristan have different things to talk about around large scale data grids, with Bela showing off the new record 500 node JDG cluster and Tristan cross-posting a link to Navin's video on cross data centre replication with JDG. And finally for this month's roundup, we've also had a bit of an IoT theme. Kenny Peeples writes about an article over on DZone which discusses IoT and mentions JBoss A-MQ; and yours truly discusses Enterprise IoT.


OK, that's it for this week!

The past week hasn't seen any major event (which is to be expected, given that we are amid vacations seaso). That doesn't mean that there's nothing to report - in fact we have quite a number of interesting news.

The future of RichFaces: stability over innovation

Brian Leathem, the RichFaces project lead, has shared an outlook on the future of the project, considering its place in a world where client-side frameworks and single-page applications have started to become the dominating trend, at the expense of server-side rendering. JSF remains an integral part of the Java EE specification, and will continue to have a well-determined role in certain classes of projects, and the RichFaces project will continue to evolve to meet the demands on the new JSF specifications, without necessarily focusing on innovation, as it did so far.


A little about Fuse Service Works


Kenneth Peeples has published a couple of articles about Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, the first outlining the main components and services of the product. The second, more technical, focuses on using Docker with BPM-Suite and FSW.


Infinispan Security: Authorization and Auditing


Tristan Tarrant provides a few updates on the Infinitispan authorization model, and the main changes as of 7.0.0.Alpha5, as well as new features such as auditing.

Keep learning about jBPM

One great thing about jBPM is the large number of learning resources - and we're not talking only about articles and tutorials. One of the latest available options is Mariano De Maio's new book, "jBPM 6 Developer Guide", to be published soon by Packt Publishing. Or, you can attend the session at BPM Openhouse 2014, a virtual event  to take place between September 22-26. And if you want to know why, Eric Schabell is giving you all the good reasons.


Also, on the BPM front, an interesting example developed by Eric and Maciej Swiderski showcases a document-based BPM process, using jBPM and a CMIS-compatible content management system (Apache Chemistry in this case).


Help improving the JBoss and WildFly UX!


Heiko Braun's blog post calls for all WildFly and JBoss users to participate in a survey, with the goal of improving the UX of the web administration interface. As good administration tools are a critical component of a successful project and product, please make sure you get involved!


JBoss Fuse Tooling: get started and set it up


Lars Heinemann has published a series on articles on how to get JBoss Tooling and set it up, including particular instructions for Kepler and Luna.


Logging with Docker

Marek Goldmann provides an extensive overview on setting up logging for Docker containers, with a practical example using JBoss WildFly.  The crux of the matter is a practical introduction to data containers, the preferred option for logging in production.

Arun's tech tips

Arun Gupta continues providing Java EE 7 tips with part 6 and part 7 of the series dedicated to enhancing JBoss Forge with Batch job support. This week: template support, upgrades, and test fixes.

Social integration with Kia Uberfire

The Rich Client Platform Uberfire has a new extension: Kia Uberfire Social Activities, that allows enhancing workbench-style applications with social-related features. Eder Ignatowicz's blog provides an in-depth view of the feature, showing how your application can react to events in your social networks by leveraging Uberfire's event driven model.

New releases:

Screenshot.pngThis week in JBoss has pretty much found us all in full Summer swing.


Some of you will be reading this only after returning from your summer vacations, others are tidying up their desks and getting ready to head out the door. Let this be the last news item you read before heading off to enjoy some quality downtime while trying to stay cool.


With that I want to introduce you to another developer...


Developer in the Wild


This week I wanted to introduce you to a developer I had to travel far out into the wilds of eastern Europe to find, Maciej Swiderski. He is a shy creature by nature and we met up in Krakow, Poland where he lives to work together on some demo magic that will be coming soon around document integration into BPM workflows.


He works hard on various aspects of the jBPM project, is a lot of fun to chat with, and knows where to find all the heaviest foods Poland has to offer.



Some of the events you might want to take part in are listed here.


Blogs / Articles

The following articles were collected for your enjoyment:


Did you know that the Development of Hybrid Tools is now part of the Eclipse Foundation? Well it is, check it out, that is going to accelerate adoption don't you think?


Have you take a look at Circuit yet? It is a uni-directional data flow model for GWT applications that you might find helpful when working in your next Java GUI framework project.


Our sky diving guru Rich has take a critical look at Restful API modeling language, always providing us with the latest sharp analysis of all things technical.


Another JEE tech tip (#38) is on display where Batch Addon is done for JBoss Forge and JEE tech tip (#39) introducing Docker.


Here are some fun stats and facts presented by the JBoss Tools team on WildFly and Luna.


Are you ready to be that JBoss Rock Star you always dreamed of? Well now you can with a repeatable setup for the JBoss Keynote Demo from Red Hat Summit 2014, just spin it up and wow your friends and family in minutes.


Have you always been a bit mystified by the myriad of ActiveMQ connectors? Well now you can fix that, so take a few minutes to sort them out with Jakob.


Building on last weeks part I, we continue with part II of BRMS deployment architectures.


You can participate in shaping the future of WildFly with this call for help, where you can provide input to how the web console will look.



This weeks list of new project releases, enjoy!

This weekend sees the end of the FIFA World Cup 2014 competition in Brazil with the game for Third Place, between Brazil and the Netherlands, occurring on Saturday and the Final, between Germany and Argentina, taking place on Sunday.  If you are not a fan of Football then the following articles from the JBoss Community may help you to while away the hours until the competition finishes.


Arun's Tip Corner


Arun continues his  series with the publication of two additional tips on Java EE 7.  In his first Tech Tip of the week Arun provides a brief introduction to the Batch capabilities that have been added to Java EE 7 through the inclusion of JSR 352 and suggests a number of  answers to a question that has been asked on the forums, namely how can you execute batch jobs on a schedule.  In his second Tech Tip Arun covers a number of important changes to the default behaviour of a number of  features  within Java EE 7 including CDI, Data Sources, JMS Connection Factories and Executors.


Eric's Tips & Tricks


Eric and John have combined forces to write a series of articles describing the various deployment architectures that can be used for deploying rules and events within BRMS.  In the first article in the series Eric and John describe the first two architectures, the deployment of rules within an application and then a slightly different architecture that monitors an external repository and automatically deploy those rules and events within the application.


JBoss Projects as Docker Images


Marek has written a great post describing the work that is taking place to create Docker images for JBoss projects.  The creation of these images is supported by an automated process ensuring that the images always contain the latest versions of the projects.


Cordova Simulation within JBoss Tools


Ilya has published an article describing the work that is going on within JBoss Tools to support the development and testing of hybrid mobile applications.  The article includes a short video demonstrating the capabilities and instructions for how you can try these out within your own environment.


M2E improvements within JBoss Tools


The Eclipse m2e plugin has suffered from a number of issues when dealing with the import of large projects however these have now been addressed through the release of the m2e 1.5.0 plugin.  If you are interested in finding out what has changed, and how this would benefit you, then take a look at Fred's article discussing the many significant changes that have been added for performance and usability.


JBoss Data Grid, EAP modules and CDI


Thomas has recorded a video demonstrating how to use JBoss Data Grid in Library Mode when deploying as modules within JBoss EAP.  As an added bonus the video also demonstrates how to make use of the CDI integration within the product.


Camel and Microservices


If you are interested in Microservices then head over to Bilgin's blog where he introduces an article giving you 10 good reasons for using Camel to create Microservices.


Upcoming events


This year's Devoxx BE will be taking place in Antwerp from November 10th to November 14th.  During last year's conference Eric delivered a session on OpenShift however he has decided to take a different approach this year and has submitted two hands-on labs, each lasting three hours, on the subjects of xPaas and JBoss Rules/BPM.


New Releases


The AeroGear team have announced the release of UnifiedPush Server 0.11, incorporating a fully rewritten UI and now based on Keycloak.

The Byteman team have announced the release of Byteman, addressing a couple of issues related to testing with BMUnit and TestNG.

The Teiid team have announces the release of Teiid 8.8 CR1.


That's all for this week, join us again next week to catch up with what is happening within the JBoss Community.

Today is a big day - France vs Germany and Brasil vs Columbia in the World Cup.  But some of us will be still dutifully at the keyboard and now is a perfect time to catch up on your reading of JBoss happenings!  As always the JBoss team continues to crank out new releases, innovations, content an

events. The following is simply my quick summary.



  • Eclipse Luna and JBoss Tools by Arun Gupta
    Eclipse Luna is here and so are your favorite plugins via JBoss Tools

  • Arquillian Team keeps on rocking
    Beta3 of their Spring Framework Extension, giving test access to Spring's transaction manager and datasource/persistence.
    CR7 release of Container Tomcat Adapter is now available
    Alpha3 release of the REST Extension is also available
    Arquillian is open source software that empowers you to test JVM-based applications more effectively. Created to defend the software galaxy from bugs, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime so you can focus on testing your application's behavior rather than managing the runtime. Using Arquillian, you can develop a comprehensive suite of tests from the convenience of your IDE and run them in any IDE, build tool or continuous integration environment.

  • Eric's East Coast Tour announcement and his upcoming London JBug




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